There is probably nothing the personhood of mankind has that is more powerful than our willpower. It can accomplish great feats and extend some days of one’s life. The human will can endure, when aroused, in some pretty tough times. It is the one asset mankind has that belongs to them.

It is this very precious part of the human soul that God is most concerned about. Unless one is truly willing to give it up to another, one’s will is going to rule them for a lifetime.

But the big problem is that this strong nature of the will cannot sustain anyone after their last breath has been breathed. At that point, all control is gone, and then every soul falls into the hands of God, and there it all will depend on just how much of that willpower God had while it was here on earth. It will be too late to make adjustments. Only while we are alive is there still time to change our lives over into God’s hands.

Now, I’m sure some people think that they have done this, yet if many would just do the math, they might find out that the total leans in their favor instead of God’s. You see, God wants all of you or nothing; a truly surrendered life or “no deal.”

Our human independence shouldn’t be taken for granted. It doesn’t give us a license to live how we want. It will cost us eternity away from God if we do.



Now here’s an interesting thought. How would one being silent be guilty of sin? Well, for those who confess they’re a Christian and yet never confess it to others or stand up for the things of God, these are those who bring about their silent sin.

It’s no wonder our nation is in the spiritual state it’s in, as well as the multitudes of problems we have. It’s all due to Christian people being silent. In fact, I wonder how one can even be a Christian and not share the principles of Christianity.

This problem of silent sin is a greater problem than you know, for it affects not only today’s culture but most of tomorrow’s culture as well. When Christians remain silent about the ways of God, people chase after other gods who are meaningless, and this brings judgment upon all the people.

Silent sin is a much more dangerous sin than some others because it allows people around us to become disillusioned about how to live or what’s really right and wrong.

Don’t call yourself a Christian if you are not going to share your Christianity or at least support someone who will. We need truth and realness today, and only Christianity has what this world needs.

God is going to get His job done. Jesus said so in Luke 19:40, “I tell you that if those should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.” God will get His plans accomplished, but you’ll have to answer in the end about how you participated with them.


I would imagine that every one of us pays some type of insurance premiums each month, quarter or year. It does seem that insurance is required in some form or another basically for protection or other benefits. There are various companies and types of policies. Most all have deductibles and procedures to follow in order to have these types of insurance. Regardless of the policy requirements, the main thing you have to do to retain the insurance is to pay your premiums. Unless you do this, any type of insurance will eventually be cancelled.

So why do some think that they can use God as an insurance that they have a right to but never really accept the terms of His policies. Some people believe that they have this assurance of insurance with God, that they are entitled to it but yet never keep up their premiums. They think that at the end of their lives they are going to just simply receive all the benefits from a policy that they’ve never paid into- a policy they only noticed when they wanted to and only when they had the time. Yet they believe that regardless of how they’ve lived life, God’s just going to say, “It doesn’t matter”.

Well, it does matter! And I wonder just how many haven’t and won’t collect because they never really invested!


Many people are way too timid when it comes to doing what the Lord needs them to do, but think on this…

When you obey God, great things are taking place in the Heavenlies. God does not see as a man does, nor does He act as a human does. Even the smallest thing that you do for Him has great significance in the Kingdom of God. There is spiritual significance for your life.

Many times you are called to do things which appear foolish, unreasonable and insignificant in the eyes of man. But when you obey God, great things are taking place in the Heavenlies.

Nations are being marked, families are being saved, spiritual barriers are being broken and the kingdom of God is being pushed forward.

You need to know that nothing you do is insignificant. Don’t worry about the end result of what you are led to do. Just do what the Holy Spirit told you to do. And one day, when we are together with Jesus, we will understand the importance of our obedience to God.

You’ll never understand the real person you are or could be until you are willing to let God be real with you.

Let your life be used for God’s eternal purposes so that greater things will be done.


Isaiah 49:2 says, “In the shadow of His hand, He has hidden me, and made me a polished shaft. In His quiver He has hidden me.”

The quiver held the arrows to protect them and have them ready, available when needed.

What does God find when He reaches into the quiver concerning you?

Some want to stay in the quiver. It’s safe there, but you can do no good by staying.

Do we sometimes fight it so that we don’t have to be used because it is inconvenient; or maybe something is going to be required of our ability, resources or time?

What does God feel when He reaches for you? What does He see when He pulls you out?

Does He find a straight, polished shaft, a sharp point; or still a practice arrow or one that is not worthy to be used?

When God tries to use you, how do you fit in His bow? How straight will you be able to be shot into His place and purpose?

Does God find one of His that will go straight toward the target, or will it bend against the resistance it faces?

Only the one He handles often can He trust to His desired places, the target He selects.

Some try to do it all, to be the bow and the arrow. But it will only fly true when allowed to be used in the Master’s hands.

Much testing is required to get the polish just right on the arrow’s shaft, and some grinding as the blade of the arrow is sharpened.

When the arrow won’t fly straight, there must be a time of mending and more polishing if the arrow is to ever be used again.

You can paint it up or dress it fancy, but that will not make it effective. Only by the polishing will it ever be used and hit the target the master selects.

Many arrows have gone astray and have even been lost because they would not stay polished and ready.

Most of the arrows never get passed the practice stage, for they don’t want to be used enough. In the battles of life, they land all over, never really making an impact for real victory.

Some become so rusty that they no longer leave the quiver, nor are polished or sharpened. Therefore, they’re disregarded by the Master Bowman.

Many miss the mark set before them because they would not be polished or even remain in the quiver long enough to be prepared for their targets.

Polishing for the Master’s Quiver is required every day if you are ever to be used as God’s arrow into this world that needs to encounter the power from His hand.

How Long Will We Be Here?

I know many of us would like to have the answer to that question. What would we do if we did know the exact day, hour and year in which we would leave this world? In Psalms 39:4 we read, “Lord, make me to know my end and what is the measure of my days.”

In verse 5 it says, “Indeed you have made my days as handbreadths and my age is nothing before you.” Certainly every man at his state is but a vapor, and in verse 6 it mentions that surely every man walks around like a shadow, surely they busy themselves in vain.

With this being the case, any one of us could leave here at any moment. Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. We just assume that we will be here. The real question is not when we are going to die, but what are we going to do until we do.

How are you living your life? Do you make God a vital part of every day? Is He included in the decisions you are making for today and tomorrow? When will He say this your last day here? None of us know when the last tick of the clock will come, ending our lives here on earth in one stroke of time.

Remember what Psalm 39:6 says, “They will busy themselves in vain.” Is this going to be true of our lives as we stand before God? We know God will be coming. Do you know for sure where you will be one minute after your last minute here?


We live in a day of a constantly revolving culture, and it’s affecting every facet of life. The Church should be the center of how the world revolves and it will be- one way or the other. If the Church compromises the ways of God as it is stated in His Word, so will the world.

So, what’s a healthy church look like? The book of Malachi, chapter 3, says, “Then shall ye return and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth Him not.”

What does a church that serves God look like? Is God’s name being glorified among the church members? Are the lost of all ages being brought to God’s house? Are they leaving changed and coming back? Do people see the true image of Christ being lived by example daily? Are the people taking Christ with them to the workplace? Is conviction found each time God’s Word is being spoken by the pastor with truth and boldness for Christ? Does one actually feel God’s presence entering the church building and while the service is conducted? Do you feel changed, strengthened, and filled with hope as you leave each time? Are you becoming a much better servant for the cause of Christ from what you are hearing, seeing and feeling in the church?

God has established the Church as His visible stand to the people of the world. Does this describe the Church in your community?


Unless your heart is so attached to this world, you cannot look past that some things are going on that should get our spiritual attention. We are living now in a day like no other, and talk show hosts across the country are putting their spin on why this is that way or what is probably going to be the outcome to the latest trouble brewing.

There are a lot of opinions, and those talk show hosts really do cause a lot of listeners to think. The newscasters say one thing and then another, trying to get you to see it from their point of view.

Everyone has an angle. But I’ve wondered what their words are going to be like the day after the Christians are gone. Those who truly know Jesus will very soon now be raptured away as the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17.

The day after, words will not be so easy to come by and explain. Sentences will not be completed because of the confusion and fear that will grip those who will try to reason but will not be able to.

Those ones who believe in good ways will have found out it takes more than just being good. They will realize that all their spins and advice, reasoning and predictions have fallen way short of real truth along with many others who will be looking for some kind of answers. I won’t be here to hear these excuses or guesses. Will you?

He’s Just Who He Says He is…”Deal with it”

How many people think they’re in control, that they are the ones who cause things to happen, and believe they’re the movers and shakers of today? The future is what they will make it to be because they have these great gifts and resources.

They are powerful forces that can drive economies, change governments, and sway great groups of people. They actually believe they are the great movers and shakers of society.

Who are they kidding? People just like them have thought the same for centuries, but there is only one who has that type of real power; it all started with Him.

In fact, the very first words ever written about this said, “In the beginning was God and He created…,” and also, “He spoke and there was.” You’ll find this in the very first chapter of the Bible, Genesis.

Some people really think they are in control when God says what He’ll allow and not allow. Believe it or not, God is in control no matter what I or anyone else thinks, and whether we like it or not doesn’t matter. God is just who He says He is, so deal with it.

Regardless of how we think, that’s the way it is. Our power doesn’t add up to enough to blow a baby’s nose compared to God. Only He started the beginning, He’s finishing it, and only He knows when the end will be.

Oh yes, man tries to control; that’s where the problems get started. But ultimately, God is going to finish it. You can go with Him or work against Him; go to Heaven or go to Hell, because He is who He is.



In the Bible, all four of the New Testament gospels talk of the arrest of Jesus and how He was in the Garden of Gethsemane praying with His disciples when Judas betrayed Jesus and brought an armed band of soldiers to take Jesus away.

Now as this happened, Peter, one of the disciples, drew a sword and cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant, Malchus. But Jesus immediately stopped Peter and said, “Permit this, put up the sword. Shall I not drink the cup which my Father has given me?”

Think about how many times you, when trouble appears, have drawn your sword to fight because you thought it was the thing to do. But have you ever considered that God, your Father, may want you to not use the sword but accept what might be happening as His great purpose?

Way too much of the time we want to strike back when we are offended or the attack is on, when in reality God is using that very situation to reveal something greater from it if we’ll not fight back but go forward and face whatever the challenge might be.

Remember what Jesus went on to say: “Those who fight by the sword die the same way.” Don’t let your life be drawn into a battle you need not fight on your own. But let God, the Father, defend you, and accept His cup so that His greater plans can be served for your well-being- and others also.