God Prepares His People

We live in a time when we are hearing much about the last days that surround us and there is no doubt we are living in extremely changing times. But let me remind you that God is not changed by the times or the people we have to deal with. God remains in charge regardless of what’s happening or going to happen in the world. Throughout His Word, God reminds those that follow Him that He will make a way whenever and however He needs to. We are reminded of God’s faithfulness in the story of Joseph as God rose up a slave to become a prince among his oppressor. Genesis 45:6-11 tells us this story.

Why did God do this? Because, God had a plan then and still has a plan today for those that will look to Him in time of trouble, of famine or whatever the need may be: God always has resources to cover that need. I know there are people who tell us that we need to have some items stored up or we need to have money, gold or silver. Maybe we do, but let me remind you that you had better look to God first before you begin depending on yourself or others for help or security. Proverbs 18:10, 11 says, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. The rich man’s wealth is his strong city, and like a high wall, his own esteem.”

There is nothing wrong with using common sense, but when you put your own reasoning ahead of God’s ability to see you through that is not faith. Our faith cannot save us. Only God’s power through our faith in Christ can do that. God will not let His true followers perish if we are serving His purposes.



Yes there is such a thing that inflicts a person’s heart and when it does then it spreads throughout their whole life. In Psalms 40, verse 17, King David, probably the most wealthy of all upon the earth at the time, saw his great need as he said, “I am poor and needy, yet the Lord thinks upon me; you are my help and deliverer.” You see it wasn’t wealth that the king needed. It was things much more valuable than possessions. It was the need of peace and assurance, things that money can’t really buy.

Living a moral life helps people to experience these things. But when morals are failing, tension and strife result into wickedness and confusion. The loss of morality in a society comes with a high cost, trust is broken between the people, and the care of their fellow men becomes less important. Ungodly laws and rules are in-acted.

Yes the loss of morality in people’s lives ends up leading to a spiritual poverty mentality. Do you recognize it today? Much of the world has been on this slippery slope for quite a long time and now we are free-falling.

There is really now nothing that mankind can do to stop, except to plead to the only source for deliverance, the Holy God of mankind.

This nation of America with its wealth and power is spiritually bankrupt. It has rejected the God who gave its beginning, who has blessed this nation throughout the years and now finds itself in moral poverty that has eaten away at its core values and purposes.

If God doesn’t intervene and the people repent and turn from their ways, and the church is the biggest of all offenders at times and there eventually is going to be a great collapse of a once great spiritual giant.


When you push God’s ways out, all you have left are people’s ways.  This is becoming more and more evident today all across America.  The public has dismissed God from society as much as possible and really won’t stop, it seems, until they’ve made Christianity some form of religion like all other religions, who are manmade and have no power.

America is already paying the price of a society trying to become Godless and while there were some who could have stood up for what was right, now the voices are few.

For the person who is reading this article, where has your voice been?  Have you really taken a stand or have you just talked about it with others?  Have you called yourself a Christian while all the time voted for non-Christian leaders and voted for laws that benefit you and your party rather than just doing what is right?

Today America sits at a tipping point on its going toward the wrong side.  As we watch our nation slide into immoral and depraved sins, are you just going to sit there and say there is nothing I can do?  If you say you believe in God and have placed Jesus as Savior of your life, then pray.  God is still God but His people must pray.  Hell’s having a holiday because many ungodly people are getting free reign of the airways and political backing from the White House right down to some churches.

Pray while there is still time.  God still cares about the people of the nation.  If you’ll seek Him, you will find His help in the time of trouble and we have plenty of it around us.  Pray and keep praying because it still works.


The Christian has authority because of Christ.  The Christian has the power of the name of Jesus Christ if they are living as unto the Lord.  We must stay faithful to His word so that its power can live through us.

We will face difficult places, trials and those moments and places where we might feel like giving up.  But look unto Christ, the author and finisher of our faith, and you will be victorious.  God whose power does not wane in the midst of the storms that we face, and there in those hard places, but God Himself will make smooth.  But we must focus on Him and not those problems.

The Christian is supposed to bring the antidote to the people who have been poisoned by the world’s system.  Jesus gained our victory on the cross and His blood and sacrifice of His life for everyone who will accept this, will give us all we need to pass through in the day we live and make it to our eternal home.

Psalm 56:3 says, “Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.”  Israel faced her enemies and still does and will still prevail and so it is with the Christian.  No matter the time and the hour of history, the same God that led Abraham to the promised land will lead us to ours as well.

You are not alone in this battle, unless you decide to live on your own terms.  For God only has one way.  And that is His way and has to be our way if we are going to make it.  Yes, times are getting discouraging to us but not to Him.  Jesus is not afraid.  He stands ready to meet your need and get you through if you’ll follow Him and do it the way He instructs.

Isaiah 35:4 says, “Say to those who are fearful-hearted, ‘Be strong, do not fear!  Behold, your God will come…’”  Christians do not serve a sissy God.  A weak god that is made up like that of other beliefs, is manufactured by Satan but the true God is just who He is, I AM and there is no other. Cultures, societies, dictators, and kings all have tried to take His place and prove He doesn’t exist or they’re equal to Him but where are they at today?  Dead, weak, and He still remains because He can.  God started the world and people and He remains in charge and always will.


One night many years ago there was a great tragedy that occurred that broke the hearts of many mothers and fathers in the town of Bethlehem. That night their hopes and dreams for their baby boys were destroyed as a jealous and sinful king named Herod ordered all to be done away with.

Why? Because word had spread of a special male child that had been born in Bethlehem who was to be the forever ruler of all peoples. Where sin is involved, so can its desire to protect its interest and that is what it did that night, and still attempts to do today. When sin is threatened, its first response is to deceive and destroy truth.

There are those who do not understand the importance of a life with the true God. Today there are many who wander through life without the true knowledge of a relationship with this Jesus, the son of God. They do not yet know their true Identity, for we are all known by God. But for us to know Him, we must know His Son. And then be given that gift of an eternal name, to be written in the book of heaven as one who will eternally be His.

Do you really? Can you safely say that if your life was taken today that you would fully be secure for eternity with Jesus? You must be serious about this decision.



As we look around the world we see, at times, terrible events happening and much suffering when we look upon how evil has hurt people.  Do not fear.  Remember the size of God against anything that mankind’s sinfulness can do.  God is big enough to handle such matters.

The world is not out of control.  Only sinful people are because they have given their control over the devil.  And we will find this even with good people because they play with and get a little taste here and there of some of sin’s pleasures.  Sin always grows into something greater and grows a little bit bigger and with the help of even good people, they’re actually giving the devil more room to work and more access to work.  When we don’t address and take a stand against sin, we help give it access.

Sometimes we may find ourselves questioning the future or how God handled a situation where people may have perished.  When mankind gets in control and things get in a mess sometimes.  But God still has charge, even in those times.  God is near to all who draw near to Him.  His love for His people is immeasurable.  No matter what your eyes see or ears hear, have faith in God.

It doesn’t take long for sin to get out of hand until there’s one problem on top of another problem and it mushrooms into disaster.  There is coming changes to this land, and let me remind you today that God wins in the end and the end is getting near.  No demon of hell, or devil is going to keep their hold for much longer on the Christian people of this world.


I believe that today one of the greatest dangers the church faces is not so much from the outside forces of ungodly leaders, anti-Christian forces attacking Christian values, nor a corrupt religious system, not even demonic oppression. Yet I believe the greatest danger to the Christian faith is within. We have forgotten and even denied our rich spiritual heritage of the supernatural miracle-working power of almighty God, who gave birth to His church.

So many talk of God’s power, but most skip on by these Bible and historical truths because many don’t understand or avoid the real power of God because of their tradition of man’s understanding in much of the church today that doesn’t pursue the power of God.

Many Christian people make excuses for the absence of miracles because if they don’t, they’ll have to answer why we don’t see them show up more in the Christian’s lives. And that will bring up the question of doctrine or one’s own constant neglect of their relationship with the almighty God who brings about miracles or even the deeper discussion of just how the Holy Spirit of the Living God can work in our life.

No, it is not so much the outside forces of the Christian faith that cause it to decay and erode. Rather it is the spirit of the flesh having relied on itself too much. It is the dangerous thinking that mankind entertains concerning their own Biblical reasoning’s and neglect to place themselves before the Holy God who might just make them change.


2 Timothy 3:16-17; “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

Some say scripture is not valid today, that it has little bearing on these days or that God meant only something for that day. Then why would He have prolonged it when it could have been destroyed somewhere in history unless it is just as valid in this present time now as then? God has established His word as the standard for mankind for all time.

God has from the beginning of the Bible to the end given and placed warnings to mankind about heeding and following His words. God allowed these special writings called the Bible to be preserved from century to century when many have tried to stomp it out. Because it is truth and holy and breathed on by the Spirit of God, it still survives today and will forever.

There are other books. John chapter 25:25 mentions how much Jesus did that we have no information about except it simply says, “And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen.”

Jesus has done all we need to know about for now. He’s handled crises, the changing of the times, the fight for Christianity, He knew about every beheading, about every ungodly agenda. And yes, He has answers for them all.


Everyone has a purpose. God doesn’t waste time and God has created every one of us by using a man and woman as parents. Regardless of how you’ve started, it doesn’t mean as much as how you will finish. God is always going to be in charge but people are going to be given opportunities to have some form of contact here or there.

God keeps charge over the world and throughout the universe. Nothing happens that He doesn’t know about before and after the fact. Our lives have greater meaning than most of us realize. But we are only wise and useful if we look beyond this world toward Him and see His will for our lives.

Those who set their eyes upon the things of this world have a limited future and for those that do it will stifle their intended purposes for being here. Now when we all leave, and we all will at some point, the results of what we have done here will determine where we are to end up for eternity.

Those that have followed after God and given their lives up to Jesus, allowing God’s Son to be in charge, have a much better place to arrive at.

Those that choose to see this world as the best that it gets will end up in an eternal place not made for people but for the devil and his demons. But this will be their future home for that was the results of the choices they made.

There is a reason why we are here today and God can give you that information and only by knowing His Son, Jesus, and asking Jesus to take over and repenting of doing life your way and accepting His way. This is the only way to the eternal best that is waiting. It is your choice today in what it will be for tomorrow.


The Gamble For Eternity

Our investments in today determine our investment in eternity. 1 Timothy 6:19; “…storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.” We have been trusted with many things, abilities, money, and possessions, but the question is, “how do we use them”?

What He sees that displeases Him, God will attempt to re-fashion for His purposes. But it is up to us if we are willing to be clay or rock. How easily can God use you or make adjustments in your life? If where I work is run by many computers and that is something I am not good at then it makes more sense for me to mow the yard. Just because I am in authority means nothing to God, who is the authority. My life is not determined by my position but rather by my purpose.

Without Jesus Christ at the center of why you do what you do, it holds no value concerning heaven and you being there. Many people serve only one master “themselves”, many a Christian does as well. They act like God owes them something. What we value represents who we are and everything we do is building for eternity.

First of all, without Jesus there is no heavenly eternal future. God’s ledger book is not like the one that mankind keeps. God’s record keeping is more truthful and far more accurate. What would the accounting of what you are doing now how would that match up with what God has recorded?

Christianity is not a game to be played with a Holy God. It is a life to be lived according to heavenly assignments, created by a Holy God.