We live today in a world that is constantly shifting, a world that has been rapidly changing, and a world that one day looks encouraging and the next day makes us concerned about our future. One could get pretty discouraged with all that’s going on. In fact, as long as you look at the world, that is what’s going to happen.

No matter what goes on, every true child of God will overcome what’s ahead for them in the world. We don’t lose with God. The Bible says in Deuteronomy 31:6: “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

I want you to get a grip on the fact that you can’t fail when you’ll stay on God’s side. I know the world’s a mess, but God isn’t. God’s not moved or swayed by man’s opinion or problems. God knows the truth, and that is the only place from where He operates. Jesus is real. Jesus said in John 14:27: “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Folks, God loves all people, even those who don’t love Him. Even people that get up every day and think nothing of Him, even curse Him. He may not approve of their lifestyles, but God does care about everyone. If Jesus could feed 5,000 people at a time with only two baskets of food, or if God could lead 2 to 3 million people out into a desert place and care for them for 40 years, then your needs are as well taken care of. The same God that preserved Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale and in that whale’s belly for three days- and the same God who gave a young boy the power to put an end to a giant who was mocking God- is the very same God that we have here with us today!

His miracles did not pass away with the apostles nor at any other time. That same God of Heaven and of earth is here with you today. We have a great hope in Christ. There is truly power in His position as the Son of the living God who causes hell to tremble; and believe me when I say that if we put our lives in His capable hands, hell takes notice. You can’t be touched in God’s hands, but only by God, for if Satan gets too close that hand will crush him.



All people have those enemies in some form who they struggle with. Some can be pretty serious foes and others just antagonizing. They all have some effect on us. Now, of the serious nature, these pestering enemies can do much more damage than others; drugs and alcohol are enemies you can see. Others like lying, stealing, fornication, adultery, slandering, and un-forgiveness can be covered up more. But they are still an enemy of God.

There is nothing ever covered up with God. He sees your enemies and knows if you are allowing them to have their way in your life. He will always try to help you, but many refuse or are so caught up in sin that they can’t recognize His help.

The Bible tells of the account in the book of Joshua where a man name Achan, who along with others, was told not to take any items from a battle they fought in Jericho. But Achan did, and he hid these things inside his home. But God knew this and brought great judgment on all the people until Achan was found out. Then it cost him his life. But Achan had already been responsible for 36 others dying.

Today across the land there are those who have sinful things in their lives, in their homes, and in their hearts that they won’t deal with; and it is hurting not just them, but others.

You can never defeat your enemies, no matter what or who they are, until you allow God to help you. Today examine yourself in all areas. Get rid of those hidden things that are causing someone else other than God to have his way, and God will remove it and help you.


There once was, several years ago, a fine Christian man who had tuberculosis. He was poor and had suffered with sickness for a long while. There were people who would help him and his family, and the man was grateful. He wanted badly to return the favor for their kindness. Finally the only way the Christian man could think of to repay others was to pray for them.

The man was a Godly soul and a friend of God. So he began to pray fervently for a local merchant who had been so kind to help his family and the church that had reached out and helped as well. One day the merchant felt his great need for a Savior and accepted Jesus as his Lord.

Over a period of time the man passed away from this life into the glorious life of heaven. Soon afterwards revivals began to break out in local churches as God began to move upon the people.

This revival became very powerful in the region and many were saved from darkness to life. A minister later on visited the home of the man who had been so sick and poor and was now in heaven. The minister in talking to the man’s wife was shown a diary from her husband. As the minister read, there were again and again prayers for the lost that had been saved at those revivals, and also for every church where each one had experienced an outpouring of God upon them. There were even mission works that had also experienced this great revival move of God.

Even a man so poor and feeble in body had such power with God that his very prayer moved the hearts of many, and so can you. Your position on earth means nothing unless you have a position with God, and that is where the authority is.


Years ago, and in some places still today, wine was stored in skins made, especially with new skins, so they can expand as the wine is brewing and fermenting from grape juice. Now if old wineskins have stored wine before, they’ve already been expanded and stretched to their max. If someone put too much new wine in an old skin, it could burst and the contents would be lost. So new wine, in some places, is made and transported in skins today or canvases.

The Bible in the Old and New Testaments speaks of wineskins and their use and examples of what can happen when not properly prepared. In one place, like Matthew 9:17, this very type of thing is mentioned. Yet the point to be made is the fact that people, themselves, must be able to stretch in their walk with God.

Now God doesn’t change, just like the wine doesn’t. But with seasons and time periods, God chooses, at times, new methods, but not the ingredients. Some fight change, while others embrace it.

There are many changes going on right now and most are going to bust open something. God expects more from those who claim they’re Christians. And if they’re not willing to be more pliable, then what did they do with the old wineskins?

Which kind of wineskin are you for God? People can be fooled by looks but God knows the contents.


I have found, and I think most people who have attended church for awhile would have to agree, that music is one of the touchiest areas of many squabbles in the church.  Maybe it has always been that way but I’d rather believe it is something that has risen to the forefront since about the late 1970’s, but has really mushroomed out beginning in the late 1980’s. Since then it has caused, for some churches, much difficulties in making adjustments to worship services.

There is no easy solution.  What we have done, in some cases, is separate the young too much from the older ones.  At times letting each have their own type of service.  But when we’ve come together there has been a few emotional thoughts shared that has caused one side or the other to be opposed toward the other’s style of music.

There is no question that music in the church is only second to the sermon, and sometimes, in some churches, it leans in on that as well.  Churches have split over music styles and choices.  Music has been used as a tool to work up the audiences.  It is obvious that there has been a real disconnect when people in your church, under 38, don’t even recognize most hymns of the church which are just as important as their chorus’s.

Everything good has its place in the kingdom of God’s work and we must learn to adapt with a Godly attitude or the change won’t bring honor to God.  We must remember there was an angel who was removed from heaven because he, as the worship leader, wanted to turn the worship program his way.  And now today Satan gives us all trouble.  Let it not be so nor give in to his ways in your church.



Never forget what God has done for you. Sometimes we have to be reminded where we’ve been to get a clear look at where we are going, because no matter where it is, no matter what you’re headed into, God has made the provisions you’ll need.

Revelation 2:17 lets us know that God still provided for His people from start to finish. God provided manna for His people in Exodus and still provides it for today, but it needs to be fresh. We can’t live on yesterdays past. So we need God every day. Every day the people needed new manna to survive for that day. You’ll never stay fresh enough in the Kingdom of God.

You can’t grow much, or for long, on yesterday’s provisions. God wants to give us something fresh every day and we need to get out and find what it is and move forward or we will miss many of God’s assignments. God has many plans for our lives and who knows what a day holds but Him? Now you can be assured that Jesus has made all the provisions you’ll ever need to make a difference not just in your life, but in many others around you.

God has provided for us to do something great for Him. Life here is not at all about you, it is all about Him. Far too many Christians waste the precious time God gives them on themselves. Re-evaluate your life. Just what are you really doing to see the world, or this area, your town, changed for the cause of Christ?

We all need Spiritual manna every day, and there is only one source to find…start at God’s Word. Your obedience to live that Word out will cause changes to happen. Time is running out for your family, your friends, this town, your neighbors and the world. Don’t you want to know what God wants to do with your life before it is over?

What Tomorrow Holds

I’m fully convinced that time is now drawing short for the influence of Christianity. There may very well be a great awakening, and I pray that there is one great harvest from the fields. As Christians, we have an obligation to promote the truth and to be as great of an impact that we can be in the days we have left to work.

In all my interviews with authors, and especially prophecy speakers, each one that I’ve talked to believes that the true deceiver is here but hasn’t been brought into that status yet. Maybe the rapture is what’s on hold in him coming forward. I’m sure that we are that close, and we all had better get our spiritual houses in order. This is really a great time for the church, and each day is putting us one step closer to that great day ahead.

We have to now be about the Father’s real business and put ours aside. God’s plans are in the works, and so should our covering, for what we can do for the Kingdom of God. Heaven awaits our arrival. We must be prepared and found being about heaven’s business. Invest now in the Kingdom of God.

Be praying diligently for who knows what tomorrow holds. Only the One who made it knows.

Whatever work God has given you to use, make the most of it now while there is still time to work.


Exodus 3:7 – “And the Lord said: ‘I have surely seen the oppression of my people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters, for I know their sorrows.’ ” What’s happening concerning His People? Exodus 3:14 – “And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”

Many people say today they believe in God, but few really know who He is. We do have a generation now that really does not know God ,nor do they fear Him. For those who want to step up, God will use. It takes commitment, but most of all faith. The question is, do you believe God is really God and are you willing to live like He wants you to? It takes faith to trust God and obey what He asks, and that’s what is required of us. God has plans for every one of our lives, and we must by faith reach out and take hold of what God asks us to. Today each one of you has something in your possession that God wants to bring about change in your life and use for His greater purpose than your plans.

And it’s not always easy, but obedience is the only way to follow through with God’s plans. You see, He’s not really that interested in all of how we think things ought to be, for He knows exactly how they are supposed to be. He expects us to do what He asks, especially those who have committed their lives to Him. It’s not easy for many Christians to remember God is holy and neither His character nor His word changes. But we must keep it that way regardless of how we see things ourselves. God understands our frustrations in this life, and He knows that we are human and humans make mistakes. God expects the world to act evil and be angry, but He expects His children to obey His word and act differently. God expects His people to be His people, and He can fix our mistakes, but remember He does so His way. He wants to do the same for you if you’re willing to put the issues of your life in His hands. God will deal with those other people and areas concerning you. But it starts with you. Are you willing to do your part regardless of others?


As times for political races begin, candidates start making their pitches on their so-called opinions about what the people of that particular state, county, city or wherever they live seem to need. I find it interesting how they will use the word “values.” They’ll say that they are representing the people with their values in mind.

Right there ought to be the first indication that they’re not truthful because that statement is only partially true. No one can represent the values of all the people or even most of the people. There are only two scales that can be used when people decide their values: their own way or God’s way.

If the people’s values are voted and a judge overturns them, even though the issue passed, then the judge ruled not on the people’s voted values but on the judge’s opinion of their own values.

You see, values are nothing more than our own opinions. What gives anything value is what our opinion of it is. In this world there are only two opinions on any matter, God’s or yours. And if the two disagree with each other, then you can say God’s truth or Satan’s lie. You can’t have God’s value and twist His words to fit your purpose.

This happens all the time, but it is not going to change God’s truth. When He says sin is sin, it is. And no court anywhere can overturn His truth. Because He alone is Supreme above manmade opinions, and God alone will judge the outcome of the decisions that are made.


Across the world today there is turmoil, but that is generally the way it has always been. In the Heavenlies there rages battles we can’t see but feel as the forces of darkness try to overrun the kingdom of light.

At times it may look as if Satan’s crowd is winning, but it can never be. Evil may prevail here and there for a while, but it is God that will always write the last chapter of anyone’s life and His kingdom work.

Yes, today the Christians here on earth are outnumbered, but not defeated. When a Christian really acts like one one, someone who goes beyond just saying they are, and are Kingdom servants working in the fields for the Lord, they have such greater power, more than any force of evil.

Leviticus 26:8 tells us about what happens when a true follower of God stands with God against Satan’s forces. Here’s what it says, “Five of you shall put ten thousand to flight. Your enemies shall fall before you.”

So it doesn’t matter what we face as a Christian. You never face it alone. The government can’t be relied on nor the economy. Not even a whole lot of friends. In times of trouble, one real Christian outnumbers hundreds who stand against God. And no matter what we may face today or in the future, the Kingdom of God will prevail and crush the enemies that it faces. For there is no God greater or more powerful than the God of the Bible of heaven and of earth.