What is truth? Well there is only one source. What is power? Again the same answer, that is, if you want to believe truth. There are many definitions of power. Many I’m sure believe it has to do with money and position. Well that is half the truth. Position is the right answer if it’s placed with the real source of truth.

There is only one place where truth begins and the only source that keeps real truth alive. “He who knows God, hears God. He who is not of God does not hear. By this we know the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error.” 1 John 4:6.

People over the centuries have lied but this has grown worse over time until today where lying is just a very common way of life, especially those with what we look at as power. There has been many an empire and political system built on lies. Yet they will eventually crumble and truth will still be standing. The only way to address deceptions, misquotes, half- truths or whatever word you want to use which means lying, you can.

But it is only truth that is going to stand in the end. Today there are some, but few it seems, that will speak truth against the powers of the day that lie when and wherever they feel like it. Truth in a person is becoming more rare but it possesses great power against all others. And those that choose to make telling lies a habit will have no place in heaven and that is not my opinion. That is the truth from God’s Word. And the Christian has the greatest of all power when they live their life in the truths of God’s Word.


   What’s happening in America should drive us all to our knees because it is the Christians and their willingness to pray and seek God for this nation that is going to determine what direction the United States takes in the days ahead.

   We are living in prophetic times. We are witnessing the end of days. America may not be a big player at the end but the American Christian is. The church of Jesus Christ is to play an important role in America’s outcome. It is our duty to pray and seek God’s face, His will for us today and His help for us now.

   We, as God’s people, have been passive towards sin and not taken a strong enough stand and some have even participated in the sins that have now brought this nation into peril. And we, as a people, must turn our face toward God, cry out for His forgiveness and call upon His mercy. If not, the nation is going to change into a culture that is going to become very hostile toward Christianity and drive it out of society.

  The result will come from how the church is responding to this extremely crucial unfolding before us. The true future of America’s spiritual effectiveness lays at the door of the church and in the hands of the Christian’s response.


   Some may wonder why there is so much division and problems in America where there seems to be a lot of churches.  In fact, many in some towns.  Now church attendance may not be what it used to be but, never the less, there are some that are attending.  The problem is who the people are that call themselves a Christian.

   Quite a few still consider themselves a Christian but they live far from what the Bible says a Christian should be and here’s where America’s problems lay. The Bible is the guideline of the instruction manual and, sad to say, most people have little knowledge of its truth and the power of its words. Some live below what they could become to a world that needs them to be light in darkness.

   People cannot claim the promises of God and then just dress like everyone else, going all the same places, watching all the same movies and televisions programs and using the same foul language.  You cannot be involved in sex outside of marriage, watching pornography, live as you please against what God’s standards are for living.

   So, we have carnal Christianity with no power in prayer unable to lead other people to the truth and its costing America to decay now quickly.  Because, like the Bible says, knowing of the power of God but not having it within.  Christians must obey God’s ways not humanities standards or they’ll never have enough ability to see our nation return to God as it must or else.


   I know some of you have some real burdens for situations going on around us.  All we can do is PRAY.  God will use people but prayer is the only thing that will see things turn for the better in our nation.

   I pray more and more for this country, as many of you do.  When people commit to pray, God hears and God will answer.  Remember where Two or three gather and pray, God comes and joins with them.

   Christians are now experiencing one of the most difficult challenges in their lives.  It seems like they are losing ground of all they’ve fought for over the years. The battle for righteousness has never been more challenging.

   Even the same areas of morality have seen devastating results that are very disturbing.  We must not forget the power of God and the privilege of prayer.  There is work to be done.  We must not abandon our values and stand for what is Biblically right.

  So, we pray and we will continue to pray believing by faith in God that it is true.  When God’s people get serious about praying things will begin to happen.


To those who overcome the world through believing that Jesus is the Son of God and surrender their life to Jesus, God will grant the privilege to eat the fruit from the tree of life which is in paradise with God.  For God knows all about your life and is more than willing to help and forgive your sins and give you a new name and those that repent of sin and seek God’s forgiveness and grace shall find it and have eternal life with God.

Those that do repent and change their sinful behavior, will perish being excluded from Heaven, to them that place their life with Christ Jesus as Savior, God will engrave a new name in stone for you that only He will know.  God who searches minds and hearts to the innermost thoughts will give to each according to their deeds.

Those who overcome this world trusting in Jesus, God will keep them to the very end.  God will never blot their name out of the eternal Book of Life those that acknowledge God and His Son Jesus before people, God will also acknowledge their name before the angels as His own.

Those that endure and keep the commands of God, He will make them a pillar and will keep them in the hour of trial which is about to come upon the whole inhabited world, to test those who live on the earth.  Behold God is coming quickly to remove those that are His own, those who have overcome this world.


The Bible explains that Jesus has been appointed by God to judge the people according to the Biblical standards set forth in the Holy Scriptures, so every person the moment when they die that next moment are escorted into the presence of Jesus Himself.  There is then a book opened concerning that individual’s life, what they did while they were here on earth and only those things done for the cause of Christ will be left to stand.

Everything else will be tossed away to be burnt up.  What was so important to so many will have no value for their entrance into heaven and so many will fail the test just as the Bible says some will try to explain their reasoning for why they chose to live the way they did.  They may say that they didn’t understand but when it’s all measured against God’s word the impurities of this world will be cast out.

The devil is responsible for all this sin and he has already tricked many into losing their eternal soul, causing them to believe that just by being a good person that they can go to heaven.  But that’s not what the Bible says.  You must repent of your sins. You must confess that Jesus Christ is your Lord and you must turn from your worldly ways and follow Him or you cannot be a true disciple of Jesus.

You see the greatest proof of a person who’s been truly born again will be seen in a changed life.  A person who is really trying to live as the Bible says a new creation in Christ they no longer just respect or know about God.  They live their life in such a way that they seek to know God.


Quite a few speak of their faith in God but live in fear of people and more trust in what flesh can do for them.  Many fear diseases or not having enough money.  They place their confidence in political leaders and what they tell them more than what God’s word says.

Far too many want an agreeable gospel, a tolerant religion, one that’s more relevant to societies’ interest and the changing culture. 

When most people today hear a gospel message they want a presentation that makes them feel good about themselves, that won’t challenge them with truth that might make them uncomfortable or face the reality of how they live.

Many people are perfectly satisfied to sit in church and listen to lessons on good works and about God’s love but aren’t interested in hearing about sin.

God loves each one of us but not always our ways and He wants to be loved back.  Each person has a free will.  They’re given choices to choose and from these decisions will determine their life styles, their friends, their works, living and making their choices about what to pursue in life.

And so, in the end they determine their eternal destiny which is so extremely serious and the results will be proven out by their decisions that were made while they were here on earth and then have to answer for them before God.


   God has the power and ability to get the best out of your life and before your days are over, before your time is up, God can do His best work ever.  You may need to be reprogramed.  The way you think, your attitudes may need to be realigned and your tongue adjusted.

   You must make a much greater effort to increase your faith.  Focus your eyes more on what God wants you to be seeing.  God is the potter of your life.  You are the clay in His hands and only God has the true power to reshape (restructure) any life.

    It is up to you if you will allow God to have His way and do His will as a useful tool for the goals of His kingdom.  If you will let God reset your outlook then you can more clearly understand how to live a more beneficial and purposeful life.

   Fear and the cares of this world are some of the greatest tools that God’s enemies use to get us to compromise and surrender good principles and to cause so many to allow what is right to fall to what is wrong.  Truth will not hold its power of position in anyone’s life as long as it is negotiable in any form.

   The person who will reign with Christ in heaven’s eternity is the person who obeys and serves Christ while here on earth.


   A soul lives within each person of humankind.  The soul continues to live after the human body dies and then the body is raised to then meet its future according to its obedience to God’s word and relationship with God’s Son, Jesus Christ.  Only those things done in accordance with God’s Word will hold any value.

   The Father has made Jesus His selected representative to meet with the persons of humanity concerning their life while here on earth.  The Book of Life will be opened as Revelation 20 explains, “And I saw the great and the small standing before the throne and the Books were opened.”

   “Then another Book was opened which is the Book of Life and the dead were judged according to what they had done as written in the Books.  Everything done while here on earth and they were judged and sentenced everyone according to their deeds.  And if anyone’s name was not found written in the Book of Life, they were hurled into the lake of fire.”

   Now it is Jesus who has said that “I have prepared a place for those who follow me, a new home, an everlasting permanent residence. And blessed are those who have been washed by the blood of Christ, shed for their sins, those who have trusted in Jesus, those who have lived righteously.” Those who obey His commandments, contained in His Word, the Bible, so that they may have the right to the Tree of Life and may enter into the City not made by human hands, the place God has created for those who are born-again and found faithful to God who have overcome the world and lived for Christ as their Lord and their Savior.


   It is easier to die than to live.  Many people believe this and at times make decisions that will prove them wrong.  The best way to live is to first give yourself 100% to God and live to bring Him glory.  When you will put aside the desires of pleasing the flesh then the Spirit of God has real room to work to your best.

   Do you love God?  Have you sold out to His ways of living toward His will to be done?  What’s really important to you?  Just how much does God have of your life?  God’s choices are worldwide.  It is God who chooses the people He puts on the earth.  It is God who establishes His plans for each of us.

   It is God who makes all the provisions for each person so that they can complete His purposes and then it is God who will present that opportunity to each of us. And then it is we who must make our own decision to follow God and accept His offer or to choose our own desires and make our own choices.  God gives you and me a free will and by how we respond determines greatly our future.

   God will always accomplish His plan.  He will place people in positions to assist Him.  But again, God gives us the right to choose who we will serve.  So many in this world miss the best parts of their lives all because they chose to do things their way, yet never truly experience the greatest gift God wants them to have.


Before you make a decision on any issue, know as much as you can, if you can, about the matter. Be very careful on reacting to a situation by emotion but by fact and morality and what God already knows is to be answered “yes” or “no”, right or wrong.

The Bible supply’s the greatest guidance.  The scriptures offer the best advice and provides the truth to every question ever asked or ever faced.  You can lean on your own understanding and take the risk or you can place your trust in the Lord God who made the universe and causes it to operate under His wisdom and place your confidence under His care and knowledge of life, yours and everyone else’s.  You will make a lot of choices in this life and absolutely no one can help you more than God.  Without Him you are on your own and that is always more dangerous. When you are no longer in control over something, then you will find out where your real trust lies.  God can and will always redeem anyone from whatever, whomever or whenever, when they reach out to Him.  God can always finish His plans for your life if you are serious enough to let Him.  He has the never-ending power to do so.