It’s been going on year after year, from one civilization to another. It is people always believing they can fool God. People who believe they can live their lives one way in one place and then do completely differently in another.

You find this in the Bible of the different kings who wanted to look holy and honor God, then allow, in other places, things that were an abomination to God.

King Solomon is a good example. Here’s a man considered the wisest man to ever live. Yet, by the end of his life, he’d become deceived by his very own actions. He believed, all through his time as King, he could operate in two separate worlds, and it would not matter to God. The very key point is what the scripture states in 2 Chronicles 8:11, that his Egyptian wife, which he wasn’t supposed to have in the first place, was given a house built for her by him, but in a place away from the holy things of God.

But God wasn’t fooled.

Solomon still kept- not one- but hundreds of pagan wives, all for the sake of approval and treaties with other nations.

It still goes on today. People believing they can live as holy with God in one place but going to the other places which God despises. It’s evident with a good example of church folks going to church singing about the love of God, looking spiritual than a few days later visiting a casino and gambling or watching movies that are full of foul language and immoral behavior. (Well, even regular TV shows can do that these days). And then we’re back in church looking spiritual.

The point is that God is not going to live where you want Him to when you want Him to. And like so many others, in the end, it will cost us a great deal more, and that could put your eternal soul in jeopardy.