People are made up mainly of water and air and a range of other things except for one special part of the brain where the true soul of mankind is at a place that is attached to a human body that has extreme power of conviction, determination and will-power that is not of the form of flesh, water or bone. Somewhere deep within every person is what is referred to as the soul and this place in all of us is connected spiritually which makes us a spiritual being. Animals do not have this kind of deep spiritual connection, only the human race.

When we die, our body, like the animals, will decay and for a while all that is left will be only bone. But at the time of one’s death, the spirit departs. It returns to its true creator, the very God of the universe, the only true God, known as the “Great I AM”. From there the soul of the person they had here on earth will be judged by Christ, the Son of God, and will be held accountable for what they’ve done on earth in accordance with God’s Word.

Now from there one will travel to a place God made for His people and those who did not obey His Word will have to be placed in hell, made for God’s enemy, Satan. But because of human choice, they will be separated from God forever. Everything we do has a spiritual connection.

Mankind spends millions of dollars trying to fix societies problems when it is all connected to sin and the only way to deal with it and fix it is in the spiritual realm by coming to Jesus for forgiveness, repentance and deliverance. Then the matters can be fixed and dealt with rightly.




Now when you read this title, your first thought is airplanes flying from one destination to another. Maybe you are thinking of cell phone towers and other forms of people connecting with each other. Then there are media outlets like radio, television or the internet or even satellite communications. There is, for sure, a lot of commerce that passes through the skies above transmitting all kinds of information and commerce.

But I’d like to cause you to think about another form of communication that also goes on daily and it is the most valuable commerce ever to network the heavens above.

Prayer is the most valuable of all communications ever to be transmitted between mankind and God. This has been going on long before planes, telephones or any other form that mankind has put in the airways to pass over our heads. Prayer has the greatest of all possibilities to send help in time of needs, to change situations for a nation or touch the heart of just one person. It is faster than any other form of communication. It is never overloaded, restricted to its receiver, never has a busy signal or need of voice mail.

When someone wants to really speak to God, He is there and listening. And He always has the right answer if you are willing to receive it. All of His information is found in His book, the Bible. Now there are others up there in the heavenlies that try to cause disruptions, dark forces that don’t want us talking to God. But they have no power to stop you if you are serious about making the connection.


In the Bible in the book of Matthew, chapter 26, there is the account told of how Jesus went to a garden to pray. Jesus knew His time was soon to come where He would be betrayed and given over to be crucified by ungodly and religious men. In the garden Jesus asked others to stand watch with Him and to pray and seek God’s help and guidance.

We find in verses 39, 40, 41 and 45, where Jesus came to find those with Him had fallen asleep and were not watching or praying with Him. Even in verse 36, Jesus goes and prays away from the others to seek God’s will for them all and all He asked is to watch and pray with Him. But they didn’t stay with it and drifted off to sleep.

Today that is what a good portion of the church has done. So many who say they are friend of Jesus have drifted off and not kept watch as the spiritual condition of the world has changed and now comes those who would attack the faith that Christ Jesus ended up dying for.

So many have rested as sin has slipped in and gotten its foothold into many lives that the church was given to watch over. Many have left their post and Satan has gotten in and infiltrated those that were to be protected. And like verse 45 says, first are you still sleeping? “Behold the hour is at hand.” Then verse 46 says, “See my betrayer is at hand.”

Now Satan is firmly in our land (at hand) and it is only if we wake up and begin to pray with great fervency and repentance and continually, do we have a chance to drive him out and see much needed changes.


Every one of us has some form of restrainers in our own lives. They can come from several sources, personal, religious, traditions, moral, Christian beliefs, and each one of us are flesh and this plays as the greatest enemy of right and wrong being conducted. Now when Satan can get himself involved he will try constantly and can cause a great tug of war to be played with your mind, your feelings or emotions and also your desires.

Who you really are, will determine how you are going to react when you or I will have to face those places in life, of what we are truly made of inside our spirit. Who controls the spirit, controls down deep inside of a man or woman who they really are capable of becoming when they are freed from restraints, freed from obligations, freed from other influences and given the full ability to make the decisions they want? Now these areas can be suppressed, but only for a period of time. Those wants deeply seeded in your heart are eventually going to try to grow and how you decide to handle these challenges will result in how you live your life.

People are made up of flesh and lots of additives with lots of attitudes and problems, struggles, and there is always some form of temptations along with them. If Godly integrity doesn’t rise above temptation, it will eventually overtake you. Now those who live apart from God, pretty much do what they want. And for those who will let Christ rule as their helper can overcome any form of temptation.

I’m not saying mistakes won’t be made. I’m saying you can rise above your mistakes and learn from them. Mistakes are no longer mistakes if you keep committing the sin. Who truly is in control of your life will eventually show up center stage.



Jesus said this in John 14:16-18, “And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever. The Spirit of truth who the world cannot receive because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.”

God knew from the beginning that we, His people, would need lots of help as we journey through life. So for any person who would accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, God provided His Holy Spirit to help all those who would follow Christ as Lord. The Holy Spirit only helps Christians. No one has the help of the Holy Spirit guiding them unless they first have been born again.

The Holy Spirit is the key we have to heaven’s resources daily when we will commune with Jesus. As we read God’s word and pray the Holy Spirit will guide us with information from heaven’s throne and help us with our questions that only our Father in heaven has.

The Holy Spirit is also a restrainer, when God puts holy people in our lives, He does so for reasons maybe far beyond what you may really understand, that stands between us and our flesh or other dangers we know nothing of at the time. There is an enemy lurking, a different spirit that will try and lead us away from God’s intended goodness and we must be careful for even our flesh is an enemy. The Holy Spirit has been put here to help the Christian but we must surrender our will or He will have very little to work with and very little can be done.


The book of Romans, chapter 6 says, “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Sin comes in many forms, many that are unrecognizable to most because it takes some spiritual discernment to see the real tentacles that are far reaching into one’s soul. We live today in a culture that practices all kinds of sin and really thinks nothing of doing so.

Today in society, in fact, if you choose to take issue with people’s sin, you are intolerant and there will be a price to pay sometimes. When sin is left unchecked in people’s lives it becomes a lifestyle and will always end up branching out and getting its roots into the lives of others, as well.

In Proverbs 10:2, the scripture says, “treasures of wickedness profit nothing.” Now you couldn’t really tell that all the time because look how sin sells. America is the biggest consumer and largest provider of pornography to the world. And there are hundreds of businesses either supporting sinful lifestyles using sexual advertisements all to sell their products or be politically correct.

Nobody likes to be considered a wicked person but they come in all forms, at all levels and sin takes on many sizes and colors from high to low positions, but they all meet with the same fate. Everyone is under attack by this even and especially Christians and sin’s lies are many and mighty and play by no rules except its own.

We simply don’t have the power in ourselves to do those things that are Godly, it takes the Son of God to help us. Only by the grace of God through Jesus Christ do any of us have eternal hope from sin. God left us His word. Romans 8:14, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God.” So the question then may be: “Are you really led by the Spirit of God, or of the flesh?”


The greatest weapon we have is also the fiercest weapon we should use. Yet, many times, it is the last. It can’t be outdone and has no limits other than how we choose to wield it. Unless one knows how to pray they will be beat on by the spiritual powers that have nothing to fear with a prayer-less person but know they have much to fear with one that knows how to pray and claim God’s word against their evil advances.

Today we are a nation that struggles. We have some who have decided to use race and origin of our brothers and sisters to divide us for their own personal agenda. We now don’t want to call evil by its name, but rather be politically correct and address it as something else.

Immorality, sexual perversion is today challenging the church to try and stop it from advancing on society to accept it as a normal part of church beliefs. Yet the Bible’s words have remained the same on those issues and cannot bend to the will of what mankind believes is acceptable.

Many of our political leaders are coming under constant pressure to change the laws of our land and we must pray for guidance in their lives and the courage to stand for principle.

It is clear that our praying should not be something separate from the word but that God’s word should direct our praying.


The Best Christian You Know

When you say you are a Christian, or anything else you may say you are, but it doesn’t really just happen because you say so. You could say you are a farmer yet only live on 1 acre of land. But does that really prove you are? You can live on a farm but rent it out to someone to farm. But just because you live in a house on a farm still doesn’t make you a farmer. The same is true with a thousand other areas. What makes you who you are is what you can back up.

There have always been many that have said they are a Christian but their actions have proven them wrong. Then there are those you may wonder about at times. Bottom line is this, I would suspect that there are a lot of homes in heaven not occupied by the people that were sure they’d be there but have taken up their residence in a lower level dwelling in a much warmer climate.

You are known by your true fruit and Jesus uses the Holy Spirit as His only inspector. You can’t get to heaven by following who you think are Christians. This relationship between you and God must be a personal one. Yet if you are calling yourself a Christian, there are people watching you and maybe following what they think is a Christian. Make sure your talk of being a follower of God, if that is what you are saying, is leading those who believe you to walk in the right direction daily. For your life is an arrow pointing people in some direction or another.


Faith is an interesting concept. It is kind of like truth. People say they have it or practice it but the end question is always on whose standards do we base our beliefs? The Bible says the just shall live by faith. That would be those that truly trust God with their lives. Faith is harder for people to accept, especially these days, due to the fact that it is harder to trust and believe in people’s words against their actions.

Many say they have faith in God but how many practice it? To have faith you have to exercise it. Many have to see to believe something. But that is not really faith. With God, most of the time, you must trust Him by faith because the Bible does say that without faith no man is going to know God.

You do have faith in something; a doctor’s examination, your prescription medicine, that it will eventually rain or the sun will at some point shine, that there is a moon and stars. You see, you’ll believe others or what you see and know to be real but why won’t you really believe God? Because the flesh doesn’t really want to. It fights your faith in God to believe that He can and can do anything.

Unless we trust God and put our hands in His, and that only comes by way of His Son, Jesus, then our faith is really worthless for this world will fail you. People will fail you. But Jesus never fails. He has conquered it all and He is the only true way by which faith can be real faith to live by daily.

Asleep At The Wheel

Today across the land there is a great multitude of people who are charging on through life and yet have little knowledge of what is ahead for them. This world is so full of distractions that they can’t see far enough ahead to be aware of what lies not far out in front of them.

Many people today have lost their focus on the reality that there is coming changes that they’ve not learned how to negotiate when the time comes. The Bible tells us about prophecy from the prophet Isaiah. The scripture is actually found in the book of Matthew 13:14-15. Here is what it says: “Hearing you will hear and shall not understand and seeing you will see and not perceive. For the hearts of this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing and their eyes they have closed lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears lest they should understand with their hearts and turn so that I should heal them”.

You see Jesus wants to help people with what they have to face, with what is coming in the road ahead. Every one of us has to face death at some point or either of Christ in the great day of the Lord’s return. It all lies ahead of you but how far ahead? We are now living in times like this world has never had to experience. There is much just ahead for us that is going to shake and adjust how we live. Only Jesus is the solid foundation that can remain in all that happens.

Will it be today or tomorrow? Only God knows these things. But the time is surely soon to arrive. For some of us, quicker than others. But at some place we all are going to come around the corner or top the hill and then we will be faced with the reality of what is in front of us. Are you ready for it when it happens?