A true shepherd is indeed to be a minister of God, only using the Word of God accordingly by His commands from God, having been appointed by God to this position.  The shepherd is obedient to His master’s command concerning the sheep.  He should be one that trusts God rather than his own senses.  His conduct should be blameless and a leader of strong discipline.

They ought to be adorned with all virtues and show an example of a Godly life to all others and a humble manner.

The shepherd of the people should follow in the steps of the Great Shepherd with a never ceasing passion for the life of Christ.  They may at times suffer from great adversities, even inflicted by others.  But the shepherd will wear their cross proudly and humbly as they mourn over the sins of other sheep for the shepherd cares.

As God’s shepherd, righteousness should go before you.  The shepherd that cares stays in the battle with you and even fights for you and the real shepherd of the congregation knows how to understand each individual because the real shepherd knows how to ask God about how they should handle each one.

The shepherd that God chooses for the sheep knows how to be meek yet when the wolves of the world come, this shepherd can be as fierce as a lion.

The true shepherd knows true love even for the unruly sheep and at the same time strong for the weaker.  At times the sheep’s strength may falter but the shepherd’s won’t for this shepherd knows how to draw their strength from the True Shepherd.  They remain when others fail.  They stand as the sentinel on the hill.  They never leave nor forsake the sheep of their pasture.  For they always allow the True Shepherd control so we remain in His hands.  So, how does the Shepherd in your church compare to the True Shepherd.



The strength of prayer is not limited by human hands; rather it can reach any place, any where, at any time.  For prayer to be exercised with full force, it takes discipline and maturity to learn how to use such a powerful weapon.  Prayer can overcome any obstacle that comes against it.  Prayer requires a connection to God and through His son, Jesus.  The power in His name alone attaches us to the greatest power in the universe.  This great power is even available to a small child or the oldest person alive on the planet today.  God is not a respecter of who prays but of who is sincere with such prayers.


There are no limits with prayer except those we impose upon it.  Prayer can do what we cannot.  Prayer can go to places we send it that we, ourselves, will never be able to go.  Our prayers can touch lives that we can’t physically touch.  Our prayers can even affect the lives of people who would never talk to us or even want our prayers.  For prayer is more powerful than any person.


Prayer can hold a marriage or relationship together.  Prayer can send healing right to your side or even hundreds of miles away.  It can touch many and change a situation within an instant.  Prayer has possibilities we don’t have in ourselves but God does.  For that’s where prayer gets its power.



I remember many years ago when I used to wear a necklace with a turquoise cross on it and later when I hung one from my driver’s mirror. All the time I expected this symbol to somehow save me from harm or sin. But I didn’t know what the cross was really for until it became personal years later.

I see people who have a cross on their keychain but never give God a real second thought. I’ve been in businesses or homes where people displayed a cross, but their place was one that never lived it out.

The cross of Christ is real, and it is a symbol of Christianity, but the cross can never be real until you follow the principle the Bible says we are to really do with it. In Matthew, chapter 10 and verse 38, it tells us how to display the cross where Jesus says, “He who does not take His cross and follow after me is not worthy of me.” That’s the only way the cross has any power in our life or even any church.

When people surrender their lives to the life of Christ and bear His cross to a world of people who desperately need it, then it has power to save, to start anew, to live life to its full and real potential.

The cross is not a lucky charm to be used, worn or displayed. It will not have a magical affect in our life. It’s only when the real purpose is displayed as we live like Christ has called us to and bear His cross with our lives. Then it will have the true effect that it is entitled to.


Let’s say that you were very ill and went to a doctor. The doctor examined you and prescribed certain medicines to take, certain changes in what you eat, and changes in your lifestyle. He said that if you’d do this, you will be well and remain healthy.

But let’s say you only took half of the medicine the doctor suggested, made a few changes in what you ate, and did a couple of healthy lifestyle adjustments. Would you get well? Maybe, but more than likely, you would feel better but not get fully well. Or you might not do better and just die.

That’s exactly what many people do with Jesus. He is the true way and the true life for any of us, yet many don’t want too much of His ways in conducting their lives. They only want to take the prescribed requirements when they feel like it. So most of the time, they don’t feel so well in this world. Their lives constantly have problems, as most, but they don’t have the joy that comes with making it through those times.

We have a world full of anemic Christians who have so little power in their lives to stop hardly an ant. There are people who God wants to use. They attend church and do good works but live their lives with no authority of the real life they could have if they would just truly surrender their lives to do things God’s way and abandon their own.

These people would live a much more satisfied life than most do. Quit being one of those who just want to have a more joyous life and let Jesus give you the real joy He offers through a surrendered life.