What is truth? Well there is only one source. What is power? Again the same answer, that is, if you want to believe truth. There are many definitions of power. Many I’m sure believe it has to do with money and position. Well that is half the truth. Position is the right answer if it’s placed with the real source of truth.

There is only one place where truth begins and the only source that keeps real truth alive. “He who knows God, hears God. He who is not of God does not hear. By this we know the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error.” 1 John 4:6.

People over the centuries have lied but this has grown worse over time until today where lying is just a very common way of life, especially those with what we look at as power. There has been many an empire and political system built on lies. Yet they will eventually crumble and truth will still be standing. The only way to address deceptions, misquotes, half- truths or whatever word you want to use which means lying, you can.

But it is only truth that is going to stand in the end. Today there are some, but few it seems, that will speak truth against the powers of the day that lie when and wherever they feel like it. Truth in a person is becoming more rare but it possesses great power against all others. And those that choose to make telling lies a habit will have no place in heaven and that is not my opinion. That is the truth from God’s Word. And the Christian has the greatest of all power when they live their life in the truths of God’s Word.


All through the centuries there has been people who were not truthful. Most of the time people knew what they were doing. Others were just taught that’s the way to live. But as time has passed, the majority of people know when something they are doing is not right.

Then there is the choice, do you continue to lie and deceive or do you change to what’s right and true? The book of Proverbs in the Bible speaks much on this matter. Truth is tied to honesty and integrity, while lies are deception and destruction.

Proverbs 10:5 says, “A false witness will not go unpunished and they who tell lies will not escape.” Escape what? Their own destruction, and if they continue, hell to follow.

Proverbs 10:9 points this out: “They who tell lies will perish.” Those that are currently in the leadership of America on either side should sit up and pay attention to what they are doing to not just their own, but also the eternal souls of others around them.

The Bible is clear. They will not go unpunished. So, then the reason they continue is because they do not fear God. Proverbs 9:21 says that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Never forget God knows every idle word they in Washington, D.C., or you speak and all are going to be held accountable and pay the cost of such action as in the here and now plus for the eternal to come.

Proverbs 18 says that they who separate themselves from God seek after their own desires and that means the sinful heart which is so dangerous to let rule in one’s life.

Jesus Christ is the only answer, the way to clean up such behavior, for those who truly will turn their life over to Him and those that don’t will suffer greatly.


In Europe, which once was a great part of the world for the work of Christianity, today only has about a five to seven percent Christian population. In America the trends are, sadly, showing the same signals. Many Americans claim a form of Godliness but are only in their own way of thinking and opinions. While only 20% of Americans now even go to church, the number of committed Christians to live the life hovers around 9% to 10%. Those stats come from current research.

Today the gates are again being opened to more disunity as once great Christian denominations are being torn apart because some want to do what the Bible says and some want to re-interpret what God’s word says to accept the changing culture. You cannot pick and choose the gospel like you want to believe it and that makes it right. The once great movement John Wesley founded today stands firmly at the crossroads after years of debating to split as many of other mainline denominations have before them in recent years. This will affect many people, hurt many friendships and bring about much confusion to a world of people that will want nothing to do with the gospel.

Leadership of these groups should know better and remember the words of Jeremiah, the prophet, in chapter 23 in the Bible that bears his name where it says, “Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture, declares the Lord. You have scattered My flock and have not attended to My people and I will attend to you for your evil deeds, declares the Lord.”

Old Testament or New, God’s word is still the same for us all today. God gives His word to help show us His way, but when there are those that want their own ways, God will allow it for He gives us a free will, but not the freedom to change the meaning of what is right or wrong according to our own interpretation of His Holy Scriptures.


Now that’s a strange question but one that surely should be thought about. You see, it is going to happen. It is inevitable that you will die. But How? Most hope for a peaceful death, but how many experience it that way? A lot of how you die will be a result of how you have chosen to live. Not all, but most.

I watch people pass from this life to the next and have watched a peaceful type of exit, and then I’ve witnessed an uneasiness. Something like a struggle, almost like they were afraid of what was next.

Peace only comes not from wealth, because it’s not going with you. Peace comes from a promise that a person who knows Jesus Christ as their Lord can be assured of. Some people slip into a comatose setting and silently leave.

But it is what comes next. That minute after you die in the flesh here and then go to stand before Jesus Christ, to meet your fate to be beyond. That’s the way God set it up. The Bible says in Hebrews, 9:27; “It is appointed for people to die once and after that then comes the judgement.” In the judgement Jesus will judge your life according to how you choose to live, by His word or by your own.

First and foremost, you have to have repented of your sins to God, and confess Jesus as your personal Savior and made Him Lord of your life, and that just might be where many get hung up. Did they make Jesus Lord, or did they do what they wanted to do with their time, possessions, money and other things?

It is too late to repent after you’ve died, and from there the direction of heaven will come into view or the horrors of hell will cause great distress.

Make the right decisions now before that moment comes.


God always keeps His word. He sets the destiny’s. He remains real in a world full of deception. In 2007 and again in 2014, a traveling evangelist, formerly from Australia, gave 2 prophecies about America’s current president and every word has come to pass even though he never met the president and died one month before Donald Trump announced he was even running for president. His word was true.

Over one and a half million logged onto You Tube and checked out Kim Clement and his words about America’s last president.

God had a plan in the early 19th century. There was a great revival that swept the continent of Wales, and most all were changed forever. This spread to England and America bringing a great awakening to the people, ushering many into the Kingdom of God.

During that time in Wales there was a young girl that saw this and attended some of the many services. God changed the lives of thousands, and sin was driven out for it found no place to dwell. The young girl later on travelled to America to the Long Island New York area where she eventually met a man and was married. Her husband became successful as a builder in real estate and business ventures.

This couple had five children; two girls (Maryanne and Elizabeth) and three boys (Robert, Fred and Donald John). Their last name was Trump.

 Proverbs 16:9 says: “The mind of the man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

God knows what He is doing. Trust Him, put your faith in Jesus Christ today.

He’s got a plan and He’s bringing it to pass.


People speak of how they feel about certain subjects like marriage, friendships, accomplishments and so on. What I am talking about is a person’s talk about the things of God. Many people talk as if they were a Christian, but the fruit their life produces of Godly things is so very meager.

Lots of folks talk the talk of being a Christian but hardly produce any real-life style of what the Bible says a Christian is. In fact, sometimes those that are not Christians look more to be than those that say they are.

The Bible is clear about not forsaking the assembling with other Christians. That is like going to church. Yet today only 20% of Americans even attend church with about 12% most Sundays.

Jesus Himself speaks in the Bible that many will call Me Lord but He won’t know them. All across American people are pleasure-seekers. They just can’t wait till the weekend so that they can go off on their next adventure or party or whatever they basically want to do all the time calling themselves a Christian, saying they love God but living for self.

This puts their eternal soul, their family, and daily life into jeopardy in various ways all because they want to appease the flesh more. It is so foolish to play with one’s eternal soul this way.

We all need to take inventory and pay attention to what we are doing and check it against the talk of what God’s word says we should be doing and see how the two match up. Jesus will help you get back in order if you’ll ask Him.


For those who are in authority take heed.  The word of God, “A false witness makes a mockery of justice”, Proverbs 19:28.

Pay attention to what God thinks. “All the ways of a person seem to be right in their own sight, but God weights their motives”, Proverbs 16:2.

Those that neglect and blow off the word of God bring real danger to their souls.

“Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord.” Proverbs 12:13.

Those that are in Washington D.C. should take note of the cost of the words they speak.


Do not be ignorant of the hope you have through Jesus Christ. Live a life of honor to God. Do not defraud others and lead people away from God’s ways. Those that do reject the teachings of God’s Holy Scriptures, those that do reject God, are not His teachers.

Concerning the times and the seasons, know that the Lord will come as a thief in the night. So be sober, pay attention to the ways of God. When others say there is peace and safety, watch for destruction is near. The world does not know peace and there shall be no escape for those who walk in darkness away from God’s light.

Do not be deceived nor distracted with this world’s temptations. Pay attention to the times we live in. Do not embrace evil ways of any kind, for the Lord is coming and will descend from heaven with a shout and a trumpet sound.

Those that are Christ’s will arise and be caught up together in the air among clouds to always be with Him. Jesus died for your sins and rose again. So walk in life in ways to please Him, for He is the only way to heaven and eternal life.

Know His commandments and love one another. Be at peace among yourselves. Be patient with all and pursue good toward all. Don ‘t grieve the Spirit of God. Abstain from ungodly behavior. Be ready for His coming. Never cease giving thanks to God, for God who has created your life, is faithful to complete His work for you to do if you’ll follow His ways.

Obey His voice and He will be your God and you shall be His people. Walk in the ways that God has asked of you. Know His word. For the people that do not obey the voice of God will perish. Pay attention to scripture. It’s words are still as relevant today as before and will be forever.


It is becoming very common today that people have little respect for God and less concern for His word. We are living in spiritually dangerous times, treating the ways of God as common talk, speaking falsely of His word, mixing them with opinions and lies. We hear political people say they are praying for other political leaders yet attack them to destroy their character and livelihood. People who claim they are of the Christian faith yet endorse sinful behaviors that God’s word says is an abomination to Him.

Many do not know what the Bible, “God’s Word”, says about this kind of behavior, and have total disregard and no respect of God and what it will cost them. They do not understand because so many hearts have been hardened by the sins they allowed in their lives to stay.

Just listen to what the prophet Isaiah says to those who fear not God or His word. Chapter 10, “Woe to those who enact evil rulings, who constantly record unjust decisions, so to deprive justice and rob the people of their rights and plunder. What will they do on the day of punishment? To where will they flee for help? So, will it be that when the Lord has completed all His work, He will punish the fruit of the arrogant.”

Some have heard this, most today have not, for all of God’s word is not always taught by those who should be doing so. Nevertheless, do not neglect in yourself to read all of God’s word for the Bible contains all the instructions you need to know and certainly need to be conducting your life by. The Bible is available to everyone in America. Still today the choice to read and follow its teachings is up to you.


Today all over America deceit is running rampant.  Who knows who they can really trust?  Most news sources give only half -truths and some have just flat out lied.  The political scene is getting worse for its deception of the people who elect leaders only to be fooled by false communications.

But it does surely seem that the scale has been tipped in the favor of false narratives being spoken throughout the land.

The Bible warns of this time and time again.  Proverbs is a great place to read about the true and the false.  In chapter 9 it talks of sinfulness as sin being boisterous calling out to those who pass by, misleading those who lack Biblical understanding being fooled into thinking that what they are doing is right.  Yet never realizing that they are being set up like so many others for troubles and eventually falling in the depths of hell like those before them.

But then it says if the wise are given instruction they will become wiser or if the righteous are taught they will increase in their learning.  For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of God’s understanding.  Is this you or is the other way like you?  Don’t be fooled by thinking you are an OK, good person and everything is going to end up for you just fine.

Way too many today are playing the fool with the world and have no idea what they are doing.

Only by having a personal, intentional relationship with Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, can one have the needed assurance of leaving this earth and having an eternal life in heaven.


The United States constitution is only a piece of paper. It is the people who make it work or not. Our founding fathers used principals that are timeless to put together this nation’s future. It is up to the people to maintain this inheritance.

 The constitution makes the way for its citizens to have power. But when immorally dishonest people are elected or appointed into leadership the words of Proverbs 29:2 become more real where it says this, “When the righteous increase the people rejoice, but when the wicked are allowed to rule them the people suffer.”

Any leader or political group who twist God’s words, who take the Bible out of its true context, will only lead the people astray if they’re given positions of authority and so it is today. Every social problem this country is faced with is directly related to some form of sinful action and neglect of God’s word.

It doesn’t matter the party, many are guilty of letting tolerance destroy the foundational structure of what is right and replacing it with human knowledge over God’s wisdom. Worldly tolerance only means that you are going to bow down to what sin says is right.

America has its many problems because of people’s neglect of God’s ways. They reject truth for lies and self-pleasure. It ought to be obvious that people, especially ungodly leadership, cannot fix people’s problems.

Only a Holy God can, who knows every individual and every issue and has the full power to do so and it all starts with Jesus being Lord over anyone’s life.