If you think about success from God’s perspective, you have to realize there will be times of disappointment and maybe even failure. (This does not mean that you are defeated). In every failure, God plants a seed of success!

Remember that mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them.

To become successful, set your goals according to God’s plans.

When we encounter hardships, human strength alone is rarely enough to prevent discouragement. There has to be something deeper. For a Christian, this strength comes from our faith in Jesus Christ.

Without this strength, we will fall into the temptation of quitting – leaving our goals behind.

God-directed persistence will keep us focused even if we fail and have to begin again. The value you place on your goals will determine the strength of your persistence.

If it’s possible with God, it is possible!



In a day there are thousands of promises made to people and many will never be kept. Many people are quick to respond to others with promises to do something yet never followed through, therefore leaving many hurt and let-down because some friend or family member didn’t keep their word.

But not so with God. Oh, I know some people say God doesn’t hear them because they ask something once and nothing happened the way they asked; so they think God doesn’t answer their prayers.

But God does, maybe not our way, but He does answer the way He knows is best. Only God can see the future, no one else can. Others have to speculate while God knows. In the Psalms we can read of God’s promises to all of us. Chapter 91 verse 15 says “He shall call upon me and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble.” The “I” is God. Now, you have to believe in God because without faith the Bible says you believe in yourself, your ways or others…not God. One makes it hard on them-self to believe and trust without it; you put yourself out on your own.

God even talks about those who will believe and trust Him in verse 11 of the same chapter of Psalms 91, “for He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.”

A promise He will keep if you will trust the promise is yours. Do you want it?


The Mouse with the Microphone

Some people really believe that the devil has unbelievable power, and yes he does have some, but usually it is what we give him. But be sure of it, Satan is no match for God, and he knows it. The devil has no power to read your mind, he just listens and watches your actions, and then he knows just what to do, how and when.

God, for some reason, allowed this scum to stay around for a while, but his day is coming to an end. Revelations 20:10 says the devil, who deceived many, will be cast into a lake of fire and tormented day and night for ever and ever. So until then this deceiver will be doing just that, trying to deceive many, getting them to believe they don’t need God, or that God really isn’t going to punish anyone for sin, or that we can do as we please and there will be no consequences.

Oh, Satan thinks he is powerful, but not against Jesus who holds the keys to Hell and will soon lock Satan in there; for Jesus has been given full authority to do so by God, His Father who is our Father, too. But, Jesus must be Lord of our life and your prayers carry great authority; in some areas greater than others, but always more powerful than Satan’s at any time.


These words from Revelation 1:7 hold a lot more meaning today than in days past. If ever you and the entire population of this world need to pay attention and get your hearts right with God, it is now.

The days are mounting like no person has seen. The great climax to when heaven and earth are going to meet is now at hand. The stage is set. The big question is, “Are you ready?” Yet, ready or not, here it comes. And we have been told for years that the great return of Christ is now at hand.

Every person, including you, on this planet better have a spiritual heart-check with God’s son, Jesus. This world is just a small piece of the puzzle. It is now just ready for the last piece to make the bigger picture all clear.

Some will still try to reason current events away, but it is not going to matter. God has been setting the stage and now we are about to watch the last scene played out. Then the curtain on this world’s place in time will have ended.

This is the final call going out to a world that mainly has not been listening. But it’s going to be awakened to the reality that there is only one true God, and behold, He is coming!


As we begin to look to the future I know most people are very concerned. Yes, I believe we have some of the most trying times ahead of us now.

For ones that are true believers in Jesus, our hope is secure in Him. For those who don’t know Christ, they look at this world to be home. But we know it is now just a matter of time before we will meet our Lord.

We must now, more than ever, be praying daily, if not many times a day. Plus we should be digging in and reading His Word, the Bible, to get the daily spiritual nourishment we need for such a time as this.

Only God knows what is on the horizon for us. Don’t forget that God has been there, and as His true children we will be victorious regardless of the things to come.

Your investment in the Kingdom work of God is now more vital than ever before. Be about the business of Heaven first, and God- who’s always in control- will see you through no matter the outcome.

So the question is not the future, but where you stand today concerning the future. Things are going to change, so be real. Just where do you stand with God in this? For your faith will now be tested.


What is deception? It is when someone believes something is true or right, but in reality it is not. We now live in a great day of real, serious deception.

More and more people are falling into this; good people or not, they are being deceived.

Unless you know the real truth, you’ll let the forces of mankind’s control and a host of other things override what God says is real truth. Isaiah 44:20 states, “A deceived heart has turned him aside…” Or in 1 Corinthians 6:9 it says, “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived…” James 3:13 speaks of the last days of mankind by saying, “Impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” Even those deceiving will also be deceived.

Political correctness is destroying the child of the true God. Why? Because so many have grown weak in their relationship with Jesus and are embracing too much of the world. Just because something looks good and honorable does not make it so in the true God’s eyes.

Some of the church has allowed the world to weaken its influence by doing good things that seem to them right but are actually being deceived into doing what is wrong according to God’s Word.

The true church of Jesus must not give in to mankind’s politically correct agendas or it will lose its effectiveness in the community, but most of all, its true identity with the true God.


We all experience life’s ups and downs, and will as long as we live on earth. It is how we handle these trials that will determine where we spend eternity. Because of sinning over and over, we soon believe we are not good enough to be His child. Nothing could be further from the truth. God knew we couldn’t save ourselves. So He sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue us from the painful alternative of hell to life everlasting with Him in heaven.

But Jesus can’t save us unless we turn around and go to Him. Sometimes, we want to run away from the mistakes we have made. Instead of running away, run to Jesus, no matter the sin; in His arms you will find forgiveness.

Don’t run from your past or your problems. Give them to Jesus. Set your face toward Him and run with everything you have. It doesn’t matter what you have done. When you begin, you’ll find Him already reaching for you.

There is only one true God and only one true way to Him, and that is to personally know Jesus. Without Jesus, you are running the wrong way in life.


Days and moments here on earth hold God’s opportunities for us to touch the lives of others. How we live will affect someone’s eternal life. All of us will spend eternity somewhere, in heaven or in hell. The choice is yours today, but when this short life comes to a close the choosing time will be over.

Some people think they can just be a good person. That won’t work in the end. God wants us to be attentive in all situations, because it may be the last opportunity for us to touch someone’s life.

The Bible says, “Don’t you realize that whatever you choose to obey becomes your master. You can choose sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God and receive His approval.” Romans 6:16.

What you do and who you affect matters. We are going to be held accountable for some of the people that we did or did not touch in this life and where they ended up in the next life.


A real life of prayer takes endurance. Don’t give up after a few half-hearted efforts. If we want God to meet our needs, it takes effort on our part.

Personal confession of all known sin is vital to effective prayer. We need to identify and confess all grudges, resentment, and bitter thoughts. Prayerfully deal with all sin.

When you pray in a direction, anticipate an activity of God to answer your prayer. We need to pray with confidence. God hears our prayers and will answer them as long as they are in accordance with His will.

His will is found in what He tells us about in scripture. God has chosen to accomplish His work on earth through you and me. In our prayers, we admit reliance on God to face the many issues where we can find no answers but with Him. The opportunities impact others. God is continually working through the prayers of His people.

There isn’t anything that can’t be done through prayer. All possibilities open up because you are talking to the most powerful source of the universe. Your conversation of prayer is with the highest court.

Beyond this world, a commitment to prayer and an obedient life to God connected through Jesus Christ has unlimited opportunities.


I don’t know that I am in any way an authority on prayer. I do know that because of the many things that have happened in my life since becoming a Christian, I have had to learn how to pray to just keep going.

Sometimes, when I am alone, I am easily distracted with the list of what I have to do during the day ahead. I have found that, for me, it is easier to write my prayers each day. By writing my prayers, I seem to stay on focus with God and sometimes I go back and see how God has worked things out throughout the day.

Why God will answer a prayer within moments after you have prayed, or why it seems that He is never going to get around to answering a prayer you have been sending His way for a long time, are questions I don’t have the answer to.

There have been mornings when I have faced some pretty trying times and almost lost hope and wanted to give up. But I just kept writing to God and continue on.

Whether you feel out of control or sailing right along, God has the answer! You’ll always find this to be true. He will answer in a special way for me or you if only we will spend time with Him, for He loves to work in our lives if we let Him.