The Political Matters

One morning of September 11th 2001 this country got a message that things were not going to be like they have been. There is coming a change to how Americans live. No one would have thought much about this then, but now look back. Look at all the new rules and regulations agencies and look at how it has affected Christianity in the realm of religion.

From elections to wars, executive orders to new agendas, the enemy of all mankind saw his big chance and took it and the cesspool of immorality got its chance to express its sin in the face of America. Many Christians and churches have allowed culture to set the way they do life. We accept things as they are or we just simply turn our head. But God hasn’t. God has been watching everything and everybody. He has basically given to society just what they have been asking for. We cannot change people with force or a situation and do any real good, unless God is placed into the equation. Without God nothing will really change and the situation will remain hopeless.

President Gerald Ford repeated in a speech he gave on December 5th, 1974, a quote from President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1955. And it simply says this: “Without God there would be no American form of government nor any American way of life.” Benjamin Rush, one of America’s founding fathers said: “When people of faith fail to vote, is it any wonder that policies are enacted that are contrary to believer’s core values?”

All we have is prayer and all we need is God. One plus God is always the majority in solving any problem. God will help you. He will never fail you nor let you stand alone. But He expects for you to stand with Him. God is calling the church to arise for the hour. God have mercy on America if it doesn’t.



Unless someone fears the Lord then it won’t matter to them to step over the line of here or there because the fear of the Lord leads to the understanding of doing what’s right. And there is little reverence for who God is and this is becoming more evident in the day in which we live. God lets you use His finances to live on and yet some take it all never giving God anything, but there will be a day of accounting.

God’s bank is never too low on resources that He cannot meet your extra needs. His ability to help is open 24 hours a day and it can come in many forms. Don’t always look at God’s blessings in the form of money. God loves you and He will do whatever it takes if you’re not fighting Him or rebelling against the methods He chooses to use in your life to help you.

God knows every one of your problems, your needs, your trials, and He will do what is needed. You may get your feelings hurt or not like His methods, but by faith trust Him.

Sometimes we get out of hand. God sees our tendencies. He knows our attitudes that others may not see or we even realize are causing problems to ourselves. Don’t fight God. Don’t fight against the one who can help you. Take your licks, and we have to sometimes because we may have done wrong in some way.

Every problem has evidence of sin in it. Sin’s behind every problem and we must let God go after the root, not just the branch. God is always concerned a lot more with your joy in the end than your happiness for a moment. Think about that.

God is always more concerned about your eternal best coming forth than your temporary fix. God works toward the eternal, not the temporary band-aides.


God’s plans are His alone to make for whatever reasons He may choose. If matters turn out fair or not, only by how we handle such things says much about our personal life. And then there will be those times when we are caught in a battle with hell and the results may not turn out at all like we wanted them to.

To be a true child of the King is to mean at some point you’ll be treated like a pauper, like a nobody. Why even your own family may mock you or even worse, they may hate you and disown you. It’s happened to many a man or woman, boy or girl. Just because they decided to follow Jesus, they have to pay a price that leaves them rejected by those they love. Many end up going the other way, leaving bewildered or even deeply hurt. God may, at times, need to offend your mind in order to capture your heart if you will let Him.

This world will never treat us fair because this world was never made for us to be fully satisfied with and so it can never fill the real longing of our hearts.

We have a real enemy that wants to see us offended often. He will try and work every unfair tactic to make us think that God isn’t concerned with our well-being. The evil one wants to cloud your view of God as someone who does what He wants and has no concern for your feelings. But this is not so. God does care about your concerns.

Oh yes, He can step in at any time and do a miracle, to do the impossible. There is no doubt God has the power to do these things, and just because He doesn’t offer His own reasons for not doing so. Blessed will your life be if you will not be offended, with what God does or asks of you, no matter the cost.


We can only be one of the two for the rules are set by different parties. They may say good things like, “treat everyone fair or follow the laws concerning such matters” but then the question arises according to whose opinions or standards?

You see there can be moral laws that are good and right but if the other party involved doesn’t like those rules, then they will break them or find a way to get them annulled by overturning them with people of power that have their own political interest and nature the same way.

Then we see that if someone doesn’t like the people that are making the laws, they set out to harass in ways that will hurt them financially or politically, right down to personal attacks on their family or beliefs regardless of how much damage is incurred.

This world is getting more and more out of hand because of these two basic differences. And, really, why don’t we call them by their real names? God’s way or mankind’s way or, even better, good vs evil? How about heaven vs hell? The true God vs Satan, the real enemy?

You see it is all about sin. That is the big issue. God has set standards by His word and some don’t like it. And, therefore, they will fight against the eternal good of God’s standards to have their own way by making it look good and acceptable. But God is not fooled by their political correctness.

That is nothing more than a cover for just plain old sinfulness.


I understand people get confused, that people struggle in their faith. I’m not belittling this. But to continue to live and conduct one’s life day after day against the very word of God, doing things one’s own way, is a dangerous game to play with one’s eternal soul.

In God’s word, He Himself left us the teachings and examples of what happens to people who live for themselves, where God just has a place in their life as long as He doesn’t interfere with what they do or believe. If God’s word objects then they try to explain it off as old time stuff not pertaining to today’s ways. Or they try and twist it so it will mean something else.

Why do people have a problem with a real Christian when they meet them? Because there is a conviction of the sin nature and so people quickly lash. They feel a weight of what they’re doing, knowing it is not right somehow. But they would rather attack those and say they’re racist and label them to cover their own sinful nature.

God has given us His word to teach us in how to grow in His Son Jesus’ likeness, the four gospels, the writings of Paul, Timothy, Peter, and James. They all help guide us. But why is it when we get John’s writing to us in Revelation that we don’t care to know any more? Some avoid this last book of the Bible like it wasn’t even there sometimes. Revelation challenges us and makes us look at what is coming to pass in the final days; unpleasant things that have and will happen and, yes, it talks about hell.

Many can say it in a cuss word or make jokes about it or pretend it doesn’t really exist or watch TV shows or listen to songs mentioning it or making it like it is a fairytale place. But when a preacher begins to talk on the subject of hell and its judgements we get a little uneasy. We want to hear about God’s love and His kindness. God is love, but He also is just and righteous, Holy, and more concerned with most people’s eternal wellbeing than they are.

Heaven is for real, but so is hell. God has given us His word and Jesus to save us from sin. Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit to help us combat Satan and if we follow Jesus, we will have our victory over Satan and stay out of hell.

Sin’s Challenges

The story of King Hezekiah is told in 2nd Kings, 2nd Chronicles and the book of Isaiah. Hezekiah stood up for righteousness and for God’s ways.

His enemy, Sennacherib, who had destroyed 46 Judean cities and took over 200,000 of its warriors captive and into exile then he came against the main city, Jerusalem. Hezekiah sought to live apart from Sennacherib’s evil rule and live righteously.

Now there is an interesting fact; the meaning of Hezekiah was “The Lord is my strength.” Sennacherib was named after the Assyrians moon god and the meaning of Sennacherib is SIN. Isn’t that interesting?

The difference in the two enemies: one’s name was sin, the other, the Lord is my strength. How does that relate today? Well, today sin stands at the walls of the church, the Christian people, and makes its bold statements like these: “You can’t stand against me, look how many I have serving me, look how I’ve destroyed families and pastors and many other churches. Look how I’ve ravaged nations, and turned the hearts of the people to me.”

Sin says, “I want your children and I’ll give you all these things of the world and distractions. Don’t listen to God. Don’t follow His people. They are going nowhere. I’ll have your grandchildren. Look how they are living. Look what I’ve done to your neighbor’s lives.” Sin throws all of its lies and taunts and discouragement, trying to get you to give up and say it is too hard to live as a strong Christian. Sin says God doesn’t really care how you live.

The same God that heard the prayers of Hezekiah hears your prayers today. The same God that answered those prayers will answer yours as well. Today, as long as you hold on to your problems, God cannot help you. But if you’ll bring them to the Lord God and recognize that He is the true God in whom you’ll put your trust then things will begin to happen. If you’ll lay it all out and say “here is what I’m facing, I repent for how I’ve made a mess of whatever it may be”, God will help.


God does not gift us all the same. For some there are those abilities that come naturally and others who have to work harder to accomplish the same task. But we are all equal before God. It is God who selects us to do certain things for Him and these are the areas in which He expects us to do something for His plans.

To make sure we can do what He asks, God equips us from knowledge to resources, whatever we are going to have need of for His assignments to be completed. God does not make us do anything. God simply asks us to try and if we will, then whatever it is will get done.

The biggest question to ask then is this: “Are we going to do it and are we going to do it, whatever it is, God’s way or try it our way?”

There have been many people who have tried to work at something God asked them to do but they only did it the way they thought it needed to be done. And what happens is they get discouraged and they end up having few results. They struggle with disappointment until they just give up. This comes far too often because of their lack of faith in trusting God to help them and their reliance too much in their own ways and so they get frustrated.

God’s way is not only the best way, but God’s way is the ONLY way if you want to do something and have peace in the end.


To most parents that isn’t even a realistic question. All parents, 99% of them, love their children. But now consider this…what’s the real depth of your love? Most would measure that question to their own standards or, at least, society’s.

But I want you to think of God’s measuring stick. God gave you your children. He chose you to bring into the world children that had some of your likeness, but we’re actually, like all people, made in His image (Genesis 1:27). Here is where parents get it all mixed up. They begin to make their children in their image, what they should think they should be. And that is not love. That is control. It is nothing more than manipulating someone’s life how you want them to be and you’ll do what you can to see it is that way.

Parents do have responsibilities to their children but not as dictators, controlling as much of their future as they can. Jesus said in Mark 10:14, “let the child come unto Me…” but how many parents usurp the authority of God and do with their lives what they think is best?

Proverbs 22:6 says that a parent is to train up a child in the ways of God and when they get older they will not stray away from it. Yet many a parent never takes their child, or see that their child goes, to church or is taught the ways of the Bible. And then they wonder why their child turns out the way they do or are just robots of themselves and will end up doing the same to their children.

Parents will be held greatly accountable before God and it won’t be about how they provided for them, but it will all be determined by the ways of Jesus that the parent provided for them. By the way, Jesus spoke to parents about this in Matt. 18:6, where He said “whoever causes one of these little ones to sin, it would be better for them to have a boulder put around their neck and be cast into the sea.”


A pet is generally that animal that you build a relationship with that sometimes becomes a more faithful friend than other people do. Pets bring a lot of comfort to people and fill voids that people may have where they may have disconnected with life or others in some form or another. These pets are great as long as we don’t put them in place of who God is.

Going even deeper, there are other pets that we allow into our lives in one form or another that can become very destructive if not handled in their proper place. These can sometimes be like pet sins. We enjoy them and don’t want to let them go. We get very protective of these pet sins because they fill a void in our lives or can be a crutch to lean on in tough places. If not addressed, these can become very destructive.

Take, for instance, the church. Many people walk through its doors each week bringing along their pet sins. Now you might not always see them physically, but sometimes you can recognize them outwardly. Some people do a good job of hiding them altogether. But until they’ve been taken issue with in your life and the life of the church, they have little to no positive effect.

Many preachers know of these pet sins but will not address them. Some people like to attend church yet still like their tobacco, to drink, to curse when need be or drop by a casino, maybe browse the internet and look at images not pleasing to God, live alternate life styles or sleep around. Yet there is little or nothing mentioned from the pulpit and if it is, it is quickly passed over.

This weakens the church so much and if let go, the church will have little or no effect on its surroundings. Maybe that is what’s wrong in some places today. Be careful of the pet sins you keep.


Of the people that attend church each week, a majority only come to the Sunday Morning Service. Now it is good to be in church. Certainly more people need to be but there is 168 hours in a week and that week can be filled with all kinds of problems and an enormous amount of decisions. Sometimes we will face in a 168 hour week more than one serious situation and some of those can be devastating.

Now God knows all things. He understands us better than anyone else. God sees our every trial and has every answer we need. God alone knows how to help our every need and there will be some in every week.

So how do the majority of church goers deal with so many issues in a 168 hour week? By only going to church 1 hour and do the right things, make the right decisions? Well you can spend an hour with God every day and that will help enormously and there is Christian Radio and TV and, of course, more church services other than Sunday morning if you really want to go.

People need God and the life of His Son, Jesus, in them more than any time in history because the trials are going to continue to mount. Hosea 4:6 says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” That is the knowledge of God and you can’t get to know Him unless you spend time with Him. It goes on the say there in Hosea, “Because you have forgotten God.” Why did the people forget? Because they didn’t spend enough quality time with Him. What if you tried that with a spouse?

You need God more than you know and remember 1 hour a week doesn’t build much of a relationship with God, which you need.