Great accomplishments with God are never determined by age because God always looks at the heart of a person before their success or stature, as 1st Samuel mentions. So was the life of a David born April 20, 1718 in Hartford, Connecticut,. The sixth child of nine, David was continually sickly during his life. Yet God placed His mighty hand upon this man, a man who was expelled from Yale University because of his continual sickness and because he stood up to ungodly teachers and leadership that compromised the gospel. Yet David attached him to teachers of religion in order to learn the application of the Gospel of Christ and was eventually accepted by a missions group to have his papers to become the first of many teachers among the American Indians.

David was fatherless and motherless by the time his was fourteen. He never married and gave what wealth he had on this earth behind his efforts to evangelize and help the Indians in those early days of American growth.

All through David’s years after his late teens and into his twenty’s he forged on horseback across the rivers and through the forest of the Northeast, over 3,000 miles, to reach the lost souls and sometimes the dishonest treatment of different tribes to defend their rights as humans and show them the gospel being lived out in the manner he treated them, and taught them the Bible while living among the villages year after year, season after season. All the while he was fighting a bitter enemy that was called, at that time, consumption, now known as tuberculosis, until it took his life at age 29.

David Brainerd became the real first missionary-evangelist for only 8 years but God used him in helping be a part of this nation’s 1st Great Awakening movement of the 1730’s and 40’s. Never underestimate what God wants to do in your life, despite age or circumstances, health or position.

God is always looking for more David’s that will step forth in their time before us today.



Today the world is doing what they believe is best.  They believe they know more than God.  The Christian may try to explain the way of God’s word but the world believes they know better.  But no matter if people won’t listen they still continually need to be told by Christians.  For Christians can never quit telling the gospel to others that need to hear it.

There are many who think they’ve got it all figured out.  They believe they’ve made the right decisions.  Ever met those who you just can’t tell them anything?  The only way they will learn is to let them fail themselves.  The wise person listens even if it is not something they want to hear.  You can learn from things whether you agree or not.

Sometimes there is nothing we can do but go with the problem and ride it out.  But remember a Christian never goes through a storm by himself.  God always remains keeping them as He helps them.  You will never drown in the sea of life with God in the storm with you.

Never throw out the principals of God’s word, His compass for life. You’ll eventually find you have little direction to live by and that is what many today have done.  This is no time to focus on your own opinions or knowledge.  We as people in ourselves are limited.  But God is limitless.  He is God, the answer you need at every stage of your journey to get you through.

Just let Jesus be in charge of your life.


God’s promises are just as good today as they ever were, you can trust God when you can trust no one else. No matter what this day or any other day holds, God has seen every event and in His wisdom, He alone understands you and all that concerns your life. God has from the beginning of the Bible to the end, given and placed warnings to mankind about heeding and following His words. Some say scripture is not valid today; that God meant only something for that day. But why would He prolong it when it could have been destroyed somewhere in history unless it is just as valid for this period now as back then?

So what did God Himself who says in 2 Timothy 3: starting at verse 12: “… all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” Then God’s word goes on to say, “all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

Sometimes we must be reminded for people grow cold if they do not keep the word of God in their hearts, much like the day that we now live in. Its time people need reminded of God’s word. We cannot twist and misuse His word and interpret it to mean something it doesn’t and many have done so and there will be a high price to pay for this.

Jesus will help us all through the days ahead but we must serve His interest and not our own, we must be more interested in His kingdom work than ours. Evaluate your life today for as Jesus said Himself in the second to the last verse of the Bible these words, “Yes, I am coming soon.”



When God has a plan for His people, God has also made plans to help His people. When other ways dry up, it doesn’t affect God’s plan. God’s word says, “My plans will not be thwarted”. That means “changed”. “My plans work regardless.”

God makes the needed changes and many people benefit from God’s people being blessed. In 1st Kings, chapter 17 it tells this account of a widow whose husband was a prophet, let’s say in modern day language clergy, there was debt and she’s in trouble. Her creditor is going to take the children of the prophet’s widow and this lady turns to the man of God for help, for this woman knows that God’s people have answers and she needs help.

When most people have problems they look for those people of God. They’ll search them out for prayer, for counseling. Most people know Christians have answers, if they are walking with God daily.

As long as the widow would continue to find the space, God provided the blessing, all and more than this woman had need of, to provide for her beyond the present, but also for the future.

The woman of God had a need. She went up to one who she trusted to help her get a hold of God on her families’ behalf. We need to know people like this and we need to be people like this. God through her faith, provided for her family and they were spared because she know there was a God that could help and He did.

You can have full confidence in your life of this fact, it may not always make sense to you, but it doesn’t always have to, because God keeps the upper hand in all that concerns His children because God knows how to.


The old term for those that straddle the fence is a term referring to people who try to play with both sides of an issue so they don’t have to really take a side and try to make both sides happy. But this always leads to little affect.

You can never trust those fence riders. They are on whoever’s side they need to be when it is convenient.

Sad to say, there is a pretty good crew of them in the churches today. People who say they are a true born again Christian but most of their actions say otherwise. No matter how man sees them, God recognizes them quickly. He knows where their true heart lies and a majority of them really aren’t on God’s side at all.

I believe the time is now turning to where God is beginning to electrify the fence and He is going to get those on the fence on one side or the other. Times are changing especially concerning about how God looks to those who are going to stand up or keep with the world’s side. There is not going to be any more of this type of behavior for God does say in His Word right at the end of time that there will be a great separation between the world’s people and those that belong to Christianity.

On judgment day most people know there will be a separation but I believe it is coming now for the church to really represent Christ and suffer the consequences even the world dislikes the fence riders just like God does.

There are no “maybe” Christians. You are or are not and your life style says a lot. If you get shocked make sure you understand that God is trying to get your attention.


One must learn from God so as to know what God is like. One may need Him to be something at a place in their life, like provider or protector and yet to another He may need to be counselor or guide. Yet to the one that is insincere or rebellious, they will find God to be abrasive. But then again to the one that has a repentant heart; God will be merciful and understanding. For those who may feel self-condemned, they will find God to be generous and loving. With the one who is fearful, weak, poor or ignorant in spirit, God can be forgiving, understanding and gentle. To a stranger, God is always hospitable. Because of God’s kindness, He is cordial to all that want to know more about Him.

From God’s goodness toward us, we can find encouragement and though He is mighty, we need not be afraid of Him. By our own attitudes and perceptions of God, we determine who we see God as.

He will never force Himself upon us but will welcome us to Him through the way of salvation found in His Son, Jesus Christ. Just as all prodigal children of His, we must come to the Father as the prodigal came. Our own attitude which we have towards God will always determine how God chooses to receive us to Him or not.


God never abandons His people. Gods into helping His people for God wants His people to not be entangled with the world’s standards and deceptions. We in ourselves cannot do what needs done to live a life above this world, to just be a good person. God wants us to be different and He knows life is hard. Therefore, God knew we needed help.

God had tried in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. But mankind was just too weak in his own flesh. Mankind needs supernatural help and that can only rightly come from God. So in the form of us mankind, God sent His Son. He did so through a human, a woman, to be like a son of man. But He was the Son of the living God that through Him, all humanity could experience salvation by the sacrifice of Jesus giving His life. Jesus said He came that all could be forgiven of sins in His name, that captives could be set free, that the lame could walk, people are healed and redeemed, by His blood that would be sacrificed on a cross this happened. Jesus works according to the will of the Father, regardless of how we always think the outcome should be.

No matter what we’ve done, no matter whom we are. God is not a respecter of persons. He sees no color, no size, and no stature. God looks at all equally. It doesn’t matter your social status, there are no barriers between God and man, except sin. It matters not what your past holds, God is not interested. God is interested now in your future and what is possible if you will turn it all over to Him.

When God Chooses

Benajah Carroll grew up as a young boy in church in Arkansas and was baptized in his teens, yet struggled in His faith. In the late 1850’s he attended Baylor University and became a challenging debater and headed for a promising career as a lawyer when the Civil War broke out.

He joined the confederate army under McCullough’s Rangers. When he had to return home to attend to his dying father he fell in love and married but when Benajah wanted to return to Texas his wife refused to go and broke her marriage vow, and he was granted a divorce. This depressed Benajah so much that he broke his ties with the church, rejected the Bible and re-enlisted in the seventeenth Texas Confederate infantry and became a fierce fighter in every battle until April of 1864 when Benajah was nearly killed when shot in the battle near Mansfield, Louisiana. He was sent back to die and he began to read scriptures.

He became overwhelmed as the words of Jesus spoke to his soul and spirit as he read Matthew 11:28. One night Benajah surrendered his life to Christ and to serve him and began to preach the Gospel. He became a very effective minister of the Gospel and a leader of his denomination and eventually founded the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas which has provided thousands of Christian leaders, pastors, and missionaries and still does so today.

Isn’t it an amazing thing how God is so patient with us and will choose the most unlikely people to do the most remarkable things with? God will do the same for you; the day you are ready to put your hand in his and trust the outcome. For God has wonderful plans to make your life whole and meaningful beyond your wildest imagination.



God has a plan and that plan is going to be carried out, one way or another.  God could have used other methods but He (“God”) chose to work in people to get what He wants accomplished if you’ll cooperate.  If you are truly willing to let God have His way and return to His purposes, God still has a plan for any of us.

We may have messed up as much as anyone could mess up one’s life, but God is never finished with us.  The only way God can’t work in our lives is when we run away from Him ourselves.  He never wants to leave us.  If someone is away from God, it is because they chose to leave Him.

How many have done things and gone places where God would not accompany them because they were in places where sin dwelled and they participated, yet God stood ready to help them if they would only repent and ask to start over?

God loves to do attitude checks on us at different stages of our lives so we can re-adjust to become the real person He needs us to be and that we are capable of becoming.

If a person is alive, there are still experiences God wants to have with them.  Some today still refuse the mercy of God.  Their pride causes them to think they can save themselves so their guilt of sin causes some to try to do works of righteousness.  But that won’t save them, it only worsens their heart.

You have a purpose.  Will you stop worrying about tomorrow and do what God asks of you?  Are you willing to be used by God wherever and whatever?  There is a cost, a struggle, a fight sometimes, but God will help you if you are willing to let Him.