There will come a time when all of us will be given the opportunity to take a stand for what we believe.

The results will vary because of how you stand for what you believe. With God’s Word, we never have to worry about the stand we take; for if we base our lives on God’s Word, then we find in Proverbs 30:5 that we can make the right decisions and trust in God for the best outcome. It says, “Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.”

Some of us struggle with standing on God’s Word because we have failed, yet if we don’t keep trying to do what God wants, we may fall back to the place where we won’t be making much of a difference for Him. Keep standing on God’s Word even when you keep slipping. The more you stand, the stronger you’ll be, and the longer you’ll stand.

Hugh Latimer was a Protestant preacher who lived in England during the 1500s. When Queen Mary (known as bloody Mary) came to the throne, she attempted to bring England to the one-church order. Latimer spoke against her and was thrown into jail, along with his friend Nicholas Ridley. They were convicted of heresy and sentenced to be burned at the stake.

On Oct. 16, 1555, as they were led to the stake, Ridley drew back in fear, but Latimer comforted his friend with these words that have echoed through generations: “Be of good cheer, Master Ridley, and play the man, for we shall this day light such a candle in England as I trust, by God’s grace, shall never put out.”

And so they did light a candle for God from their fiery ordeal that sent a great move of God in the hearts of the people that has shown many the way to Christ.

Take your stand, whether large or small, for the cause of Christ, and point the way for others to make the right decision for the Kingdom of God. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything, but if you stand for God, you will stand tall.

If you feel yourself falling, hold tight to the Word of God, and your candle will burn brighter and brighter.



There are many resources that remain to be found for mankind to use. Some will be found, others may never be found.

There’s one power that remains hidden to so many that they either don’t know about it, don’t understand how to use it, or are afraid to try it.

This power is the ultimate of all power, for it comes from God and is unlimited. It’s available to every person who is a true “born again” child of God. Very few use it, but the fact is: it’s still there.

In 1916, there was a man named VonBureon, who was a butcher of British decent who lived a comfortable life in Johannesburg, South Africa. He became sick and was told by the doctors that he had an incurable disease. VonBureon sold all that he had and moved his family to the country to set up a farm so that his family would have provisions for the future when he died. Soon after he left, an evangelist came to the city, and people’s lives were being touched in great ways.

VonBureon received letters from friends telling him of the great works of good, needs that were met, healings and salvations. VonBureon took their letters out to his field and laid them open on the ground and asked God, “If you can do this for others, surely you would do so for me.”

As he cried out to God, he was touched by that power that is available to us all. For 18 days, people saw a man’s life transformed as he went to people and told them of God’s Word for their soul. Many fell and repented, and others were touched by the power of God. Even before he could return from the field, his wife, who had not been a true believer, was already changed and touched by the power of God. All 11 of his children were saved, and for years to come, VonBureon served God faithfully.

That same power is available to us all. You can be changed and make an impact on those around you. God’s willing. Are you?