The topic of faith is all throughout the Bible.  The largest portion of faith discussions are in the New Testament, but Habakkuk chapter 2 verse 4, says that the “Just shall live by faith”.  The just are those who choose to honor God by following His word, regardless, those who believe what they can’t see, but by faith trust the only true God who can.

Faith is critical to one’s belief in God.  Many say they believe, but to trust God, that is where the test lies.  No man or woman comes to God through Jesus until they have an awareness to even want to know Him, without faith to believe there is a God you can’t really know God.

Faith in God applies the blessings and power of God.  If you will just believe that God can do anything in your life, if you’ll just believe, you’ll find out that He will.

Just how serious are you to have a real encounter with Jesus?

No matter the need, in the name of Jesus there is power to save and deliver your troubled soul.  Do you want the storms that afflict your life dealt with by God, who can?  In the name of Jesus you can look to someone big enough to handle any problem you have today.  Then by faith look to Jesus and call upon Him by faith believing He will help you and He will.

We all have our struggles and it takes more faith to conquer the nature of sin many times than the forgiveness of it.  We will always be under some form of attack by our enemy, Satan, while we are here on earth, but he cannot prevail.  Satan does not have authority over your life.  A child of God belongs to God and by faith the enemy is defeated.

Difficulties for Christians are only platforms for the manifestations of God’s grace and power to be revealed.  If they only will step forward and exercise their rights as Christians, we need more to do this today more than ever.



Learn to say no to anything that does not further the goals for your life.  Everything a Christian does must drive them to the point that ends at the entry door of God’s eternal kingdom. You may have to live today in a land where there are many troubles and heartaches but if you’ll surrender your life to Christ, you can end up in the forever land of the living.

This life may at times rob us of many earthly things and happiness but what we’ve done for God can never be taken from us but can go on before us.  This place we are now in is only a temporary place for each of us to ready ourselves for the permanent place we are to live next.  Look around you.  Everything you see is only temporary.  What you can’t see it eternal and your best investment here should be focused on the eternal.

The more a Christian invests in the work of God’s kingdom on earth, the more that will be stored up in heaven for them.  No one can buy their way into heaven with money or good works.  Every day we should examine our lives in the light of God’s Word.  For what we do today will be making preparations for us in eternity.

What will heaven be like?  I don’t really know but I do know God’s plan for your life today is for eternity with Him, if you’ll follow His path for you.  God had a plan for your life from the beginning of it through its end and His plan is always to point us toward heaven – if we keep our eyes focused on Him.


People all over the world are martyred for their faith in Christ every day, leaving behind a wife or a husband, children, those who depend on them and all they may have to say was “I am not a Christian” or just say there is not God.  But they didn’t.  They chose a different path that cost them dearly and there are those who will still come to a church meeting or hold a secret Bible study, risking their lives to do so.

And here are people today who have trouble getting to church on Sundays, never can make evening services and they’ll miss most of the revival meetings.  They’re just too busy and extremely too tired plus the pastor hurt their feelings last time he spoke.  Some things he said, they didn’t like in his sermon.  How many have gotten mad and left a church because they didn’t like the music or worst didn’t like the old wood grain paneling and wanted a new look with lights and sounds. Jesus warned His disciples as He does us about being ones that should not be so easily offended.

God does not turn His ears from us, even if we plead with Him in honest anger in a thing.  He understands our hurts.  But unless you go to church with an open mind, a heart full of love for God and an attitude of praise of coming to meet the Spirit of the living God, then what will happen many times is that you will end up getting discouraged or offended.

Blessed are the children of God who can suffer and still trust His heart and the mysteries of His purposes.

Each day has its own ups and downs.  How you choose to respond will determine a lot in how you’ll handle the pressures of life.  Only God sees the full picture of our journey in life as well as anyone else’s we don’t know what He knows and it would do us well to keep this in mind.


In just a few days you, as a citizen will be given the opportunity to vote, and how you choose to do this speaks of what you believe.

I cannot tell you how to vote, but I can caution you to vote with God’s word and make your vote count scripturally.

You may not always like the one candidate in a party. You may not like a certain issue on the ballot. But you must look at every candidate and issue and mirror it by what the Bible asks of you, not necessarily your personal opinion.

There are candidates running that do not have God’s interest in mind. There are those who try to deceive by deception pretending to be something they are not. They say they are representing your values, but the real question is are they representing God’s values in scripture?

No one is in between, they either are or they are not, on issues or parties. The Bible warns of their deception and says it is like witchcraft.

You are being asked, on November 6th, to speak up and be counted. Do you know the issues you are voting on?

Do you really know who the candidates are and what their background says about them? Or are you just going to let their popularity or how much advertising they did influence you?

Yet the real issue remains, what does God’s word tell you to do? Take a good look at who’s running for what office and look at God’s word. Who really matches scripture? From now on till the Lord returns every election is going to require that the Christian vote Biblically regardless of personal preface if we are to have leaders that reflect the truth of the scriptures.

I approve of this message, but most of all make sure that God approves of how you vote.

One Book That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

What Makes The Bible not Just a book and different from all other books is that its words are breathed on by the spirit of God and become truth and life to those who will listen with an open heart.

How many have come to a crossroads in their lives where they wish they could remember a Bible Verse about something that would help them in what they are facing?

What makes the Bible not just a book is The Spirit that gives life to those who will truly take the time to read it. The Bible Brings hope. It Brings connection. It hurts you sometimes when you have violated this word. It will bring healing if you won’t turn away from it.

Some people have paid a great price for smuggling Bibles into countries where they are forbidden. Yet some people have paid a great price, as well, in places where the Bible is plentiful because they refused to heed its words.

When you make a commitment to God to read and study the Bible, your life will change and you’ll develop a friendship with the author that is secure. Knowing God’s Word is what it takes in knowing about life. You can call in the word of God day or night and it is there for you.

The Bible, which is truth, will guide you around life’s deceptions. God has His standards to guide you every day of your life. God’s Word is your ticket to knowledge and peace in a world that offers none.

For one to neglect the Bible is for one to neglect their soul and condemn themselves.


God doesn’t want just Christians to see Him just as the God who performed miracles thousands of years ago for the church, but God wants people to realize that He’s still the same God who will perform miracles for the church today.

A defining mark of a born again believer is that they look more to the realities of heaven and want to honor Jesus with less regards for what the world has to offer them.  We need to settle the issues of how we are going to live in this world because until God has been given all the controls of our lives we will never be as satisfied with ourselves or with others or even with God until we do what He has asked of us.

Remember this: the Bible says the gifts and the callings of God are irrevocable.  What was set up for your life as a child is still on the table today somewhere.  There is a place for you.  Whose field are you laboring in?  Are you in the wrong field?  Only God and you know the answer.  Are you satisfied with your life?  Are you serving the very purposes you were created for?  You can.

Have you taken up the cross into a world that has no hope without it?  Even if you had to start over today because you missed being where you should have been, there is still time for you.  You’re still in the best position you could ever be in when you’re with Christ where He can put your hand to the plow or help you go to work with the seeder in the field of harvest.

He’s willing if you are.


There are many stories of people throughout the Bible who were attacked by Satan, but you’ll find none that mention that Satan killed anyone. If this devil of hell had that type of authority, millions upon millions more people would be dead today than there is.

Because of sin, Satan got the permission to attack and play havoc with mankind and it is evident today that he still is doing so even at a more alarming rate. But death, mankind’s last enemy, cannot arrive until God allows it to. We can hasten the process by how we live, or lengthen it; but until God, who is the beginning and the end, says so, it will not be.

Now Satan can move upon people to cause accidents, or violent acts and sickness or disease but that last breath can’t go until God signs off. Because of the sinfulness and rebellion of mankind God does allow us to reap the many consequences of sin, and death can be one of those.

Voodoo, for example, has no power to touch someone else with a curse unless there is a demonic presence involved. The devil and his bunch never have even come close to the power God contains.

Yet because of evil God allows its sin-ridden objective to affect lives, but there is always hope if people want to turn away from sin and repent of such wicked ways.

Without true repentance there is no forgiveness. But when one does repent, the enemy of their soul becomes powerless against the hand of God who watches over His own.


Regardless of what we might see or feel in difficult moments, God remains in full control of the nations of the world and He can do whatever He pleases at any place and at any time.

Psalm 2:4 says that God sits on the throne of heaven and looks down on mankind’s great plans and laughs at how shallow human ways are when they believe themselves to be so cleaver.

One can see uneasiness in the world around us. When you are a true child of God, no matter how frightening the local, national or international scene may become, God’s children can have peace because the true God is on the throne. A nation’s leaders may plot all kinds of strategies, but the God of heaven still rules.

In Mark 11, Jesus told His disciples when they were in difficult times to have faith in God regardless of what they see. We need to keep our eyes focused, in this day and time, on the one who can do what no other person, people group or nation can.

No matter the events of any day, God still rules from His throne, and it is unmoved by any disaster or aggression. God fully holds the upper hand with just one tiny finger. No one is going to get away with anything that goes against what the Throne says is right, regardless if mankind does.

I you are a child of God, keep looking up to the Throne; and if you are not, you can be. Find a true child of God and let them lead you to the Throne where you, too, can find eternal life and peace in Jesus Christ.

Repair Them

One of the kings that God used greatly in his time of leadership was Hezekiah. This king did much to restore the place of worship after decades of spiritual decay. God used the king because he was willing to be used and the people at that time benefited greatly in many areas of commerce and spiritual growth as well as periods of peace. In 2nd Chronicles starting at Chapter 29, you can find some of the accounts of his leadership. There are some verses that talk about how after years of neglect the king re-opened the House of the Lord, let’s say the church to us, and that he carried out the rubbish from the Holy place.

Because there had been so much slack of spiritual matters that the church had itself had little effect upon the people. This may very well be the same look that might need to be taken into some places and maybe dark corners of our churches. It could be of removing physical rubbish that is not of God that is more hindrance than help. It could very likely be spiritual rubbish that has been allowed into the people’s lives and may have very well been causing them to grow cold toward God’s deeper spiritual matters or maybe have become stagnant because the Spirit of God has all together left and most everything that is going on in the church is only being done by mankind’s power, void of any real effect of God.

We all need a good spiritual house cleaning, more often than we do. Maybe it is time to repair the house of the Lord.


There are many Christians who make this statement all the time when asked about helping serve in the Kingdom works of God.  “I want to serve God, but that will take a lot of my time.  I’ve got a family to feed, a house payment, and bills.  God wants me to take care of my family and pay my bills.  I can only do so much.”  Now something along this line is what people say and they are not making this up.  They are serious about their answer and there is truth to it.  Why do people have this answer and why and what is the truth in the matter?

Matthew 6:8 says that your father knows the things you have need of before you ask.  So it is safe to say that God understands a person’s needs and what it will take for them to live and the needs for today and the days ahead.  But what we want and what God knows we need are not the same things.

Now is God against Christians having a nice home or car?  A farm or a house in a town?  A business or being CEO?  Certainly not.  God wants His people to be successful and prosper and to have the resources they need and help to do it.

But what I hear in the ministry is these words a lot “Ministry doesn’t pay enough”.  I’ve  experienced this with people very talented that could greatly benefit the kingdom of God.    What happens generally is that people are so over-extended in their finances and owe the world too much.

God doesn’t sit around.  God moves around.  God has plans and He’s constantly looking for candidates to be used by Him.  Some people are willing to be used of God if He will let them do things their way and that never works.  And then they get disgusted and say, “Well I guess He doesn’t want to use my life.”  If we are not careful, we will get ourselves so attached to this world that it will rob us of our ability to be used by God and it can do so very easily when we sign up in its programs and accept its terms.  God takes care of what you have need of, if you’ll just be concerned with what He has need of.

When you will put aside your own ambitions for God’s plans, He will take care of every detail.  Where you think, “I can’t”, He can.  When you say, “It’s not possible”, He says, “Try me because I make all things possible”.  Instead of thinking, “God can’t pay my bills”, won’t you let Him reorganize your life and reconstruct your future.  It is never too late.