The Plan of Purpose

Did you know that God has completely worked out every detail of your life?  Before you ever drew a breath of air into your lungs, God had mapped out every single day of your life’s journey. Second Corinthians 5:5 says that God has prepared us for this, and if we will work at staying the course He gave us, our journey through life will be different. Okay, somebody says, “I’m older and missed most of the plan and did my own thing.” God is still the same God, and if you ask for forgiveness then He will give it, but all must pass through His Son, Jesus. If you repent of your sins, Jesus is just to forgive them, and then start over getting hold of that ship’s wheel and helping you stay the course of God’s plan.

It’s never too late as long as you’re alive and willing. Way too many steer their own paths for life’s journey and at the end will have to give an account of why. Some think they let God direct their lives but in reality they were in charge. They pretty much control what they want and never ask God’s opinion on decisions they make. They want His blessings, but they won’t get them. You see, God has a plan for each one of us, a Plan A; and there is not a plan B. We make up Plan B, but God’s plan for purpose never changes; only we do. His ways stay the same. Make sure that you follow His Word, seek Him daily, and you’ll stay on course. It is never too late to engage His plan of purpose for your life.



Our world is now experiencing a time like none of us have ever seen, and the days ahead do not hold silver linings.

The Bible has told those that will read it that there are days coming that will challenge all who stand for righteousness and God’s Word. From the Old to the New Testament, it is written that as time as we know it comes to a climax; from the prophet Isaiah to the Apostle John in the book of Revelation, people are reminded that they are to pay attention to what is transpiring around them, covering world events from economic disasters, the unstable power of nature to mankind’s blatant rebellion to the things of God.

In all of this, Christianity is going to have to stand alone, and now it’s coming to the place where a real follower of the only true God will cause all the followers of Jesus to be marginalized, which isn’t pleasant for those who do take a stand for Jehovah God. But it is exactly what the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 6:17, “Come out from all ungodly activity and be separate.”

Christianity is going through a housecleaning right now and finding its true followers because it soon, someday, will be the Christians who will have to stand alone from all others, and those are the very ones God is going to use.

No matter how much the world tries to slander them and put them in their place of tolerance, the true Church of Jesus will rise and be counted for such a time as this.

Make sure now where your true loyalty lies, for the days ahead will make it evident.


This world was created by God, and there is only one. The people on this earth were all created by God in His image. Parents are just the channels for people to arrive here. God has created every hill, mountain, animal, river, ocean or sea. God has created the universe, set every star in order and all the heavens in their great array with the moon and the sun. God has made the seed for every plant and tree known to mankind. God has done it all; even the very oxygen you are breathing right now is created by only the true living God.

God is all-knowing about everything that everybody does. He created wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. There is nothing God can’t do, for He is the most powerful force and has to answer to no one.

So why do some people think they have to defend God? He is big enough to take up for Himself. And why does mankind think they know more than the very one that created their brain? Many people today applaud this country’s great religious diversity of religions, but God doesn’t. He abhors it all.

God is not at all interested in sharing people’s nonsense of pluralism. God does not approve of any other belief system but the original one. People’s life styles, moral conduct, false respect is not more than man’s religious political correctness, which God hates and will not continue to tolerate.

Our nation’s leaders and even some church leaders put God on the same level as many other gods. And the True God will never take His place among man’s order and religious nonsense. For there is only one God of creation; and all creation will recognize Him through His Son, Jesus, or He will have no part with them.

Hi This is Mark Taylor

You know God expects His work to be done by His people

God never candy coats the importance of His assignments for our lives.  His plans are in-depth and all calculated out for completion.

So God’s plans will never be stopped.  Maybe hindered for awhile because of people’s involvement or non-involvement.

Regardless, God’s will is a done deal and it works to our advantage to work with God’s will.  So it is natural to believe that it can benefit us to work with God.

The challenge is the same for all of us.  We either will or we won’t.  It all depends on our obedience to trust God and to have a desire to see His greater purposes done.

The Christian has more power than they realize in seeing God’s work to be done more fully and quicker advanced.

If the Christians in America would stand up and live their lives according to God’s Word and quit being passive in their faith, they could turn America and the world upside down for the glory of God.


This world is a dirty place and as Christians come into contact with it they will need to be cleansed by prayer and God’s Word continually touching their lives or they will begin to look like the world does.


The day has come for the true people of God to take their place and stand for the ways of Christ and be willing to be used to touch the lives of people who must get hold of something that is solid and will stand firm in the faith as we face the future.


Our Walk through God’s Word

The Bible was written for mankind to have a record of God’s creation and His people’s journey to show everyone that there is a true and living God, and that He cares for His creation.

God cares enough for humankind that he has prepared a way for all to live with Him forever through their acceptance of His Son, Jesus, if they’ll make Jesus Lord of their life and serve His purposes.

The Bible was given as a study guide, an encyclopedia, a history book, a guide to values, a map to direct your steps, and all the encouragement you’ll need if you choose to follow it.

The Holy Spirit of God is the Author using men to record God’s words and work and these scriptures, every one of them, are preserved by the mighty power of God.

The Bible was given to mankind to teach us the ways and words of God. No matter who we are, or where we live, or status in life, even in our age, the Bible covers everything we know. The Bible is the most important book ever written that we should ever read.

People don’t want to read the Bible simply because they don’t want to know God or live by His words.

If you apply the Bible into your life, it will change you in every way and help give your life meaning. It is the only book that can give your life an eternal destiny with the only real and true living God.

Many people gave their lives so that you could have this book so it would be preserved through times of great difficulty; yet some can’t even bring it with them to church each week.

The Bible will only be as important to you as you want to be to its author.

The Best Understanding

Anything is in God’s power to grant if it is right for us or for others for whom we are concerned. We must remember what it says in Romans 8:28, that “all things work together for those who love God.” That means accepting His will over ours. When you feel as if God hasn’t answered your prayers, do you ever try to reason it out from His perspective? Our prayers must be answered in accordance with God’s will and what He sees and knows. Some stop right here. They give up; but you’ll never get to have a better understanding of God if you don’t walk it out in life with Him.

God’s most common way of being involved in our lives is by prayer and learning His character through the Bible. Failure in our lives usually results from a failure in prayer and not staying connected through God’s Word. Why do many people lose their focus on who God really is? Because they become too easily distracted with the cares that this world will always offer. Sometimes as we pray we can’t always understand what God is wanting to do, but we can always believe in what He is doing, for it is always for the best concerning all.

We must stay prepared, for we know not when the enemy of our souls will strike. Prayer will keep us on guard. You don’t always know what it out there ahead of you, but Jesus does. Set your heart everyday toward the things of God. Take time to prepare by spending quality time in prayer and the Word. God always knows what you are going to face in the next hour, and He always knows what He is going to do about it. Put your trust in that kind of security.

Your Love Says It All

How much do you love God? You say that you believe in God, that there is no other. When you die, pretty much everyone wants a preacher to say how much you did and how you believed. Almost everyone who gets married wants a nice church wedding with a preacher making it a wonderful and holy event. But in between all this, afterwards, beforehand, all those places you live in daily…what does your life say?

Where are those values and holy words the rest of one’s life? We can’t tell someone we love them, and most of the time treat them as if we couldn’t care less; but that’s what some people do. Who is going to believe they are loved when the people telling them hardly ever show it?

Love is not much of a word unless you put it into action and give it meaning. Some people ask God to bless their marriage so they will have it in a church, but that doesn’t do anything but get man’s blessings, for God is holy and won’t be mocked with traditions. He always looks at the heart. He made it and knows it. We can’t call God up only when we want to and pretty much leave Him alone the rest of the time. That is not love. No person is going to believe it is, so why would God? And then there is the end of life…some preachers say some nice words, but if you’ve never shown God your love before that day where do you think you’ll be the next?


Today all across our nation there is a great call to change laws, to enact legislation to control gun policies, make new rules for school systems, to arm teachers with guns or make stricter rules on who can do this or have that.  Who will be qualified to be able to own a firearm or be allowed to come into a building.  So people march in the streets, get news sources to follow them and record their meetings.  They run to microphones, write all over the internet, get on Facebook, call their legislators, lay down in the streets, hold up signs  and are doing all they can to make their point and get what they want done.  They want change and now.  But will there be?  “NO”.  Why?  Because what 99% are demonstrating for isn’t the problem and 99% won’t address the real issue.

When the American consumer continues to want to feed on the self-indulgence of sinful activity, then sin is going to reign in the society around them.  When we can legalize drugs that are harmful to people and make them accessible, when we have all kinds of occultist type television weekly series that are straight from demonic influence in Hollywood screen writers.  When Americans of all ages can buy video games that kill people, one after another.  Then what do you expect?  A Sunday School Picnic?

No we as Americans are the recipients of what we ask for.  The sinful nature of mankind has a hunger for this type of darkness that invades common sense and destroys minds and leads to personal destruction as well as other people’s lives.  Most Americans have basically rejected God’s Word.  They don’t want to live according to scripture or follow God’s Son, Jesus, and make Him Lord of their lives.  They want to be their own Lord, and look at the results when they do.

Secular humanism is now making greater advancements to shift the culture, to shift American history and remove Christianity more and more from the voice of society.  You can blame this on organizations, politicians or law enforcement or whoever.  It’s not going to change the fact that America, as a nation, is spiritually sick and Jesus Christ is the one and only way to see real change that lasts.  The nation that was founded on God’s Biblical principles has fallen away from its creator, and followed after the fallen god of this world, Satan.  You don’t go and make a new TV show about him.  You reject him.  It is obvious what choices have been made.  We keep rejecting from society, in our schools, courts, and public places the very help we need because somehow we think we’re civilized.  But guess what?  We aren’t. We are failing our children without God’s daily help.

Until sinful hearts of men and women, boys and girls is dealt with by turning to God, then you might as well just wait until we hear of the next shooting or bombing or whatever sin decides to do in people’s lives.

God Is Still God

It amazes me today that people who are great theologians of the Bible and many great teachers and preachers of God’s Word still try to explain it and put some spiritual types of fencing around the way God may want to move. But God is still God.

I am also aware that some people don’t want to draw too close to God because of what He may ask them to do or try, for it may cost them something or take them out of their comfort zone. Many groups or organizations of believers try to limit God by saying “only do this and you can’t do that”; or “if you don’t follow these guidelines you’re not really saved”; and even “God did this back in Bible times but He doesn’t do this today”; and yes, even the old familiar statement, “Well, people don’t really understand the Bible like we do.” But remember, God is still God.

If God isn’t capable of doing what He wants, then how do those who say God doesn’t do that today explain people who do those things and have the favor of God on their lives? Evangelist and preachers pray for people dying and they’re healed- and this isn’t a one-time event; or an arm or a leg growing out that was deformed and now whole. This is the same God today as in Bible times. He is not changed, but we try to act like He did. Nobody is going to control God or limit what He can do. We as Christians sometimes become our own worst enemies because we forget…”God is still God.”


If you’ve ever worked with flowers or bushes, you have at some point had to break off or trim back for a healthier and better looking growth. Now with trees, that can involve a little more work called pruning, which builds generally stronger branches. Yet sometimes no matter what you do, pruning doesn’t help. There is a more deeply rooted problem.

With fruit trees, of which I have a few, when the fruit overwhelms a limb, I have to put poles up to support them until the fruit can come off. Then there are times when a fruit tree just produces little, if any, and different measures need to be taken. But after a while, if there is no fruit, the reason for the fruit tree becomes almost worthless except for the shade it provides here and there.

There have been rose bushes that have never produced a rose, just a bud, then nothing. After a while, it is time to remove the tree or bush.

The Bible makes it very clear that when a person says they are a Christian but never proves it by any fruit, which God says there must be, it has to be dealt with; and you’ll always find the same problem at the roots: “SIN”!

Here is what Matthew 3:10 says will happen to those: “God’s ax of judgment is poised ready to sever the roots. For every tree that does not produce good fruit will be chopped down and thrown into the fire.”

Your real root system in your life will produce the fruit that God knows is real or fake, good or bad. Let Jesus take the sin out and give you a more fruitful life.