A real life of prayer takes endurance. Don’t give up after a few half-hearted efforts. If we want God to meet our needs, it takes effort on our part.

Personal confession of all known sin is vital to effective prayer. We need to identify and confess all grudges, resentment, and bitter thoughts. Prayerfully deal with all sin.

When you pray in a direction, anticipate an activity of God to answer your prayer. We need to pray with confidence. God hears our prayers and will answer them as long as they are in accordance with His will.

His will is found in what He tells us about in scripture. God has chosen to accomplish His work on earth through you and me. In our prayers, we admit reliance on God to face the many issues where we can find no answers but with Him. The opportunities impact others. God is continually working through the prayers of His people.

There isn’t anything that can’t be done through prayer. All possibilities open up because you are talking to the most powerful source of the universe. Your conversation of prayer is with the highest court.

Beyond this world, a commitment to prayer and an obedient life to God connected through Jesus Christ has unlimited opportunities.



I don’t know that I am in any way an authority on prayer. I do know that because of the many things that have happened in my life since becoming a Christian, I have had to learn how to pray to just keep going.

Sometimes, when I am alone, I am easily distracted with the list of what I have to do during the day ahead. I have found that, for me, it is easier to write my prayers each day. By writing my prayers, I seem to stay on focus with God and sometimes I go back and see how God has worked things out throughout the day.

Why God will answer a prayer within moments after you have prayed, or why it seems that He is never going to get around to answering a prayer you have been sending His way for a long time, are questions I don’t have the answer to.

There have been mornings when I have faced some pretty trying times and almost lost hope and wanted to give up. But I just kept writing to God and continue on.

Whether you feel out of control or sailing right along, God has the answer! You’ll always find this to be true. He will answer in a special way for me or you if only we will spend time with Him, for He loves to work in our lives if we let Him.


There is an interesting story told in the Bible- three times in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke- where Jesus sent His disciples to go and untie and bring to him a young colt for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem.

I find it interesting that this colt is tied up, and Jesus said if anyone asks, “Why are you doing this?” just say that the Lord has need of him. So they did, and the owners let them take the colt for Jesus to ride on.

I see a correlation here of what Jesus asks all of us at times. You have ownership of some possession or you have places in your own life that you like having control of, and Jesus sends along someone who says to you, “The Lord has need of it.” Then what do you say? “That belongs to me,” “That is my property” or “I possess this, and I want to keep it.”

I’m sure that many times daily the Lord puts you in this position, and what have you been saying? Just how possessive are you of your money, time and hundreds of other resources the Lord wants to use that you won’t give Him?

Until you are willing to be like those that let the colt go when Jesus had need of it, you’ll find that your own personal captivity of your possessions will be nothing more than a hindrance in your own life journey and also many others as well.


There is only one God and there is no other, the Father of all.  He’s my Father who has created it all and still holds the title to it all.  My Father is real, who has full authority over every living creature for my Father is the God of life.  There is none greater for my Father rules the universe.

Whatever I face, my Father is fully aware of it and He chooses the time and place where He will intervene for His knowledge is vast and cannot be understood by man’s reasoning concerning all that concerns me.  Whatever my life may have to face, whatever crosses my path, my Father has already been ahead of me and dealt with it and purposed for me to face it in that moment.

No other father can do what my heavenly Father is able to do.  No battle is too great, no situation too overwhelming that my Father can’t handle for me and get me through.  He has greater purposes concerning me than I know.  He has never left me alone, even when I tried to shun Him.

He has always understood me like nobody else can and He has always been about a greater work concerning my future.  My Father is afraid of nothing.  He is holy.  He is righteous.

This world and all it contains rest right now in the palm of His mighty hands.  My Father is fair and shows no favoritism to those who belong to Him.

He gives me much help.  He sent His Son, Jesus, to show me and others how to live as one of His true children and my Father left us His Holy Spirit, who now walks with me daily leading in my Father’s ways and keeping me on the path to my eternal home where my Father waits for me.

“Friend, how well do you know your True Father?”


No matter who we are or what we have done, God still loves us. He will pardon us by forgiving us of any sin we have confessed and have truly repented of having committed it. Get serious with God about sin, confession, forgiveness and change, and He will then get serious with you about living your life for Him.

When Jesus is truly allowed in our lives, we truly change. His Holy Spirit lives within us to help us at every point in life. Nothing is too difficult for God.

  • He can provide more than we desire – His thoughts are bigger than ours.
  • He knows the best path for us to take.
  • He is more dependable than anyone on earth.
  • He can do exceedingly and abundantly beyond our dreams – He knows us better that we know ourselves.

There is nothing that God doesn’t have an answer for. He is never caught off guard or surprised by any incident and is always ready with the right answer to every conceivable question or thought we have.

Proverbs 8:22 says, “God created wisdom himself…” So God is the first source of all the answers in life. He has given us the Bible to instruct us and His Son, Jesus, as the perfect example and connecting point between us and salvation. He also gives us eternal life in heaven – heaven made not by man, but by God for you.


Have you ever wondered why some people don’t want to become a Christian? What might make them have no interest in an experience of a life with Christ, is it by what they see in those that say they are a Christian?

Maybe there’s some truth to it. Let’s look at some of those reasons.

Could it be that, as we are driving down the road that suddenly a car passes us with the “fish” sign of the Christians on their bumper as they drive 80 miles per hour and pass us as we’re in a 60 miles per hour speed zone?

Or could it be while we’re sitting in a parking lot that two people pull up in a pickup with a big cross on their tailgate? These two people both have cigarettes hanging out of their mouths, wearing T-shirts with skulls and skeletons on them- the symbols of death- plus they’re having an argument in front of others.

Well, maybe it could be two people living together as married, but not, and attending church each week?

Well then, maybe it could be a man and a woman that walk into a movie theatre on a Saturday night to watch a show that totally defiles the things of God, takes His names in vain repeatedly during the two-hour show and has constant sexual content, yet the same man and woman are sure to get up the next morning and go to church as if nothing is wrong?

Or how about a husband and wife next to their neighbor who screams at their spouse or children, so every other neighbor hears those words?

Or could it be…well, you get the picture. So what weakens a Christian’s testimony? Not acting like one, that’s what.


Many people are way too timid when it comes to doing what the Lord needs them to do, but think on this…

When you obey God, great things are taking place in the heavenlies.  God does not see as a man does, nor does He act as a human does.  Even the smallest thing that you do for Him has great significance in the kingdom of God.  There is spiritual significance for your life.

Many times you are called to do things which appear foolish, unreasonable and insignificant in the eyes of man.  But when you obey God, great things are taking place in the heavenlies.

Nations are being marked, families are being saved, spiritual barriers are being broken and the kingdom of God is being pushed forward.

You need to know that nothing you do is insignificant.  Don’t worry about the end result of what you are led to do.  Just do what the Holy Spirit told you to do.  And one day, when we are together with Jesus, we will understand the importance of our obedience to God.

You’ll never understand the real person you are or could be until you are willing to let God be real with you.

Let your life be used for God’s eternal purposes so that greater things will be done.




Now I know this sounds different, but read the rest. It all comes from (familiar to some) an account in the Bible in the book of Judges. It is the story of a supernaturally strong man named Samson, who was to deliver God’s people from oppression by their enemies.

As a boy, Samson was set aside to be a servant of God. His hair was not to be cut. This signified God’s powerful connection to Samson’s purpose and no one was stronger. But eventually Samson was seduced to give up his powerful connection between him and God. Samson lost his powerful strength yet, in the end of it all while his enemies made fun of him, his hair re-grew and his strength returned to triumph over more enemies at his life’s end than when he began.

This is a picture of today’s church. God chose to make a covenant with those that would be His, but many have forfeited their position to where now the evils of this world seem to be winning. But this is about to change.

There are those of God’s church today that again God is allowing their spiritual strength to return, and there is a battle spiritually being fought. Hell seems to think it is winning, but here, at the end, the church that’s built on Jesus is going to have the final say. And even though it may not look as pretty as when it started, it’s going to have even more of an effect on people than ever before.

The real church is going to have the last word in this world.


How you conduct your life is how you will build on future events that will affect your life and even others.

Everyone’s life will be tested at times by the trials of life, and how you’ve established the real, deep growth of your past living will show up during these tough places.

Nobody can experience true peace or exert deep strength in those hard times unless you have built your life in with the life of Jesus. He is the only true cornerstone that gives the supernatural strength that can withstand the tests that we all will face.

The Bible clearly points this out in the book of Luke, chapter 6, verses 47 through 49 where it says, “Whoever comes to me and hears my sayings and does them, I will show you whom he is like. He is like a man building a house who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock, and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently against that house and could not shake it for it was founded on the rock. But he who heard and did nothing is like a man who built a house on the earth without foundation, against which the stream beat vehemently and immediately it fell.”

All lives are tested by difficult situations, times when you’ll either trust God or trust yourself. But only God is the solid place, the rock that will not be moved. As said, it will remain and you’ll make it through. If not, then what you’ve built your life on will not hold up well enough.


In this world, truth is becoming more diluted; and we are, if you’ll be honest, seeing a great downgrading affect of our culture. From deception to immorality, society is in big trouble. It’s nothing new. It has happened before, but the key is the way it is happening.

The eroding of morality, our arrogance, is setting us up for interesting times. We will be visited with times like we’ve never known ourselves, but others have.

You see, the Bible is a road map, a mirroring of things that have happened and will again. All that changes is the times, places and people involved. Good or bad, the Bible shows every person what has happened and can happen and will happen.

We’re given choices on how we should respond. Some will heed these and some will continue to do as they please. The outcome of people’s decisions determines their future and what they’re going to receive because of what they’ve chosen.

The Bible will show each person their future by the way they decide to live today and what they’re going to get in the days ahead of them, good or bad.

Your choices will determine what you’ll receive. If you will read and take a good look at what God’s Word says, you’ll see yourself in the mirror of His Word, and you’ll see how you measure up to it.