What is truth? Well there is only one source. What is power? Again the same answer, that is, if you want to believe truth. There are many definitions of power. Many I’m sure believe it has to do with money and position. Well that is half the truth. Position is the right answer if it’s placed with the real source of truth.

There is only one place where truth begins and the only source that keeps real truth alive. “He who knows God, hears God. He who is not of God does not hear. By this we know the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error.” 1 John 4:6.

People over the centuries have lied but this has grown worse over time until today where lying is just a very common way of life, especially those with what we look at as power. There has been many an empire and political system built on lies. Yet they will eventually crumble and truth will still be standing. The only way to address deceptions, misquotes, half- truths or whatever word you want to use which means lying, you can.

But it is only truth that is going to stand in the end. Today there are some, but few it seems, that will speak truth against the powers of the day that lie when and wherever they feel like it. Truth in a person is becoming more rare but it possesses great power against all others. And those that choose to make telling lies a habit will have no place in heaven and that is not my opinion. That is the truth from God’s Word. And the Christian has the greatest of all power when they live their life in the truths of God’s Word.


There is a big push today to accept every kind of people, lifestyle, religion, and the list goes on. There is no doubt that over time there needs to be changes, and things do change in some areas. But there is some that if they do, a lot of other things change as well. Any change that is tried to be made of God’s word will bring the greatest of all problems.

So look at our world today. Does there seem to be more peace and less crime? Have wars and killings ceased? Is the world growing safer or more dangerous, more unstable? You know without me telling you what the world looks like.

This world has rejected too much of God. This world has accepted man’s word over God’s word. The truths of the Bible are becoming less relevant to people and lifestyles, actions, language, sexual activity and immoral practices (the list grows daily) shows just how much more people can push God out of the way and make room for their own wants and desires.

God specifically says in His word that He changes not, and He warns those who try to rewrite what His word declares. Where are those today who have challenged God before, who thought that God would just accept their ideas and they’d move on?

God is not into bargaining or changing His mind, neither for the Christian nor those who call themselves something else. God will remain, and only those who stand with Him, repent of their sins and follow Jesus, will live an eternal life with Him and His Son.


There may be much we see going on in the world around us and we may not approve of what people do and maybe God doesn’t either. But God has never given His gavel to pronounce His ultimate judgement on any person.

Yes, we may hate evil and despise the sins that others take part in but God never tells us to hate the evil doer. I, as you, have seen when a convicted murderer is being put to death in prison for their crimes that some of the victim’s family has made statements saying things like, “Well they are getting what they deserve” or making the statement that they hope the prisoner burns in hell for the crime they committed. Yet the person making the statement will get the same punishment for their remark.

The Bible says in Romans chapter 2, verse 1, when you pass judgement on another you condemn yourself. You can hate sin but it is only God’s job to deal with the sinner. Anyone who filters God’s mercy with their own ideas is asking for judgement on themselves. Those who try to sit in the judgement seat and take God’s gavel in their own hands are asking for trouble from God.

It is one thing to have an opinion, it is quite another to pass a verdict and pronounce your own verdict on another no matter who they are. God never compares us to others. We do that and therefore set ourselves up for the greater judgement to come.


Your eternal life is more important than your earthly life. Yet the way you choose to live your earthly life makes all the difference in where you spend your eternal life.

God was so concerned for you to make heaven as your eternal home that He was willing to leave His home in heaven and come to this earth in the form of a human being to help show you the way to heaven. He lived and died giving His life for you that the way for all who would receive this into their lives would be seen for them to follow. For those who would choose to do so, all who don’t shall perish in hell that was reserved for Satan and his followers.

The God-man, Jesus Christ, gave His life so you could have yours secured if you will choose so. He did so because He loves you and because your life is most important to Him. God provided for you a choice and opportunity. It’s all up to you to accept it and live your life as He has already made provision for you to do so.


No one has ever been a champion for tolerance as Jesus was and is today. Jesus spoke and speaks the truth but does not condemn. Jesus did and still does understand where people are at in their life styles and choices they make. Jesus offers His words of knowledge, truth and righteousness but still leaves the final decision for each and every person to make. Jesus has the solution to every question asked and deed that needs to be addressed. Yet Jesus will not force you or anyone else to do it His way or else. The ultimate answer must be made by you alone.

There is no area which Jesus is intolerant but He will share His truth then the outcome is left to you and anyone else. But today His opinion is being accused of being only one-sided, bigoted, narrow minded, unfair, racial and the accusations are many. When it comes to the way to heaven and the life style that must be lived to obtain it, Jesus is considered very much intolerant because Jesus says that through Him is the only way to heaven; that not all roads lead there but by His narrow way. Jesus is now considered a homophobe, a narrow minded fool or many other intolerant names.

Jesus says His way is the right path and that there are not several options to God and eternal life, that He alone is the truth. So many declare Jesus to be a bigot and a liar that does not show what real love toward all regardless of their belief. Yet Jesus only offers His way: your choice, not forcing anyone. Just offering the best God has to offer over what humanity thinks.

Jesus said in Matthew 7:14, “Because narrow is the gate and difficult the way, which leads to life and there are few who find it.”


You know there is the old saying that evil prevails when good people do nothing. Well I’d like to take that a step further because the question gets a lot farther down the road. Because it makes all the difference in what matters to others even if it doesn’t to you.

The Bible speaks words to remind us all that the darkness of this world has blinded many as it says in 1st John chapter 1. It goes on to tell us all not to fall in love with this world and its many ways and to stay true to God’s interest alone. But still so many get caught up in the wrong things, make worldly personal decisions; even good people are guilty.

God absolutely cares about what you do, what you say, what you support, who your friends are, how you vote, what you buy, every one of your business dealings and there is a record kept of them all. There are good people that have allowed many of their decisions to be greatly influenced by the world, by others and not so much by what God’s standards are according to scripture.

Good people will vote for ungodly candidates for political office being part of putting someone into office that has nothing to do with Biblical values and yet because they are friends or look to be more experienced or belong to a certain party allow character issues to just go out the window. Church folk will elect people on to church boards who are not scripturally qualified, have a lacking Christian testimony and then wonder why there are problems in the church.

The Bible always shows us what to do if we want to follow it rightly.


There is our great need for God’s anointed power to be His light to the people that need it and by whatever means He asks Christians to shine and they need to. God has every resource, all the timing, everything worked out if Christians will make ourselves available to the task before us to be His light to the world. It will take a lot of prayer and obedience but the rewards in one’s life and in the life of others are great possibilities when you choose to be the light for Christ to the people around you.

God will use people. The question is will people let God have full reign on them so He can rightfully be introduced to a world that needs to meet the only Savior that can help them? Nothing, absolutely nothing, is as vital to your well-being, to your family, to your work, to your future, than giving alone time by yourself with God.

Your effort means everything to God. Your interest in the ways of God is what brings God’s interest toward you. Jesus has given you the examples you need. You have His word. Did you know God needs to talk to you, but He won’t as long as you are too busy and will not pay attention? The only way He will come in is an invitation where nothing is in His way.

2nd Chronicles, Chapter 16, verse 9 says this: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”

His plans concerning you are never voided out. His plans still remain. It is really up to you if you want to follow along and just do them.


We need to look at America going back to the 1900’s. Look at the years how America looked back then. Look at each of the periods from the 20’s, the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s 70’s and so on. How did each decade progress when there was much love for our country, when families didn’t have to always lock their doors, when children could play and roam freely? When people laughed at nonsense and frowned at ungodliness.

Each decade brought more and more change, especially after the mid-point of the 1900’s. The nation’s people began to turn to the drug culture mixed with the booze culture, immorality mixed with both more aesthetic new age type of worldly thinking mixed with it all and the race was on for the heart and soul of the American people.

And what stood in its way? Well not much. What happened was that much of the church forgot just how powerful God could be through them. They compromised and today we have a quickly deteriorating society and sin runs rampid.

There are some who are fighting but it’s evidently not enough. Too many have chosen to sit back and just enjoy the benefits of a Godly life without defending it. Unless this attitude changes immediately, and America returns to God with repentance, we will see a change that we will no longer be able to avoid and the benefits of a Godly society we once enjoyed will be gone.


It was God who took a pebble, put it into a young boy’s hand and killed a giant with it. It was God who made a stick, put it into a man’s hand, and lifted it over the Red Sea and the sea parted.

It was God who took a little fish, grew it into a large whale, told it to swallow a man but not eat him, just take him where he needed to be and spit him out and send him on his way. It was God who took 2 small fish and 5 loaves of bread and fed more than 20,000 people at one time and He did it, not once, for others to see but twice.

It was God who took all that a widow woman had, a little flour and a little oil, and kept multiplying it to meet all of the woman’s needs.

It was God who suddenly stopped the rain when General George Patton’s troops were going to be overrun during World War II. When the General ordered all chaplains to send out a prayer for the troops to pray, they were delivered.

It was God who caused a heavy fog to develop during the Revolutionary War when General George Washington’s troops were trapped on the peninsula and at night so they were able to cross the icy water of the river to safety.

It was God that deeply stirred a young farm boy to give his life totally over to Him and God used this young man, Billy Graham, to affect the lives of millions of people around the world for the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It has been God time and time again who has intervened in lives to make a difference that humankind could never do. Yet today so few spend the time to know Him. Everyone needs God but only some ever let Him have their lives to do something greater than they can do themselves. Only a handful ever really gets to know the God that created them and created the heavens and the earth. So very few ever find their real meaning here in life and only a few will ever really walk that straight and narrow path to meet Jesus and let Him be true Lord of their lives.

Do you believe and what have you really done about it?


Why has the Bible been preserved and its writings since mankind first appeared on the face of the earth for more than at least 6,000 years? In a period of 1600 years over 40 men began to put these messages and manuscripts into a book of scriptures as they were moved upon by the Holy Spirit. The Bible was first translated into the English language around the year of 1388 and it was first published in America in 1752.

There are 66 different books contained in the scriptures, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. Both sides are just as important as the other with its 1,189 chapters and 31,000 verses. Today the Bible has been translated into thousands of languages and now over 50 versions, which may have not helped, so many people have a copy of this book but yet so few have any idea of its value.

Most every man and woman gets married with this Bible as part of the ceremony. Many politicians are sworn into office with this book but few it seems have little idea of its principals. For many years Supreme Court judges had to not only swear on the Bible to take their oath to position but actually had to sign their name in it to hold the highest court in the land.

So why is it that this book that has been preserved so long and holds so much power that has caused so many people to die to keep, that has sold more copies around the world than any other book be so ignored by so many today? This book that leaders of nations have tried to drive out of existence just sets on the shelves of homes and is barely ever picked up.

What makes the Bible unique? One reason; its words are inspired, thus it brings truths and challenges change to lifestyles and conviction to its readers. Hebrews 4: 12, “For the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit and of joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

Something that cuts both ways hurts and God’s word is such that inflicts pain and it heals as well because it is from God.


Aging is God’s idea. It is the way He keeps us heading toward home. It is our friend if we have served Him while here on earth. No one can reverse this process though some try as much as they can. What we can do is change our attitude toward this life altering that is going to have its way.

When flowers die at the end of their season, we always anticipate that very soon they’ll bloom again. With people the process is immediate as soon as you die here on earth; you’ll be given new life to live forever. The heavens wait for those that are Christians. The angels watch and are ready to rejoice when they see the time drawing to an end for the Christian here on earth.

While others here are saddened, great joy is awaiting to be sounded for a child of God has now made it to their eternal home. Every wrinkle takes us a step closer to the final stepping off place to meet Jesus and for those that have been Christ’s followers their old bodies will be exchanged for new ones. Their service here on earth is now over. There will be no more suffering, no more depression, no more sickness, and no pain of any kind.

In a moment, in just the blink of the eye, a person will be changed forever when they belong to Jesus and nothing can ever change that again. You’ be safe forevermore.

But for those who do not know Jesus, who have neglected their relationship with Him, there awaits a fate worse than death itself, an appointment with Satan that no one should ever keep.

Call upon Jesus now while there is still time. Don’t put it off. Jesus is the only way to heaven’s eternal living arrangements. The alternative is something you, nor God, wants you to experience.