What Tomorrow Holds

I’m fully convinced that time is now drawing short for the influence of Christianity. There may very well be a great awakening, and I pray that there is one great harvest from the fields. As Christians, we have an obligation to promote the truth and to be as great of an impact that we can be in the days we have left to work.

In all my interviews with authors, and especially prophecy speakers, each one that I’ve talked to believes that the true deceiver is here but hasn’t been brought into that status yet. Maybe the rapture is what’s on hold in him coming forward. I’m sure that we are that close, and we all had better get our spiritual houses in order. This is really a great time for the church, and each day is putting us one step closer to that great day ahead.

We have to now be about the Father’s real business and put ours aside. God’s plans are in the works, and so should our covering, for what we can do for the Kingdom of God. Heaven awaits our arrival. We must be prepared and found being about heaven’s business. Invest now in the Kingdom of God.

Be praying diligently for who knows what tomorrow holds. Only the One who made it knows.

Whatever work God has given you to use, make the most of it now while there is still time to work.



Exodus 3:7 – “And the Lord said: ‘I have surely seen the oppression of my people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters, for I know their sorrows.’ ” What’s happening concerning His People? Exodus 3:14 – “And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”

Many people say today they believe in God, but few really know who He is. We do have a generation now that really does not know God ,nor do they fear Him. For those who want to step up, God will use. It takes commitment, but most of all faith. The question is, do you believe God is really God and are you willing to live like He wants you to? It takes faith to trust God and obey what He asks, and that’s what is required of us. God has plans for every one of our lives, and we must by faith reach out and take hold of what God asks us to. Today each one of you has something in your possession that God wants to bring about change in your life and use for His greater purpose than your plans.

And it’s not always easy, but obedience is the only way to follow through with God’s plans. You see, He’s not really that interested in all of how we think things ought to be, for He knows exactly how they are supposed to be. He expects us to do what He asks, especially those who have committed their lives to Him. It’s not easy for many Christians to remember God is holy and neither His character nor His word changes. But we must keep it that way regardless of how we see things ourselves. God understands our frustrations in this life, and He knows that we are human and humans make mistakes. God expects the world to act evil and be angry, but He expects His children to obey His word and act differently. God expects His people to be His people, and He can fix our mistakes, but remember He does so His way. He wants to do the same for you if you’re willing to put the issues of your life in His hands. God will deal with those other people and areas concerning you. But it starts with you. Are you willing to do your part regardless of others?


As times for political races begin, candidates start making their pitches on their so-called opinions about what the people of that particular state, county, city or wherever they live seem to need. I find it interesting how they will use the word “values.” They’ll say that they are representing the people with their values in mind.

Right there ought to be the first indication that they’re not truthful because that statement is only partially true. No one can represent the values of all the people or even most of the people. There are only two scales that can be used when people decide their values: their own way or God’s way.

If the people’s values are voted and a judge overturns them, even though the issue passed, then the judge ruled not on the people’s voted values but on the judge’s opinion of their own values.

You see, values are nothing more than our own opinions. What gives anything value is what our opinion of it is. In this world there are only two opinions on any matter, God’s or yours. And if the two disagree with each other, then you can say God’s truth or Satan’s lie. You can’t have God’s value and twist His words to fit your purpose.

This happens all the time, but it is not going to change God’s truth. When He says sin is sin, it is. And no court anywhere can overturn His truth. Because He alone is Supreme above manmade opinions, and God alone will judge the outcome of the decisions that are made.


Across the world today there is turmoil, but that is generally the way it has always been. In the Heavenlies there rages battles we can’t see but feel as the forces of darkness try to overrun the kingdom of light.

At times it may look as if Satan’s crowd is winning, but it can never be. Evil may prevail here and there for a while, but it is God that will always write the last chapter of anyone’s life and His kingdom work.

Yes, today the Christians here on earth are outnumbered, but not defeated. When a Christian really acts like one one, someone who goes beyond just saying they are, and are Kingdom servants working in the fields for the Lord, they have such greater power, more than any force of evil.

Leviticus 26:8 tells us about what happens when a true follower of God stands with God against Satan’s forces. Here’s what it says, “Five of you shall put ten thousand to flight. Your enemies shall fall before you.”

So it doesn’t matter what we face as a Christian. You never face it alone. The government can’t be relied on nor the economy. Not even a whole lot of friends. In times of trouble, one real Christian outnumbers hundreds who stand against God. And no matter what we may face today or in the future, the Kingdom of God will prevail and crush the enemies that it faces. For there is no God greater or more powerful than the God of the Bible of heaven and of earth.


There once were 3 cities in a land far from here. Two were very different than the one. The area of the 3 cities was a very unstable land, shifting with the earth as it moved now and then because of seismic activity below its earthly surface.

In one city to the south there was hot springs and many people would come from the other two cities to bathe and enjoy the hot springs, especially in the winter time, and many believed these waters contained medicinal powers.

The city to the north had cool springs and these were very attractive to the other two cities in the summer, when people could go for cooling relief from the heat.

All of these three cities had lots of citizens, but the city in the middle had the greatest population. It was a great city of trade and commerce. In fact they built a six mile long channel of piping aqueducts to bring the hot water from the southern city to the people, but it would only be lukewarm by the time it got there and had a smell after that. The cold water from the northern city would only be “luke cold” when it arrived from the other direction as well.

So the large city in the middle never had real cold water nor real hot water, but only medium tasting or bathing water to use.

Now those three cities are real. The northern city was called Colossae, the southern city’s name was Hierapolis and the city in the middle was written about in the Bible as an example to the people of the time of living a lukewarm Christian life. In fact, God made the point that there is only one side or the other in this Christian life. No one in the middle wins. They lose.

The story is about the city and the church of Laodicea found in Revelation, chapter 3, in the letter to the seven churches. Which city are you a citizen of today?


Lots of church people believe they’re serving God until that day they are challenged to see if they will. It’s a good thing to keep a spiritual evaluation going on in one’s life to see where one’s life stands before they are called upon. So here are some simple thoughts you might want to consider:

  • Do I give 100% effort to God or a portion to man?
  • Why would God choose me out of a group of people to do something special for Him?
  • Do I finish the projects God gives me or leave some undone?
  • If I was doing the choosing for God to fill an important position, would I want God to select someone like me, especially if my life depended on it?
  • How do I handle money? Can God trust me?
  • Have I been faithful in what God has asked of me in the past?
  • How solid is my faith against the temptations I might have to face off with?
  • Is this going to affect my ability to obey God regardless of how it turns out?
  • Has my life got the integrity God needs for the position needing filled?
  • Can I properly handle the criticism that I might receive as God would want me to and that I wouldn’t allow my flesh to respond improperly?
  • Can God trust me regardless of the outcome to remain faithful?
  • Do I, myself, actually take the same advice that I give others?

If you have answered truthfully, how will you measure up? Are you the kind of person God looks for when He needs to fill an assignment from heaven?


Ever known someone who has said something but you knew they weren’t telling the truth? Have you ever felt that when somebody has apologized over an incident that they really didn’t mean it? It happens a lot because mankind’s nature is sinful and sin works against truth.

The Bible’s book of Jeremiah is not a real popular read with most of those who read the Bible. It tells of the pending doom headed for Israel because of their blatant sinful ways. With verses in chapter 4 where it says that the people are foolish and do not even know God, that they have no understanding, that they are clever at doing wrong, that they don’t know how to do what’s right.

Their problem was they had let sin go so long that they were going through their religious rituals believing that they were alright with God. But their language was much different than what their heart was really like. They acted like salvation was a reward from God by what they said, but their actions really said what was really going on with their lives.

The people were doing foolish things, sinning in many forms and did not know God, but they thought they did. In Jeremiah chapter 5, the statement is made that they lied about the Lord.

People are using the gifts God gave them to commit sin, yet say it is right because God made me this way. God never made anyone to sin. Many in this world have deceived themselves, and the price to pay is bigger than our national debt.


If you live in the places where tornadoes come and go, your local city usually has some type of siren warning system that sounds off that there could be an approaching danger.

Most of us have heard these now and then, and it generally gets our attention pretty quick, and most spring into some kind of action to prepare for an approaching dangerous storm.

On a much larger scale, today we have another approaching storm like no one has ever experienced before; a day some have heard about but are paying little attention to the types of sirens that are going off. From economic instability to shocking cultural changes to religious factions that have such hate for others that they will go to any lengths to destroy others they despise.

This world is not as safe of a place as it was 50 years ago. Our society and morality is eroding. People have agendas and will steal, lie or destroy anyone who gets in their way. Trust is becoming less and less at all levels of life. We are in a time of extremes, and life in America is especially reflective of these changes.

While all the time, the sirens sound telling us something is soon approaching and with every little storm a bigger one looms on the horizon. Jesus told the people in Matthew 16:3, “You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.”


Far too many Americans today are consumed with their own needs. In fact, in the whole world the numbers are few of those who really are concerned with what God deserves and what they want. People make more money to buy more fun. People daily rob God of the offerings that are rightfully His just so they can enjoy the good life, and so they put everything else ahead of the Kingdom of God. Yet all those things they are investing in will soon be gone, one way or the other.

The many things that most people think they have to have actually have them. They’re tied to payment after payment. They’re so obligated to things and other people that they have nothing left. Some believe in giving to God, but it is only a cheap handout to what anyone actually owes to God. You breathe His air, you eat His food. People rob His creation of its natural resources to build their own empires or build their homes and futures. They enjoy animals that were created by God and drive automobiles that we made of His resources. Why, even this paper where these words are written was made from God’s resources.

Yet so many people- and its everywhere, outside and even inside the church- sometimes hold back from what God deserves. And it is not that He needs our money, but it is our attitude about money that He truly is wanting to adjust. For money is only a tool, but needs to be used rightly.

When people understand the goodness of God and have a personal relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus, then and only then will money and His resources be handled more faithfully concerning what and who is really important.


Something that is becoming rarer among people today is truth. People have put such a spin on words when asked questions that you don’t know exactly if they ever answered the question or not. Truth has always been a problem with many people because with truth comes accountability, and a lot of people aren’t willing to have to deal with the consequences of truth.

When Jesus stood before Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea, Pilate asked the question, “What is truth?” and Jesus told him that those who love truth recognize it. And that is why many don’t tell the truth. They don’t know the love of God who establishes truth.

Little children go through their beginnings testing truth, but as they grow from what they learned, they use truth for what it’s worth or will twist it as much as they need to for their own personal benefit.

Today leaders, across the board, struggle with truth. Think of all the money that could be saved in our own government or country if people would just tell the truth. There would be no need for investigations or special committees.

Not telling the truth is nothing more than lying, and some of mankind may be fooled, but God is never fooled. And not telling the truth means that you lie. God, in His word, says He hates lying because it all stems from the father of lies, the devil. And God also reminds us there is no place in Heaven for liars.