Have you ever wondered why maybe some people are not used of God or maybe why you are not used more? The answer could very well be found in Isaiah 49:2 where it says this: “In the shadow of His hands He has hidden me a polished shaft. In His quiver, He has hidden me.” A quiver is what holds the arrows, ready to be shot, but it’s the polished arrow that God wants to use. The polished arrow has been handled by its maker a lot so He knows when it’s ready.

Only the polished arrow can go straight and quick enough to do its work. The polished arrow that the shooter reaches for is known by the archer. It is the one that is ready, and its purpose will be effective.

But not all arrows are the same. Some are painted up and made fancy. But only the arrow that is ready, and that the master’s hand can touch and know, can be used for his desired will to be done.

So what does God feel when He reaches into His quiver for you? Do you fight against His polishing? Do you try to pretend that you’re alright? But He knows when He reaches into the quiver. Some even fight to stay in the quiver because it is comfortable and safe there.

God is only looking for the polished servant that will go where He wants and be teachable. So what does God find when He reaches into the quiver for you?

Job 5:17-18 says, “Behold, happy is the man whom God corrects; Therefore do not despise the chastening of the Almighty. For He bruises, but He binds up; He wounds, but His hands make whole.”



Now when you hear this statement, you think of a condemned person found guilty of a crime committed by some form of murder. You know by this statement that they are just awaiting their time until an appointed day, and that will be their last here on earth.

I want to consider the fact that there are millions more sitting on death row today, and when their last day is up, they will find out they also all the time they were alive were going to meet the same fate as many others have already done.

What was their crime? It is the greatest of all crimes. It results in eternal death separated from God and everyone else. The real shame is that these various people have no, or little, idea of their outcome. Daily they believe they are OK with how they can live, never giving God a place in their lives. Yet He demands complete surrender for He needs our full attention.

But so many won’t pay attention. Oh, they know He’s around, yet they never take time to meet the very source that can change their fate, God’s son, Jesus.

There is a price to pay to get our death row conviction overturned. It is called being “born again.” The old person is gone and a new heart takes the place of the old. What is even sadder is that many think they’ve done this, but they haven’t. It is one thing to believe in God, but it is entirely different than truly knowing Him.


The day we live in is becoming more and more interesting as to what the future holds concerning any of us. The Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun. Therefore, that means our generation of people and leaders continue to somewhat go in cycles. Just the age of the centuries and styles make things that reoccur look different. But they’re really not.

Today we live like no day before. We are getting so very close to the return of Christ to this earth. This point in time is very different because God is preparing to change things overnight. He’s going to get the final showdown with evil dealt with once and for all.

Enough Bible prophecy has come to pass that it will now only take a spark here or there in the world and the greatest transfer of events will begin. There is too much at stake, too many souls hanging in the balance, not to tell you to examine your life. Is it one that is pleasing to God?

Have you really surrendered your life to Christ Jesus? Have you truly been born of God, living a life of true obedience to Him? Or do you just think you are? There is too much at stake to be wrong in this day.


There are several people scratching their heads today as they are seeing some hard-to-believe decisions going on around the world, especially in America. Irrational attacks on liberty, special interest groups using civil rights movements to condone personal behavior, laws passed by a majority vote in states only to be turned over by a court who claims it is unfair, and mismanagement of large financial institutions which affects all the people and robs many of their assets.

People are jealous because others have something they want so they violently protest. More families are struggling because of materialism. Well, believe it or not, this is nothing new or what has not already been predicted.

Most people don’t want to believe it, but the Bible speaks of such things in Isaiah 44, verses 18-19. “They do not know or understand for He (that’s God) has shut their eyes so that they cannot see, and their hearts so that they cannot understand, and no one considers in their hearts, nor is there knowledge nor understanding…” And then verse 20 kind of finishes it off by saying, “A deceived heart has turned him aside, and he cannot deliver his soul.”

Because mankind has continued to rebel, God has allowed much of human reasoning to take over; but it can’t without many problems arising that it cannot control. If you don’t believe me, look around, listen to the news. It speaks for itself.


How do most people live? Where are their values? Personally, what do you consider to be the most important things? Everybody has their own opinion, but that’s different from facts.

For instance, lots of people try to explain the Bible, but really it explains itself. Basically, it all just depends if we want to follow its ways or maybe change them to something else if you think it doesn’t apply to you and me. We can try to change the Word’s meanings, but that doesn’t mean they change.

Like, for instance, salvation. Some people say it’s easy to live a changed life, but it is not. God has some real work to do on some of us. Some say all one has to do to be saved is ask Jesus to come into your heart. But that is not found in the Bible.

Only by repentance, and no other way; not just being sorry for our sins. Jesus said that nobody is going to be saved unless He draws them. You don’t get to choose the time you want to be saved. Only when Jesus knows when you’ll truly repent and change and turn from your sinful ways- not when you decide, but when He knows you’re ready and really are going to change.

Only by true repentance and the drawing of the Holy Spirit can this happen. That’s why the scripture says: seek and you shall find. Or, repent and you shall be saved- and He knows when that will be.


Could you say that you truly know or are a holy person, one that has been seasoned by God and full of the spiritual ways of God’s Kingdom?  In the book of Daniel there was such a one.  The book of Daniel was named after him.  Daniel was able to know how to tell kings about the meaning of the times because Daniel walked with God and lived a life closer to God than anything or anybody on earth.

So when great trials would arise and other so-called wise men couldn’t understand the meaning of the times, they would get Daniel. And he would give, accurately, what it all meant.

Daniel was given authority, yet he never sought after it.  Only doing God’s will was his purpose.  In Daniel chapter 5, there is the story of a hand writing a message on the wall to the king.  No one could understand it until the Queen said, “There is a man in your kingdom in who is the Spirit of the Holy God” (verse 11).

My question to you, do you know a holy person, one you could trust to give you advice from God?  Is there such a person in your life?  There should be.  This world is changing and now, more than ever, you need to know such people.  There aren’t many, as some think.  But there are some.  Search them out, listen to their words.  For one day soon you, along with this world, are going to need them as never before.


For those who can, and have the money, they invest it. They buy stocks in companies through brokers. They invest in the future growth of business. Some take a more cautious view and buy certificates of deposit and draw interest on their money that’s loaned out to others. Some buy property to sell later.

Why, even those that don’t have the funds to invest still do on a different scale by buying lottery tickets or gambling at casinos, trying to make a windfall. But there are always more losers than winners.

It’s amazing that many of these are church folks and good citizens. Yet, if they really want return investment on their money, possessions, family and lives, they’d invest in the only sure thing, the Kingdom of God. It is the only investment that has already established unlimited riches in the end.

But the reason many won’t invest in God’s Kingdom investments is they want their returns now, not in another Kingdom. But by investing in the world, you are investing in a crumbling kingdom, one that is changing. To buy heavenly stock, you are buying into heavenly benefits that no other can make. God Himself is the rewarder and distributor of the real wealth to be had for eternal life.

So many people need to know about this stock, but there are few investors. In the end, the dividends of heavenly things will greatly surpass earthly investments.


You want to know about the power of words? They can have much more strength than muscles ever can. How you speak the words that come out of your mouth, according to Proverbs 18:22, can speak life and death. Anyone who has spoken much knows that there is a lot of truth behind this statement. Words shape lives and destroy them as well.

How you choose the words you say can spark a great discussion or cause others to just withdraw and become quiet. Our choice of words says a lot about who we are, and they reveal what we think. They speak of what our morals are and the more we say, the more it shows our true character.

Some people say a lot by not speaking many words but by the quality of the placement of their words. Words can get us in a lot of trouble or can heal some very deep wounds. We need to be very careful with the words we speak.

To find out how to make people commit sin, the devil knows how to locate what we are thinking by the words we are saying, giving him the opportunity to trip us up and commit sinful acts against our Creator, God, and against others.

Be careful. Only God, the one who gave us the ability to talk, really knows what we need to be saying. Anything else that is said by us can, in the end, condemn even our eternal souls.


All of us are familiar with tools. There are many different ones and each serves its own purpose in getting its portion of a job done.

This can also happen, at times, as God uses tools of a different variety to touch people’s lives one way or another. Some people need help but don’t know how to go about getting it the right way. God does. Therefore, He may use different events to affect that person or others connected to that person to accomplish His greater purpose.

Sometimes we experience certain things for the benefit of someone else, that God’s plan might be worked out.

Now we all have a freedom of the will to reject God’s plans by using our lives in one form or another. But regardless, God will still work on His projects. The problem, then, is what will it cost us if we decide not to participate with God’s ways in a matter that He wanted us to be one of His tools to use.

We might find ourselves just stored out of the way because we refuse to participate in matters that we are not comfortable with. God will help us from His workmanship that in all reality will help make us into a much better person, a more useful tool.

Be careful in drawing away from the Master’s hand when in it the greater good can be done, and you will benefit in ways greater than your own.



You need to know that God has a plan, but my question is, “Do you”? God has a plan for people, everyone in the world. Do you, or just people you want to be around? God has a plan to see the world change for His purpose; what’s your plan for the way the world goes- or do you create your own world? God has a plan for every step you take, but do you have plans to alter your steps to walk as you want to?

God has a plan to see you succeed, to be a certain person for specific reasons. Yet do you set plans for your own success, for your own personal reasons? Before you were ever born, God had a plan for your future and until the end of your life here on earth. But have you inserted your plans to direct your own future? God has a plan to never bring you harm, but to give you purpose. But have your plans brought you disappointment? Do you feel, at times, that you’ve lost your way because you’ve interfered with God’s plans?

God has plans for you because He knows you. God has never changed His thoughts toward you, for His plans are irrevocable. So God still has a plan, and it will still work out if you will give your plans to Him. He can change them into a more satisfied life and plans for your well-being forever.