Every one of us seeks something. We are in the kingdom of somebody building, either for ourselves or others that will someday get what we’ve built up. But the Bible gives us a clear directive to follow. It’s Luke 12:30-31 where it says it like this: “Your Father already knows your needs. Seek first the Kingdom of God above all else, and God will give you everything you’ll ever need.” Way too many of us invest way too much in this world, and yet not one of us is going to stay here forever.

Eternity only exists in two different places- Heaven or Hell- and nowhere else. People can invent some other idea, but that’s all it is. Only heaven and hell have been proven to be real.

There have been many accounts recorded of these places. God tells us “seek my kingdom,” the eternal one that is a place of eternal peace. That sure is not here. God has something so much better, and if you’ll put aside the things of this world, He will lead you, take care of you, and eventually receive you into His eternal Kingdom.

There is no way to get there but through His help and giving your life over into His Son’s hands. Jesus is the way and the only way to eternal life in heaven. If you seek His Kingdom and build around that, your future is secure when you give your life to Jesus and seek His Father’s kingdom before your own.



When we think of the people that make up the church, usually we think of the pastor or preacher, and there are many other names given for those who lead congregations; teacher, priest, vicar or evangelist. Whatever the name, their position is somewhat the same. But today there is another needed that many have forgotten about or don’t recognize and today’s Christian church is in great need of. And that is the place of the Revivalist. Not what some denominations call this position (an evangelist), but I’m talking about someone who can bring in such a message that will bring the holy power of God’s anointing which will revive people in their spirit.

There have been some notable ones like Charles Finney, John Wesley, Martin Luther, Evan Roberts, George Whitfield; people whom God laid His mighty hand on, and thousands upon thousands of people were revived to the Spirit of Almighty God.

The position of the true revivalist is needed today more than ever before. Oh, that God would raise up revivalists to bring spiritual CPR to His people- for many are so lacking. The best example is in how even those who claim Christ have so little impact on society as it has lost its moral compass.

There must be prayer for God to raise up such people for such a time as this. Today, many spiritual lives are in a tail spin, and only a real move of the Spirit of Almighty God can help us now.


It was a great day when the Lord Jesus called, and I heard, on that October day when He visited my soul and wiped it clean of dirty stains of a sinful life. From that moment on I knew there was a change, and, as with any change, my life began a new journey. There were hills to still climb over and valleys to walk through, but this time Jesus was there with me, and He got me through them. My life was made new and has never been the same and has changed daily.

This life is not ever for just one here or there, but for all people who want a new life. If you will truly want a new life; if you will truly put self aside and seek the true God, He will find you. Jesus is not a respecter of anyone. No matter your sins, He has promised to forgive, and He will. You’ll get a new start in life, now with a purpose. No matter what your problems, bring them to the Lord Jesus. He’s big enough to handle them all.

There is a better life waiting for any one of you that wants it. Jesus said, “Come any of you to me, and I will give you rest and peace.” He also said he would give you a future and hope. Isn’t that what your heart longs for?


If a person who says they are a Christian is really a Christian, then they will make an effort to get to know Jesus, which comes by reading the Bible. Without making God’s Word a major part of your life when it is available, who you think you are might be what you are not!

Too many people use the term “Christian” way too loosely. Being a Christian requires a life lived for Christ not just in word but by the fruits that are produced from our daily living, and how our lives and possessions are used to touch others for God’s purposes, not our own kingdom building.

To be a Christian requires us to be different from the world we live in because God’s ways are not like the people of the world. A Christian is to be different. We may not be required to be the judge of others, but we certainly can see their fruit (the results of their behavior), and we will be known by this spiritual fruit by God and others. For those who are put in the position to judge, that is a whole different responsibility that few can accept and use rightly. We must be very careful in this area. We must be careful how we use the name of Christ, how we refer to ourselves as His follower.

Some will be in trouble one day because they used the name “Christian” too loosely. A scripture in Matthew Chapter 7:21 says, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but those who do the will of my Father in heaven.”

A Leader That Believed

Born into a farm family, this young man worked hard and long until his father died. He then became a bank clerk. He also tried his hand at many business ventures but they all failed. He became a field officer in World War I and served overseas. He later married and became a shopkeeper in Kansas City. Eventually he entered politics where in 1944 he was selected to run as Vice-President with President Roosevelt. Eighty two days later he became President when Roosevelt died.

Upon taking over the presidency, here is what he said to Congress: “At this moment I have a prayer in my head, as I have assumed my heavy duties. I humbly pray, Almighty God, in the words of King Solomon. Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge they people. That I may discern between good and bad, for who is able to judge this day so great a people? I ask only to be a good and faithful servant of my Lord and my people.”

This President went on to pray this prayer in 1950: “Oh Mighty and Everlasting God, Creator of heaven, earth and the universe, help me to think and act what is right because it is right. Make me truthful, honest and honorable in all things. Make me intellectually honest for the sake of right and honor and without thought of reward to me. Give me the ability to be charitable, forgiving and patient with my fellow man. Help me to understand their motives and their shortcomings even as Thou understandeth mine. Amen.”

There are several of this President’s prayers connecting the God of the Bible to everyday living for morality to faith. We need such leadership today by those who won’t give speeches that have to be politically correct, that will recognize the only true God as the Supreme over all and will not waiver, and that will be like our 33rd President from Lamar, Missouri, Harry S. Truman.



There are a lot of people that are saying a lot about trends in the future of our world.

There are signs of people cutting back but I believe that for those that God can use, He will, and wants us to move forward.

This time in history now has the greatest potential to touch lives in these very interesting and unstable days.

And guess what?  God knew all this.  God knows everything and there is no better place on this earth right now than to be one of His.

God’s positioning ministries and churches and people that will step up to the front lines.  He has all the resources and every plan drawn up.

What safer place to be right now than in the hand of the One who made you and gave you your abilities to use for the days ahead.

God has a purpose for everything that ever touches the lives of one of His own and He will use it for His glorious purpose.

God’s kingdom is a solid foundation.  It is built on the Rock, a great place for you to invest in the kingdom of God’s work.  It’s time for the true church to step up and be counted.  People are looking for truth and the kingdom of God possesses the truth.  Jesus is the answer for today’s trials and God’s on the move.  Let’s stay with Him and go forward making a difference until our time transfers us to our real home.

The great time of harvest is at hand.  Put your hands to the resources you have.  Use them.  Invest them.  The signs are saying the Master is coming for those that belong to Him.


Different times of the year have certain events that have happened in the past to remind the people of these, usually life-altering events. The 4th of July is to remind us of America’s birth as a free nation and its cost. Christmas reminds the world of the birth of a Savior for mankind, sent by God to redeem all people of the world from sin through Jesus, God’s son. But some change the real meaning of those events into shopping days or days of not celebrating the event but as an excuse to party and become rude or act stupid because of over indulgence in whatever they believe is right.

St. Patrick’s Day has nothing to do with luck. It has to do with the fact there was a real St. Patrick, and he was not a leprechaun- nor Irish. Patrick was a boy captured as a slave and taken to Ireland, was sold to a chieftain and spent six years tending to his flock of sheep. Patrick believed in God, despite his hardships, and eventually escaped and returned to his family. His faith had grown until he decided God had called him to the ministry. So he studied and became a priest. But God spoke to Patrick to return to Ireland and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. He struggled with this, but did go. When Patrick returned to Ireland, he faced great opposition. The land was so possessed by spiritual darkness of the Druid Culture and satanic practices. But God used Patrick in miraculous ways, even though he was made fun of and was always in great danger.

Patrick challenged the forces of Satan’s power and their evil religious system. He had power to overthrow any put up against him.

There are many legends about St. Patrick. We do know that he built the first Christian church ever in Ireland and for the 29 years of his ministry he lead over 120,000 souls to Christ and established over 300 churches.

No one knows where Patrick is buried, even to this day. Patrick was a man used of God to face his former enemies and to do them a great favor. Patrick taught the Irish that there is a great cost to serving God, but that the cost is worth paying, and those words are good to remember for any saint of God.


Much has changed in our world over the last century. The times always do change because of the ways we live as a people. This can be bad or good depending on such changes.

Twenty five years ago the way of church people was upheld as good. Today, only 20 percent of Americans even go to church. Social issues that went against Biblical teachings were not respected even by those who weren’t church type people. Now, today, we see the church mocked and ridiculed for its beliefs.

For many years those who were preachers were considered honorable and looked up to as moral leaders that helped set standards in living. Today, they are considered by a secular society as stupid, or mocked for their words spoken in truth about this day’s lifestyle.

We are headed for a collision in this world about values that is now challenging the true course of the church of Jesus against forces in society that are going to challenge it.

There is a great turmoil building in the distance and getting closer by the minute, and it will define those that truly are on Christ’s side or think they are. Change always happens, but it may not always be for the best. One thing is for certain, though: it is down to months and weeks now (no longer years). That will challenge what you yourself will stand for.

Jesus said, “Blessed is he who is not offended because of me.”



I think of how many who never consider God too much. Could this be you? There will come times when suddenly God will become important. Within an instant, life can change; what seems to be just an ordinary trip to the doctor or the store can sometimes end in drastic changes.

Some people have experienced such times. For others, those times will come. Just how important was it to watch television so much when they tell you that you or someone close to you has only a few days to live? Or how important were those things that you’ve now forgotten that caused you to stay away from church because of other things that mattered more? But now one of your children is lying in a hospital bed dying from an accident and only has hours to live, the doctors say.

There has been, and always will be, many who are called to the hospital to watch a loved one or close friend hover near death and realized how much they’ve missed because other things seemed to be more important. That is when we call for those who really know how to pray to help- and some try to, only to realize they don’t really know how.

Examine your life today. Nothing in this world is more important than your life being in tune with Jesus Christ, the only secure hope we have in this world. Do it today. Don’t wait for that day, which is coming, when you won’t be able to any longer.


There is a name to be given to almost any kind of action that is committed. We are now in a day where every problem is a result of some kind of disorder (bio- this or -ism that).  We basically put an excuse on many human behaviors when the bottom line is SIN. The sin nature takes on many forms and has been labeled with many kinds of disorders and treated like it is someone else’s fault. Therefore, somebody gets a “pass.”

Sin is a spiritual sickness that will manifest itself in all kinds of behaviors, and if labeled and treated with some new drug or procedure, nothing is going to change. We are only putting a mask on the face that will remain and won’t change, just be suppressed.

Repentance and a life turned over to Jesus is the only way to put an end to these humanistic activities. Mankind cannot save themselves, no matter what treatment they use, because only God’s remedy can go where no medicine can and where no program can treat. The spirit of any human is evil until it is changed by Jesus. If you don’t let Jesus in then you’ll never be healed or rescued from these problems. Jesus can cure the whole person, and it is a lot less costly than people’s methods.

God can and will take care of any area of any life. All it takes is to give it to Jesus and all will be well.