What is truth? Well there is only one source. What is power? Again the same answer, that is, if you want to believe truth. There are many definitions of power. Many I’m sure believe it has to do with money and position. Well that is half the truth. Position is the right answer if it’s placed with the real source of truth.

There is only one place where truth begins and the only source that keeps real truth alive. “He who knows God, hears God. He who is not of God does not hear. By this we know the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error.” 1 John 4:6.

People over the centuries have lied but this has grown worse over time until today where lying is just a very common way of life, especially those with what we look at as power. There has been many an empire and political system built on lies. Yet they will eventually crumble and truth will still be standing. The only way to address deceptions, misquotes, half- truths or whatever word you want to use which means lying, you can.

But it is only truth that is going to stand in the end. Today there are some, but few it seems, that will speak truth against the powers of the day that lie when and wherever they feel like it. Truth in a person is becoming more rare but it possesses great power against all others. And those that choose to make telling lies a habit will have no place in heaven and that is not my opinion. That is the truth from God’s Word. And the Christian has the greatest of all power when they live their life in the truths of God’s Word.



The words of Jesus spoke are the words of God.  Now many people look for them in Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.  But Jesus spoke in Acts, Revelation, in fact all over the Bible for Jesus said if you have seen me, you have seen the Father for we both are one.  How do we know?  John 8:58: “Jesus said, most assuredly I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”

Look and see the words of Jesus, those that are in red in most Bibles, what did Jesus say about life?  Those words, if all read together, take about two and a half hours.

Jesus said in John 15:6 – “If anyone does not abide in me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered and they gather them and throw them into the fire and they are burned.”  So if a person doesn’t walk with Jesus, is not born again to abide with Him, they will be cast out into hell.

Jesus said in Luke 12:3 – “Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the house tops.”  So not matter what you have done, and hidden from others, no matter what you have said, will be told to others. Everything you’ve ever done will be made known.  Now if you ask Jesus for forgiveness for what you’ve said or done, Jesus said if you forgive men of their trespasses your heavenly Father will also forgive you. It is very critical that you forgive people for this weighs heavily on your being forgiven.

Jesus said this, “You made the commandments of God of no effect by your traditions.” (Matthew 15:6).  This must be carefully paid attention to by the church of today, being careful of not getting into religion or by church traditions.  This will stagnate a church’s spiritual effectiveness.

The words of Jesus are more valuable than gold or silver.  There are no more truer ones or powerful ones.  And if people would just live by them alone, this world would be a much, much better place to live.  Read them for yourself and you will see.


Unless you’re going to seek favor with God, you will not be much of a success.  Real success in life comes from God’s favor.  You obtain God’s favor by your obedience to God.

Timing is everything with God.    How many people play right into the hand of God and never know it?  So many people believe they are in charge, but they never are.  They may get control here and there but God always remains in charge setting in order His future plans.

Never buy into this idea that a person has the ability to turn this world on its head without God countering with the real plan.  Today God’s enemies are still working their schemes right into God’s hands.  Never doubt it.

God always makes a way regardless of the circumstances.  God has, not a fix, but a solution.  You want God to hold out His hand to you and show you favor?  Then show Him reverence.  There is a day soon coming when God’s enemies are going to be paid for all their evil investments they have made against God’s people.

God’s timing is always right on time, and His solutions to all of the problems are always available to finish every situation that is in front of you, as well.  Favor will change.  And for those faithful to God, their time will come as well in the days ahead.

God has the right plan concerning your life.  It doesn’t matter where you are now.  The question is will you do what He asks of you?


There once was an Olympic high diver who began having trouble sleeping. His mind was on all of his gold medals and all the great successes he had gathered. He got out of bed one night and went down stairs to his indoor pool he trained in. It was a moonlit night so he decided to just enjoy the peacefulness.

He climbed the ladder. He walked out on the diving board high above and looked at his shadow, of how large it cast out his presence on the wall around him. But then he noticed on the far wall, the perfect shape of a cross made by the moonlight through a beam in the windows.

Just then he remembered his Sunday school teachings as a young boy and what the cross meant. That Jesus had given His life for the life he now enjoyed. He walked back across the diving board, down the ladder and went to his bed, fell on his knees and asked for forgiveness for how he’d lived apart from Christ.

Then he went to bed and slept peacefully. In the morning he awoke feeling like a new man. He went back down stairs to take his morning swim to find that the day before; the caretaker had drained the pool.

God’s ways are always better for us than mankind’s ways. God understands us in ways others never can. And when He knows we are looking toward Him, He is looking out for us.


In a nation with more pastors, churches, Bibles, Christian books, seminaries, evangelists, and people who claim to be Christians, how can it be that we have so little power to really see changes in our society for the moral good of mankind?

Back to those Camp-meeting outbreaks. In the year 1800, God’s presence seemed to be low but because of those that would seek God, an outbreak came in the area of Kentucky. People began to fall under the power of conviction. The effects on the countryside were like fire in dry stubble. Meetings were called. All denominations attended. Around 350 to 500 people were expected at first but when families began to arrive in wagons, hundreds soon turned into thousands with so many coming with the same purposes – to seek the Lord with all their hearts.

The roads were literally crowded. People that kept watch, counted between thirty to thirty-five thousand collected together. Four or five preachers were continually speaking to the crowds throughout the encampments without confusion. All were engaged in singing, praying and praising God. The numbers of those converted may never be known and daily miracles were common. The meetings continued for nearly two weeks. Some people slept in barns, under wagons, under trees and the area became so large that it covered a 25 mile area.

Tens of thousands poured in and, as of that time period, Kentucky had no more than 250,000 residents. As the presence of the Holy Spirit fell, accounts say from 500 to a thousand people would be touched by the powerful demonstrations of the Spirit of God from this outpouring.

The hallmark of any revival begins with a growing and deep hunger for God when a soul is awakened to the reality of the need of His Holy presence. Many revivals have come out of great despair when the moral decline of mankind becomes so wrecked and sin has cut itself very deeply into society.

Where genuine revival is you’ll find that God is in charge, not people. Who today will take their place beside God and declare and live His word out with power and holiness?


If ever did the church need leadership, today is the day.  This nation is morally declining at a rapid pace and there needs to be a clear voice of truth regardless of the price.  The pulpits of America has never needed motivational speakers but rather those whose hearts burn with the Spirit of Christ and speak with the thunder of heaven, of those who are not afraid of people but rather fear God.

These are desperate days that require great prayer from people who are willing to speak to God in great travail for the people of the land.  This world needs to hear the truth from the church pulpits of America with no words of people but words of the Spirit of God.  There is no other hope or way to eternal life for salvation from sin only comes through Jesus Christ by the way of the cross and the blood shed for all people’s sin. There is no other choice, no other way, and time is ticking.

Look around you at some of the dramatic changes in society.  Look at the uncertainty.  There is no person we can elect or party we can count on.  This world has already seen over 90 record breaking events of all time in just the past 10 years.  We are accelerating toward something greater than we’ve ever known.

In the Bible, Jeremiah, chapter 3 in verse 15 God says, “I will give you shepherds according to my heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. “

They may be few but they are out there.  You must listen to the voice of truth.  Mankind has very little to offer you, but God has everything you need.


Jesus said as He went to the cross that He came to make all things new. The old was finished at the cross, the new began. When Jesus came on the scene, everything changed. God made Himself as man in the life of His only Son to make a once and for all sacrifice for all people’s sin.

Satan understands this. That is why He fights unmercifully in any way he can to stop us from accepting this covenant or to break it or just not take it seriously. Satan wants us to take the ways of God lightly and that this new covenant relationship with Jesus is only a formality to heaven. But Jesus made it personal.

There was no more precious blood that would have been shed than this. This blood has power that no other blood has and the enemy knows that where the bloodline of Christ shows up, the enemy can’t gain a foothold. What Jesus has done for us is a Holy, very Holy, sacrifice. Nothing else compares. The blood of Christ is the true atonement for mankind’s sin to get us released and forgiven. No other blood can do that. Only Christ.

When Jesus shows up in a matter, hell pays quick attention. Jesus’ death and resurrection ended Satan’s dominion. The Bible warns us not to take communion in an unworthy manner.

I believe far too many take communion without the conviction of the cost of communion. This is not a tradition of men. This is an establishment, a covenant between God and a sinner who has repented of their sins and seeks communion with Jesus. That they might have a deeper relationship and respect toward the God who made them and is fully committed to them as He expects us to be as well.


What happens when the people of God and in particular the pulpits of the churches are silent about sin? (Sin abounds.) When good people do nothing the evil people see it as an opportunity to do something.

A nation needs men and women who will give more than lip service to righteous conduct. It is likely in the natural that the way has already been lost because Satan has now been given too much ground in society and is not interested in giving back. So now for the Christian the major battle shifts to the spiritual battle field. This is where the war for the real future of the people will be waged.

God has called all Christians to the front lines to engage with those foes of darkness. Here is where the real next shift will take place and it all rests on what the church will do, the Christian can no longer remain silent. Either you are in or you are out. You must pick your position. The victory has already been decided. But still it is required that those who claim to be followers of Christ, must put on the armor of God and stand.

Jesus has secured the outcome for His people, but his people are required to participate in the battle. God fought His people’s battles in the Old Testament and told them time and time again to stand and if you do you will see the salvation of the Lord.

So must we also today in this battle for our people and this nation to stand and to choose the Lord and His ways.


The day is fast approaching a great change in the position of the Church and the State.  This will be the greatest of all end time signs to the church that Jesus is now moving into the earth to lift His saints to heaven.  This will change the world dramatically and sin will be in direct conflict.  And the battle will rage mightily.

Not all churches though will participate.  Some will balk at what is going on.  Some may even oppose greatly this great move of God.  But it will not stop what Jesus is going to accomplish as he moves by the Holy Spirit upon the people.  Great multitudes will come to Christ as an end time revival awakening will surpass others that have ever been.

God is going to change the way those who have viewed the church because of unbelief to see the church for what it is to be, a glorious church.  The power of God will move maybe in ways that terrify mankind and in ways that will awe them to where they fall on their faces before God.  There will be dramatic changes most likely in ways that will move the hearts of the saint and sinner like nothing they have ever experienced.

God will radically change people’s relationships with Him.  People will begin to be used with spiritual gifts that will do the miraculous.  Again not all will want to be used and there will become spiritual separation between the sheep of God’s pasture and the earth’s.  Christianity, as most know it, will take on a new look.  There will be such an outpouring of God’s spirit just as the Bible has foretold.  This outpouring will most likely be short lived for the longer those kinds of holy moves of God’s spirit go on, the more mankind even the Christian will taint it.

Just as the scripture says in the latter days which could mean the latter season the Bible speaks of the season of the latter rain.  The latter season is always the shortest for winter is fast approaching much in the same way as God’s eternal judgements will be approaching as the book of Revelation and others speak of.  For as the spirit of God moves among the people and as God is sent to retrieve the harvest then what follows will bring about great suffering.  For as Jesus lifts out His saints to bring to heaven so also does the presence of the Holy Spirit leave as well as there will be little help for those left behind.

Joel Chapter 3, verse 14 – “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.”


Christians cannot have divided interest in this world and heaven.  Or you’ll watch it all become a mess that always consumes your time from God’s projects.  And in the end, what you’ve done grows to go to someone else in one form or another.  You must let God have complete charge of your life because if He can’t have it all, then He has none of it at all.

1st Timothy, Chapter 3:4 and 5 talks about one who rules his house well.  In verse 4 then verse 5 it says: “For if a man does not know how to rule his own house how will he take care of the church of God?”  When you see a church with many issues, then it is usually tied to the people in the church who have many issues at home, not dealt with.

They have divided interest.  Therefore if a house is divided, it cannot stand.  People have to always be tied to every situation, good or not good issues, in individual people’s lives will then reflect into society.  What we see today is a lot of people’s lives that have problems that have built on sand have not followed God’s wisdom. It doesn’t have to be that way.  God created His people to live above such things, to be overcomers and to conquer the enemies they face.  It is as simple as what the verse in Psalm chapter 27, verse one says: “The Lord is my light and my salvation.  Whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the strength of my life.  Of whom shall I be afraid?”

Far too many always have had to have more.  They are never really satisfied with what God has for them.  Many a home has suffered here in their area.  A good house working for the purposes of God will bear good fruit and every home, every church will be known by its fruit.  The Bible tells us not to give what is holy and cast your precious gifts before this world.  Because when you do, it is like casting it before swine in a pig pen.

Isaiah, chapter 38:1 says, “Thus says the Lord, set your house in order.”  We have to be so very careful not to let the attractions, desires, attitudes and entertainment of this world to overshadow and effect what we are to build life on while we are here.


There is a growing difference in this area than as in days gone by.  There used to be a lot of people and some still do that say, “It’s not wise to mix politics and religion.”  Well look at what we have because many did.  Any time you mix religion with anything you’ll end up having a polluted mess because religion is so messed up in the first place.  Down through the generations, it has changed somewhat until now it is a political nightmare.

Political correctness, to political agendas, and here is religion right in the middle, helping create problems.  The only remedy is to follow the one who broke free from all that nonsense.

When Jesus Christ stepped on the world scene, He did so to challenge the so-called establishment of politics and religion.  And what happened?  They didn’t like that so they tried to do away with Jesus.  Even some of the church establishment was involved and problems arose.  Yet Jesus didn’t back down.  So they tried to do away with Him but they could not.

Jesus even overcame the system, even to the point of death.  Today Jesus is still the best answer to political issues and spiritual issues.  He is the only one who can solve either.  But again, there is religion still trying to get in the way.  Yet for those who will follow Jesus, they’ll find He is the only true way that leads to the only life worth living.