Every Secret Thing

God made us and knows us more than even our closest companion or parent. There is nothing hidden that we’ve done or will do that God isn’t fully aware of.

Every one of us has certain situations that have touched our lives, and maybe we wish we’d done things differently or not at all. In our own human heart and mind, we’ve learned to live with some areas of life we’d wish would just go away.

Now there is One who can help us with this. One who has been given the authority by God to erase from the record any remembrance of such unpleasant events we have encountered in our lifetime.

God brought His Son to this earth to live as we live, to experience some of those same things we’ve experienced and said, “If you are truly sorry for these things then I will forgive them.” In John 1:29 the scripture says that Jesus was sent to take away these things if we want to let go, and they will be remembered no more. We might remember, but God will have no record of such things ever happening in our lives.

If we confess our sins and ask Jesus to take over our hearts, we shall be forgiven of all. On the other hand, if we don’t, Ecclesiastes 12:14 tells us that at the end of our lives God will bring every work into judgment- including every secret thing, whether good or evil.

So, which way would you want it? You have a choice today.



What do other people see in your life as they look at you? What do they think of your actions?

There is a good verse in Matthew 5:17 which says, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.” That means your deeds, and the way you treat others- and that means the people you like or dislike, that you know or don’t know. What would they say about you from the little they do see?

There is a very big difference with God in why you do what you do for yourself or someone else. There are lots of people that do nice things for others but for the wrong reasons. It’s what you do for God and why you do it that makes all the difference. You may fool people with your reasons but never God.

Only the things that you do should have a cost to you and your motives, and that is that God gets all the benefits. Yes, you will get thanks for your actions most of the time. You’ll receive the rewards or expressions from others, but unless you yourself turn this area over to God, it will have little value in His relationship with you.

You’re to let your light shine to show the spotlight on Jesus that the world would see; not you, but God and His Son. Any other reason to do what you do and how you talk and act toward others- or in your own backyard and behind the closed doors of your house- matters to God, who fully understands why you do what you do and will adjust your future accordingly in eternity because of it.


There’s not one single person on this earth that wasn’t supposed to be, never was and never will be. Every last one of us has been brought into this world to make a difference; to have a purpose given by our maker, God- not our parents, but only by God.

The reason we are here has been set in time by a force much greater than ourselves. Our Creator has given us our unique abilities, whatever they may be, for reasons that only He knows about right from the day that we are born on this earth.

We’ve basically been set up by God Himself to be here and to do some things while we are here, no matter the time frame. There have been resources made for us to use and even other people that were sent here to help us- and we to help others.

Our whole purpose for even breathing and what our bodies need was arranged by God concerning our lives. But the big problem is us. Many won’t let God have His way in their lives. They think they know better. They do what they believe they should. Some never  even consider God’s ways. It’s always about them.

When we do what we want, we build our lives on our own opinions and knowledge and won’t use our abilities and resources for God. When we do that, we directly sin against our very purpose for being here.

Consider today your life and what you’re doing and take a good look at where you are. Do you see God’s handiwork in your life and of those you’re affecting, or do you just see your own handiwork?


I believe that the meaning of this word is vital in the life of a Christian. Unless a Christian will take the initiative to examine their daily life according to what the Bible says, then their Christian walk will become unbalanced.

The Bible is the only way most people can measure their lives to God’s standards. People will invent ideas and set standards from a humanistic evaluation of right and wrong. But only by a true examination of God’s Word against yours will show the real light of your life.

If more pastors would preach this as a daily part of their congregation’s lives then there would be less spiritual maintenance for them or others to do.

There is no other standard but God’s Word that can shine its light on your life in accordance with the life you may think is OK. God’s Word is true and nothing else is ever close. If you go day after day only thinking that going to church or saying a routine prayer at a meal now and then will keep you tuned up, then you’d better check God’s Word as to that idea.

In Ezekiel 33:20 God says, “I will judge everyone according to their ways.” If you have let the Bible be your standard guide to walk by, you’ll be in a much better position than those who set their own standards.


God knows us and listens to us as we really are. God wants us to tell Him everything good or bad. God understands all we feel and knows how much we need His help. God wants us to be honest before Him. That helps us more than we know or understand.

God needs us to be completely open with Him sharing everything; faults, weaknesses, no matter how desperate our situation is. God is more concerned about us being fully truthful before Him, no matter how shameful we’ve been or how much we’ve failed. God never gets tired or too busy to listen to us, to hear about our problems or dreams.

God loves the broken-hearted, for it is then that He can reach inside for His love to heal. God can make Himself known to a bruised heart, for then it is tender to know His touch. God always sees great possibilities from our failures for our life for Him.

God knows all the minutes left in your life here on earth and has already put together the best plans for every one of them. God knows our true potential and exactly how to help us reach it. God sees the possibility of everything when we still believe that something is impossible. God does get disappointed at times with our actions and words, yet always wants to forgive us and help us start over if we will allow Him.

God knows the truth about every incident of your life; He never wants to have to use them against you but rather chooses to want to forgive you. God always knows if you are really repentant of your sins or just sorry…there is a difference.

God chose you. Long before you even knew who He was, He knew you. God is aware of your life’s situations every day. God is never controlled by our circumstances.

God never fails or makes mistakes because God is still God, even when you think He should have done something differently. For God will be God. He knows all because He is God.


History has proven that the fall of all great societies have all had the same characteristics which have been disapproved by God. These were out of control sexual sin in every form, and the increase of occult practices. Sound familiar?

We have unhealthy life styles, unhealthy relationships, and there are even some unhealthy churches, which should be the center point of the moral compass and standard we need. When people can’t tell the difference from the church people and those that aren’t we will see the erosion of our values and respect for one another. Sound familiar?

Leaders are to hold higher standards. Yet when they care more about their position, their political party and their own ambitions, the people they lead lose confidence in them and respect for their office. Sound familiar?

When people begin to lose respect the family suffers. Our one great hope of building a better life and having a bright future begins to crumble, resulting in a mood of depression. Sound familiar?

Our only answer to stop the skid we are now in is to be rescued by the only force that can. There’s only one God and only one way that will turn any society or problem around. And it all starts with a true pure relationship with God’s Son, Jesus. He came to redeem us from all of this; and His Father (who is ours, too) knows how to fix every area of life that is out of balance. For Jesus is the balance of God’s Kingdom.



All of us have a brain. We all choose to accept information into our brain. Some people get more information than others, and some people are able to retain more information, at times, than others. But we all get to make choices from the information we receive.

God gives us our brain and the information comes to us from God and other sources. Therefore we receive information, but the key from there is: how do we respond? Some choose to grow in the knowledge of God, but the flesh won’t want to.

Every person also has a soul made only by God, and how we live by the way we have acted from the knowledge we receive will determine how our soul is affected. If God gets a hold of it because we choose His information, then He develops His spirit within us; and without the Spirit of God living in us, when our lives cease to exist here on earth, it goes away from God to hell- the place for those whose choices have been made by their own knowledge and have rejected God’s.

Jesus, God’s Son, gives us the Spirit that gives us the relationship with God. Without Jesus, there is no Spirit of God given to mankind.

There are people who know about God and Jesus but have never received the real knowledge that only His Holy Spirit can bring. Head knowledge and soul knowledge are different enough to cost many people separation from God, and they don’t even know it. If you truly want to know God, then ask and seek Him. Call upon Jesus. He turns no one down who honestly wants to know Him and truly wants to be changed.

God Means What He Says

In Matthew 22:2-4, you will find the story of how the Kingdom of Heaven is like a king who gave a wonderful banquet. He invited many people and sent out his servants to summon them to come, yet many wouldn’t. They were too busy, paid no attention, some were just plain rude to the servants.

They didn’t like the king. They had their own ways and resented the king. So the king finally did give the banquet, yet some tried to sneak in late, and the king removed them and the banquet continued.

Of course, this parable is the way Jesus was telling the people about their relationship with Him, and that all are invited to accept Jesus as their true Savior and only through Him can they truly know God. Many don’t give it much thought and go on day after day thinking they will accept this offer later. Some think God is a loving God, and that He won’t send anyone to Hell if they are a good person, go to church or even served God respectably.

That is just what the parable is saying in verse 14- for many are called, but few are chosen. Why are few chosen? Because sin blinds us into justifying our lives as all right and fools us into thinking God’s love will let us into Heaven. They twist God’s words to mean what they want them to mean, and believe God doesn’t really mean what He says.

God’s love doesn’t keep us out of Heaven. Without true repentance from our sins or letting Jesus become Lord of our lives, there will be no place in Heaven for these people. We can only blame ourselves for that.

When we love God enough to follow His plan, His Word, and most of all accepting Jesus as our personal Savior- turning our lives over to Him- then we can be assured of what He says.


The word religion has a broad meaning from it early days. Religion is no longer same, nor has it ever been, as Christianity. Religion is always tied to man’s belief system while Christianity can only be attached to the only true God and His Son, Jesus. Christianity is hated by religion because this world has many man-made ones who do nothing more than suppress people or let them think they are some kind of god themselves.

Today Christianity has many enemies because it flies in the face of religion. For years mankind has used religion to manipulate its followers and use their personal sins to be covered by some action twisting the true God’s Word to fit their own.

Christianity changes the heart and soul of a person if they want to truly accept it because of Jesus and His work for us. Religion has to cover its tracks and do things in the dark places trying to make people believe that their way is the best way. But Jesus reminds us all that there is only one way. The way to God only comes by the way of Jesus.

Christianity makes some promises, but not any that it can’t keep. Religion can never offer guarantees, only empty wells at the end of your journey. Religion and sin have a kinship that Christianity won’t tolerate.

With those that follow religion, all will perish; but those who follow true Biblical Christianity will have everlasting life.


In every life there is a next chapter. I’m thinking of so many accounts the Bible gives us of people’s lives. People like Ruth from the book that bears her name and how in the first chapter her life goes from a good life to nothing to becoming great in the lineage of Jesus.

There’s the chapter in Acts where Saul, who becomes Paul, is a cruel man. Only a few chapters later, and throughout so many other chapters of the New Testament, he became a great follower of Jesus and built the Kingdom of God.

While no one can forget the book of Job, who lost everything- but the last chapter of his life became even more prosperous than before.

And what about you today? Whatever is going on now, there will always be another page to add another chapter in your life. And nobody but God knows how it will end. Yes, you have something to do with how the story of your life turns out, but God will always write the last word; and whatever changes or challenges might come, He’s drawn up the plans already that concerns your life. He’s taken care of every detail, and how it needs to be to turn out, still for the benefit of you and His Kingdom.

Why not let God have it all today so He’s got plenty to work with tomorrow, and you’ll be so much better off than if you try to write your own story.