Many years ago in Europe, a young prince, the son of the King, went to war and served his time, and became quite overwhelmed with what he had seen from the devastation.

When the prince returned to the King, though, his Father was not so thrilled by his son’s report. As the prince told his father that he needed to go to visit those brave soldiers who were wounded, for he felt such compassion for those who had served the Kingdom.

The prince arrived one day at the hospital ward and he was escorted around to see the prisoners. Some were recovering from wounds, others missing arms or legs, some blind, and many other problems.

As he shook many hands the prince looked at the doctor who was taking him around and said, “You’ve shown me all but those behind the curtain.” The doctor replied that it was much too horrible to go behind the curtain for there was a man so badly maimed that it was too much for anyone to see.

But the prince insisted and so the doctor led him behind the curtain. There lay one of most pitiful sights for anyone to see. Only one eye was barely held in place by some skin. The prince could actually see the man’s lung because of an opening in his throat. The man had been pieced together but hardly looked like a man anymore.

The prince spoke to him, but instead of holding his hand he reached down and kissed him on the cheek. The nurses and doctors broke down into tears as they had seen the true heart of a prince, who showed so great love and compassion for one who anyone else in society would have rejected.

Today, Jesus Christ will come to wherever you are at and touch your life like no other, if only you’ll reach out to the Prince of Peace and accept His unconditional love. He will freely give it.



Tommy was born in 1923, one of 13 children, during a time when his family struggled to survive during the depression years. When Tommy was twelve years old, he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. From that time forth, he knew that he had a new life. By the mid-1930’s, Tommy began to preach; he married when he was 19 and felt there was more to life by being a Christian.

Tommy struggled for a few years trying to know God better. He read all he could about great people of God to find out what it was that they had discovered and he had not. Tommy, along with his wife, went to hear many revivals and meetings to learn and hear more about how God could do such great things in such ordinary people.

He and his wife, Daisy, eventually went to India with a five-year commitment, but they had to return after only two years and felt like failures for God. Yet Tommy and Daisy wouldn’t give up. They prayed and studied the Bible continually. They kept going to meetings to watch how God was greatly using others. They never gave up hope that God would use their lives in a greater way.

In 2013, Tommy passed away from this life to his greater life in heaven. When he died, Tommy had preached in 100 nations during his 90 years on this earth. He also translated Gospel Literature into 132 languages, established 150,000 self-supporting missions churches, financially supported over 30,000 full-time missionaries and preached to millions upon millions; he was one of the early pioneers of mass evangelism.

Now this man, known to most as T.L. Osborn, died with many in the world not knowing his name- but heaven knew. And heaven knows you and has great plans for every Christian that will step up to take their place. And that’s you. Just how much do you want it?


We hear a lot these days about bullying and how we as a society have to put a stop to those that feel they can push others into submission by mocking or other tactics bullies use. From schools to work-related, we hear all kinds of programs set in place to stop and punish those who want to ride over others.

So what about the Christians? There is not one group of people in America or around the world that is persecuted more than those of the Christian faith. From religious groups to atheists to even our own governments, Christianity is under attack and being bullied even as far as to the point of death, all because of the Christian’s faith.

Why? Because only Christianity is real. It represents the true and living God. All others are counterfeits with different names and all led by Satan’s crowd. Christianity is trying to be bullied into submission or else suffer the consequences of those who oppose truth.

Christianity has always had its battles, but over the last decade it has been worsening as the latter days approach. Until Christians of the true Bible-believing denominations set aside their denominational differences and learn to unite with the common Biblical values and consolidate to influence society and take a stand against this bullying, it will be driven eventually into a more suppressive battle.


God’s word tells us first in Luke 9:62 that whoever puts their hand to the plow should not be looking back but keep moving forward. Then in Philippians 3, the word of God tells us to forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead, to press onward, reach for what God still has for us to receive. He has called each one of us to something better for us than what we’ve had in the past.

We have to break the power that the past puts on us because of failures and start living for the future. We can’t change the past, but God has the greater ability to change the meaning of our past. So many are still shackled by past regrets and mistakes that they are spending too much time and energy looking back and, therefore, they are tripping themselves up and even others around them when they should be moving forward.

We’ve all been guilty of disregarding God’s rules, and it has cost us in the past, and maybe that might have been just yesterday. But today is a new day. Repent where you’ve done wrong. Make it right, if you can, and if you can’t, move on.

God is the God that moves on with life after mess ups, large or small. He is our real captain in life that wants to see us move along. God will help. Jesus is the captain, the Holy Spirit is the rudder, and the boat has to be moving for the rudder to work. No matter how dark your past, you have a brighter future with Jesus Christ as your Lord.

Religion Without Jesus

It is pretty simple because that’s what you get when Jesus is left out of any equation in life, some manmade religious belief.  Jesus and God’s word go together because Jesus is the Living Word.  Each week across this world many services that are held at church locations are nothing more than religious gatherings where people hear about Jesus but have no real relationship with Him.

This shows up, of course, in the lives of the people who attend and there can be a great difference of opinions due to mankind’s denominational standard or own personal beliefs from how one should dress to how they should worship, from the latest to the traditional.  There can be many meetings held that are only religious and void of who Jesus really wants to be in people’s lives.

There is no one way that works except God’s way.  People are just fooling themselves who believe they can show up, give some offering, join a church and even serve in it.  And all the time be caught up in nothing more than religion.

Jesus came to save and change people’s lives that people would understand God as He really is.  But somewhere people developed their own ways and incorporated into their way of thinking and then developed religion in some forms.  Christian or not there is a bunch of them out there.  But any without Jesus is worthless and will lead people away from the truth, only found in Jesus.



When one looks at the world around us today, it should cause some to think about why we seem to have a society that is rapidly changing. What’s new and the best this year is outdated and no longer relevant the next. The times we are living in today are changing quickly by tomorrow. And it is starting to change the lifestyles people live.

We no longer live in a safe world. Really, we never did. The world around us is becoming much more vulgar and blatantly rebellious, especially to the ways of Christianity.

There have been more Christians killed in the world in the past 25 years than in all of history before. Sin is no longer on the back streets of America, but now it is on the main streets. Life styles that go directly against the Kingdom of God are becoming more tolerated than those that should be standing for the values of heaven.

People, even religious ones, are twisting God’s Word every which way they can to make their sin look like it is actually holy and approved by God. All of this is changing the face of our land, and yet many Christians will not take issue with it. Instead, they pretend it is just a fad or that they shouldn’t interfere. So that is why we have what we have: Christians remaining silent. When they could be making a greater impact, they tiptoe around the issues. But all that’s really going to do is let sin rule, and it is.

Christianity’s influence on any society is only going to be as real as the people who claim it is by the way they live and what they really believe.

If You Will be Faithful

There are a lot of people out in this world who think they’re OK with God. But are they? Many struggle with this, and folks, God understands what we are going through and will go through in the future. He has made provisions for those of His children that will follow Him, and that’s by letting Jesus lead your life.

Sin is deathly terrified of Jesus, and as long as you stay with Him and stay on His side, you’re going to be OK.

God’s ready for what’s building. He has carefully laid plans being implemented now and ready to go in the future.

Jesus has paid the price for you to make it all the way. You won’t fail if you stay close to Jesus.

Depend on God’s Word; trust the way He handles your life even if you don’t understand everything. God does. He is powerful and mighty, and we win when we are on His side. Heaven is going to be greater, but we are not there yet. But get ready.

Keep short accounts with God according to how you live your life daily. Make sure you examine your lifestyle compared to His Word. Keep your focus on Jesus and the Bible.

Be wise in how you conduct your life. If you are faithful, God will be faithful as well. If you’re not ready, you would be wise to get right with Jesus today.

Matthew 25:13 says, “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.”


One day, on an auction block, slaves were being sold. A businessman came to look on and noticed a woman ready to be sold and became determined to buy her. When the bidding started, the man set the price but another man decided he’d buy her as well. The two sparred back and forth until the businessman raised his bid by 100 percent, and with that he purchased the woman. He then shelled out the gold coins and came over to the stairs where they handed him the rope attached to a collar around her neck.

As the woman came down the stairs and met the man, she spit as much as she could in his face and screamed, “I hate you!” The man wiped the spit from his face and led her away first down one street then to another until he came to an office building. He led her in, met a gentleman and began to conduct business, asking the man to arrange certain papers. Even though the other man told him it wasn’t wise, the man proceeded to finish the conduct of his business. When he had finished, he turned to the woman, unhooked her collar, handed her the papers and said, “You are free.” The woman, now in shock, looked at the man, and again he said, “You are free; no one owns you now.”

The woman said, “You have paid for me just to let me go?” And he said, “Yes, I have. You are free.” The woman then fell at the man’s feet with her head against his boots and through her tears said, “No one has ever cared for me like you to do this thing. I will be your servant forever.”

So it goes with Jesus Christ, who paid your debt of sin. If you choose to, you can be free of it today if you accept His offer.


God knows exactly the heart of every person in America. In Exodus 23:9, He states He knows the heart of even a stranger. In 1 Samuel 16:7, God says don’t look at one’s appearance or physical stature because the Lord does not see people like people see each other. It says the Lord looks at the heart. Proverbs 23:17 says a person’s heart is as they think, but that heart is not with God. And then Jeremiah 17:9 tops it all off by saying the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; “who can know it,” or should we say, “trust it?”

The next verse says, “I the Lord search the heart, I test the mind. Even to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his doings.”

With this said, I am very concerned that America is getting itself in big time trouble with God. The majority of this nation’s people are trying to chase God’s influence out of every place it can while it seems the majority of the Church does little. Oh, there are some, but not nearly enough.

This nation is condoning every form of sin and calling it acceptable because of a name change. God is attacked on all fronts because the devil is behind every move that is being made. Most people don’t even realize how they’re letting devilish forces lead them, all the time hardening the heart of this nation’s people to the only hope this nation has.

For you that will pray and declare God’s Word against such things daily, do it today, for none of us knows what looms over our horizon or moves under our feet.

You’ve got to be Kidding!

Recently I read the comments of a former mayor of one of America’s largest cities and read how this man- who has ruled a group of millions of people and made millions of dollars- could be so mistaken and ignorant of who God is. An April issue of the New York Times wrote this quote: “I’m telling you, if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I’m heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven, it’s not even close.” What a fool to even doubt the existence of God and then think he could in some way earn his way into heaven. He is delusional!

Unfortunately there are many people in this world who believe they will go to heaven because of what they have done, they go to church, or are a good person. The Bible says no one is going to meet in heaven except those who repent of their sins and put forth their entire lives into the hands of God. Thus, letting Jesus be the Lord of their lives; not by being in control, doing good works or being a nice person.

The former mayor was right about one thing; he said, “It’s not even close,” because he is as far from God as one could be. The day he takes his last breath, if he hasn’t turned his life over to Jesus and repented of his sins, his eyes will be opened. He will see a place where he thought was make-believe or just for bad people.

Again, an example of the ignorance of mankind’s thinking verses the reality of God’s word. Thankfully, we are able to change the outcome, and it doesn’t have to be this way because the decisions made today will determine the future for anyone in the eternities of heaven or hell.