What is truth? Well there is only one source. What is power? Again the same answer, that is, if you want to believe truth. There are many definitions of power. Many I’m sure believe it has to do with money and position. Well that is half the truth. Position is the right answer if it’s placed with the real source of truth.

There is only one place where truth begins and the only source that keeps real truth alive. “He who knows God, hears God. He who is not of God does not hear. By this we know the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error.” 1 John 4:6.

People over the centuries have lied but this has grown worse over time until today where lying is just a very common way of life, especially those with what we look at as power. There has been many an empire and political system built on lies. Yet they will eventually crumble and truth will still be standing. The only way to address deceptions, misquotes, half- truths or whatever word you want to use which means lying, you can.

But it is only truth that is going to stand in the end. Today there are some, but few it seems, that will speak truth against the powers of the day that lie when and wherever they feel like it. Truth in a person is becoming more rare but it possesses great power against all others. And those that choose to make telling lies a habit will have no place in heaven and that is not my opinion. That is the truth from God’s Word. And the Christian has the greatest of all power when they live their life in the truths of God’s Word.



The Bible is full of instructions, and yet so many turn from following the right path to follow their own, even though most of us will live to be less than 100 years old. There are many who believe they are wiser than God. They believe they know more about a situation than God does, even though God has been around forever and has seen the same old things happen a thousand times over.

The flesh has a mind of its own and will generally do whatever it thinks it can get away with- and it will, unless we give control over to its maker, God, and let Him rule. Look at Proverbs 3:5-7:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil.”

The only reason people don’t trust in the Lord is because God doesn’t have all of their heart. Their heart is divided between the things of this world and the ways of God- and the two don’t mix. Don’t lean on your understanding so much. You don’t have the full knowledge of matters like God does. Your own understanding will get you to second-guess God’s real intentions in matters, at times.

Acknowledge Him in what you do, no matter what the circumstances or decision is. Don’t be wise in your own eyes. That means pride. You can only make decisions because God gave you intellect to know how to do things.

Many a person never advances far with God because they let pride enter in and take root and then try to steal the glory that God deserved to get. God knows all things. It is best to follow all His ways.



Maybe some of you remember the old movie called “High Noon” where the sheriff of a town has just retired only to find out that there is some evil men coming to town to destroy it. The sheriff wants to make sure before he leaves that the people will protect themselves and fight. But as each hour passes, fewer and fewer, then none will stand up and the sheriff finds out that if he stays, he will have to face the evil men alone.

Well, this isn’t the Old West, but there is still evil. In fact, more than there used to be. Over the past years more and more opposition has built toward the church. Some- just like some of the town folks in that movie- won’t put up much of a fight.

But in reality we have most of our problems because of the lack of spiritual attention. There’s a great need to address the issues of society according to God’s word.

It is the responsibility of the church to address issues with the truth and let them leave the results to God. God has said in His Word that He searches for people who will stand in the gap and speak up from the Bible and not consider what people think. Each day is like each hour in High Noon where the clock is ticking, and time is running out for this world, and evil is growing.

The only ones who step up and put on the badge of Christ regardless of the outcome will end up being the only ones left standing in the end. Today the world is growing dark, and evil is on a rampage. Also, Satan is no longer afraid and has challenged the church like never before.

The church must be the front line of defense and offense in society. It is time to pray without ceasing.


We all need help. Not one of us can see over a hill or through a wall without help in some form. When we are infants, we can’t take care of ourselves. We need helping hands. Some of us have been so sick or broken up that there have been those times and places where we had to have help. This life is a lonely road on our own. We can do only some things. But many times we need helping hands.

You may have eyes to see with, ears to hear with and a nose with a sense of smell, but they can’t always help you. But there is one that can, above all others, put it all together- and no one can match the help that Jesus can give us. Jesus came to help us and has left His Holy Spirit here to assist us daily or hourly through life, as needed.

In fact, Jesus really wants to help us, and He always knows how because He can see over that hill. Jesus does know what’s around the corner or on the other side of a brick wall. Jesus also knows when you are sick or suffering, when you are broken from life’s disappointments or when you might face death or the biggest trial of your life.

Jesus knows how it will affect you, and He has the power to help you no matter what it is. There is no one like Jesus. He loves you deeper than anyone else could. He died for your sins and rose again to give us each eternal life if we choose this free gift.

You must know Him to follow Him and when you do, Jesus will guide you by heavenly hands and be with you every step of the way forever.


We have the same amount of it but what we choose to do with time will affect our lives more and more.  God gives us time at no charge, it is free.  Time is a most vital resource.  Money can be replaced, possessions restored and events rescheduled.  But not time.  What you can do now you may not be able to do tomorrow.  What you have today may be gone as well.

Time is of great value and the wise Christian makes the most of it.  Wise are those that know how to make the most of time by allowing God to set their watch and schedule.  If you don’t, your flesh will and the devil will make sure you have no time for the things of God. There are so many people who wish they had done more important things with their time than they did when they did it.

Psalm 89:47-48; says “Remember how short my time is. What man can live and not see death?”  There will come a day when we all will have to give an account of the decisions we choose to make during our time here on earth.  There will be no way to make changes then and only those things we chose to do for the sake of living a Christian life done for Jesus.  Not we or even others will have to be weighed in the balance.

The Bible reminds every person that they do not know the time or moment when their life will be over or when Jesus will return.  Time is crucial and any moment time could stop.  What about the time you have left?  You don’t know the day or the hour when you’ll have no more time.  Are you satisfied with what you’ve done, as of now, if you have to stand before Christ Jesus tomorrow and give an account of your time?

Whatever You Are Facing

Today across this land people are dying in the storms of life, never realizing there is one who can save them. But it is even more tragic when the people are in the church and this does happen. This whole world has more and more storm clouds brewing against it. Every day it offers no hope, just a bunch of empty promises from men who do not have the ability to back up their promises. But Jesus can back up every one of His. Jesus can prove He can. Jesus has given us examples: we have the word of God on these matters. Whose words will you believe today? God’s word will still be standing tomorrow.

Whatever you’re facing today, thinking about concerning tomorrow, whatever circumstances that are building in front of you – God sees them and He saw every one before they got to you. And He is ready and can take you right on through them. The Holy Spirit is your guide. The cross of Christ is your anchor in whatever you ever have to go through that is ahead for any of us.

You can trust Christ. You can’t always trust people. They will fail you, but Jesus won’t. You’ll never get lost following Jesus. This world, as long as we live here, is going to present difficulties because we live in an imperfect world. A place that mankind has messed up and Satan has been given opportunities and he will take them especially upon us. But we must not forget there is a greater one than any trial or storm that finds its way into your lives.

The Father is the very one who has jurisdiction over the storms and the storms are never allowed to go beyond His purposes. We must keep in mind always that God is greater. Nobody is going to override His ability to deliver us. This world is testing us more all the time because Satan has been given more avenues to attack us, but no matter from what angle he comes, Jesus is there to deal with him on your behalf. The world is nothing but a bully, and you let God deal with it. You focus on Jesus, stay in His word, and follow after His ways. We all have a choice on what we want to build our lives on. So examine your life and keep it on the only sure footing no matter what tries to shake us.


Now I’m sure most of us know what lying is and what telling the truth should be. Yet in this day and time it seems that the lines get more blurred. Not that lying’s definition has changed, nor truth. But people have expanded its borders, especially in the lying department, as not so bad. But as the Bible says, “God never changes.” God’s standards don’t move because mankind decides to make their own standards.

From sin to marriage to hell, the list can go on, God doesn’t change His opinion of what is right and what is wrong just because people chose to redefine boundaries. Truth is what God bases His actions, His word and His will on, and even God doesn’t change His position for He is bound by His word.

Now on the other hand, there is the devil. He has no problem with lying. In fact, listen to what Jesus said about this in John 8:44 – “The devil was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand for truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources for he is a liar and the father of it.”

Today, lying has become a more acceptable way of living. But not so with God. The devil is constantly planting a lie to distort the truth, and it’s had much effect on many people, and this is a most dangerous place to live.

Listen to what Revelation 22:14-15 says about Jesus: “Blessed are those who do His commandments that they may have the right to the Tree of Life and may enter through the gates into the City, heaven. But outside are sorcerers, sexually immoral, murderers, idolaters and whoever loves and practices a lie.”


Now some of you may take offense at such a statement but let’s look at the facts first. There are around 7 billion people in the world today. In America, there are around 322 million people and in most of our industrialized nations with some form of stable economy, there is about 9-12 percent of the population who are truly Biblical Christians.

The rate of growth in Christianity has slowed to a snail’s pace while some religious movements have seen much more growth over the last 20 years. Therefore we must search for the answer, and the place to go is the church.

Anyone that is in business realizes that they can only put out what they produce. The church is much the same. Now there are many religions, but there is only one true Christian religion. There are many gods, but only one true God.

So for any movement to move forward it comes from the participation and ability to properly present what they have to offer. So if there is little growth, it has to come from the depth and sincerity of the involvement of its members. The Bible says to be doers of the Word, and unless the Christian becomes less of a volunteer and steps into an active role, there can be just nominal growth.

There are many big churches and fancy ones. There are some big ministries. But it takes more than looks, size or programs to convince people that the way to heaven is found in Jesus. It takes work, Bible study, enormous amounts of prayer, supporting others who can reach people you can’t, commitment, obedience, faith, a life of humility, holy living and the power of God to work through you.

The truth is that only Christ lifted up and a life lived righteously before others is going to draw people’s attention.


From Death To Eternal Youth

No matter who you may be, no matter at what stage in life that you are, no matter the time or season, one thing is for certain.  You will experience death.  There is no way to get around it, unless you leave with the Rapture of the church as a Christian, all others will have to meet death face to face.  And as the Bible says, then comes the judgement, a place where you will meet Jesus Christ Himself and there will be an accounting made of your life, determining where you’ll spend forever.

To go into the presence of heaven will bring eternal youth, a life of endless peace, unmatched from the experiences of this world or eternal never-ending death, worse than what you’ve ever experienced on earth.

Life for the eternal is real and certain just as is death here on earth.  Jesus Christ came in human form, sent from God to give us all the only way to eternal youth in heaven and hope while here on earth, a life to live above the many disappointments we now face.  Jesus gave his life as the sacrifice needed once and for all to have the wonderful opportunity to start again, to be made new, and to be able to handle the events we face while we are here and then the joy of being free from sin, sickness and disease.

Jesus made it all possible for anyone whoever they may be.  Forgiveness is extended to all.  No matter who you are this place of eternal youth is extended to you.  Look to the Bible.  It has the answers.


“As I live”, says the Lord God,” all souls are Mine.  The soul who sins shall die.  But if a man is righteous and does that which is lawful and right has withdrawn his hand from iniquity, has walked in my statutes and has kept My judgments he is righteous and shall surely live”, says the Lord God.

“The soul who sins shall die.  The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself.  But if the wicked turns from all his sins that he has committed and keeps My statues and does that which is lawful and right he shall surely live.  He shall not die.  All his transgressions that he has committed they shall not be remembered that he has done.  He shall live.”  “Do I have any pleasure in the death of the wicked,” says the Lord God, “but rather that he should turn from his ways and live?  But when a righteous man turns away from his righteousness and commits iniquity and does according to all the abominations that the wicked man does, shall he live?  All his righteousness that he has done shall not be remembered for his trespass that he has committed and in his sin that he has done.  In them he shall die.  When a righteous man turns away from his righteousness and commits iniquity he dies in it.  For his iniquity that he has done, he shall die.

Therefore I will judge you every one according to his ways,” says the Lord God.

“Repent and turn away from all your transgressions so that iniquity shall not be your ruin.  For why will you die for I have no pleasure in the death of anyone who dies,” says the Lord God.  “Therefore repent and live.” (Excerpts from Ezekiel, chapter 18.)

Serious words still today for all to hear and apply.


The Bible says there will be a twinkling generation, and any day now will confirm it. This very likely is that generation that for centuries the Holy Scriptures have spoken of. For there are many other scriptures confirming that these are the days. Nothing else needs to happen before the end times that hasn’t already happened.

We are sitting on the most changing times and yet the most exciting times in world history. It is not just Christian people who are feeling or saying some things about this. It is lots of other people who try to reason why there is this situation- or is there a greater problem looming on the horizon for us and not even realizing that it’s a part of Bible prophecy?

From problems with our nation’s leaders, ungodly laws are being made toward God’s people, the rampant onslaught of sinfulness and immorality to the seemingly crazy worldwide negotiations with lawless countries. It is all a set-up. God is allowing for mankind to play right into His big plans He has had in order from the start.

We are very likely the ones for this time in world events to see what is known as the “great catching away” of the true saints of God, those who have accepted Jesus, God’s Son, as Savior, and have let Him be Lord over their lives.

Israel became a nation again in 1948 and the scripture says this generation will not pass away. We are right there now. By the way, this twinkling generation is found in I Corinthians 15:51-52 where it says, “Behold I tell you a mystery, we shall not all sleep (that’s a natural death) but we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible (that is, Christians who have already passed away) and we shall be changed.” Be ready.