In the early 1900s Monrovian missionaries, as recorded in history, went into prayer meetings concerning the preaching of the gospel to Japan. Many other missionaries had gone before them but had much difficulty learning how to properly speak the language.

For six weeks, night and day, these Monrovian missionaries prayed for God’s help and guidance. After six weeks of intense prayer they began to speak the Japanese languages fluently without any training from others but only the Spirit of God. And so they went off to Japan to spread the gospel.

God’s incredible power is so unknown by much of the church today. Yet God is the very same God that directed Noah, Daniel, the Apostles and great men and women of God to do such wonderful, powerful things to change the hearts of the people and thus change society.

God is looking today for those who will turn to Him for direction for their lives. God wants to use people today to have such an effect on society that His greatness and mercy might be exposed to mankind.

Much of this culture today is so deceived and out of touch with a relationship with the only true and living God, the only one who can help them. Jesus is the only answer to today’s problems and challenges. There is no other way or hope for the people of this world.

Take a real good look at your life and those around you. What do you truthfully see? If God can cause someone to speak a new language to accomplish His plans, He also can change something in you and make your life have greater purpose.




There are two accounts in the Bible of someone being called dead, but when Jesus spoke He said they were only sleeping.

People said in Mark chapter 5 that Jarius’ daughter, who was sick, had died. When Jesus heard them say this, He said, “No, she is only sleeping.” And when He spoke to her body, she became alive. In John chapter 11, Jesus was told that His friend, Lazarus, had died. But He said, “No,” that Lazarus was sleeping. And when Jesus spoke to Lazarus’ lifeless body, it came alive.

The point I want to make is that we, today, need the church of the living God to come to life. Some people see very little life in some of God’s churches and it looks like they are dead. But they are not. God is not limited by man’s opinions. God has His own opinion and needs no one else’s.

This world is desperately in need of a church that lives and God will again, as He has before, breathe His life into those that are still faithful to hear His voice. This world is coming to its closing days. We’re in the final stretch of time and God is going to bring to life a glorious church to counter the darkness like never before.

The Great Day of the Lord is at hand! Watch for the greatness of God’s mighty hand on His true church.


  • PRAYER is the underlying Foundation for every great move of God.
  • PRAYER is the best avenue to take each day because of the uncertainties of what a day might produce.
  • PRAYER is the wisest response when there is trouble on the horizon.
  • PRAYER is the key to every true revival.
  • PRAYER is the kindest way to handle an enemy.
  • PRAYER is the only hope when nothing else can be done in a situation.
  • PRAYER is the only way to establish peace in the midst of any of life’s storms.
  • PRAYER is the first call that should be made when you need someone to talk to.
  • PRAYER is always still an option when all other options are gone.
  • PRAYER is the only guidance method to lead you down the real path your life should follow.
  • PRAYER is mankind’s greatest way they can communicate with God.
  • PRAYER is real; it goes beyond feelings and emotions and engages reality.
  • PRAYER is the great comforter for it can instantly bring the presence of God to your heart.
  • PRAYER should be the first line of Defense and is always the best offense.
  • PRAYER can help you with everything that’s connected to tomorrow, for prayer connects you with who knows all about tomorrow.
  • PRAYER can never make a request that in some way its author cannot orchestrate.
  • PRAYER is always available to those who want to take time for it.
  • PRAYER can fight all your battles seen and unseen.
  • PRAYER will shape your true character
  • PRAYER directs you to God’s agenda
  • PRAYER is always an invitation to God from you
  • PRAYER can deal with the stresses of life
  • PRAYER is the link that knows how to connect the heart of God with the heart of mankind.


Many centuries ago when kingdoms had only people to rely on to keep watch over their people, they would place watchmen in towers on high hills or on top of city walls to watch for approaching danger. These men were to sound the alarm if trouble was spotted approaching; the people, these “watchmen,” were responsible for warning the citizens of the countryside.

Today, there again is a great need to warn the people of the days that loom before them. Many of the Biblical events have happened and are now growing with greater interest in coming days ahead for us.

This time period is now lining up with scripture more closely than in times past. The atmosphere is being filled with great uncertainty, and people feel this even though many do not understand just where this is all headed.

Never before in history has there been such a time as this. People must be awakened to the events of the day and those to come. Nothing is just happening by coincidence. God is allowing all these situations to make one last great push to cause mankind’s eyes to be opened.

No one has exact dates and times, but there is a growing of great uneasiness among many people all over the world. Just one wrong option thrown into the mix that countries are experiencing will set off a downfall of many other situations.

The time is now for people to get a hold of the only solid thing that there is. And that is Jesus, the only hope that never will fail regardless of what else does.


Here, everywhere, any place you go, wherever you look, distractions get our attention away from other things that you maybe should be doing. We live in an information age; in fact, maybe too much information. With some of these things that are supposed to help us manage our time, it’s very likely that they control it.

Now there have always been distractions, but what we have now is harder to get away from. Satan knows how to use these distractions to his benefit, and he does: his whole point is to distract our attention from anything of God, even to the point of using it to fight against God.

The wise person keeps his focus on truth and will try to guard against distraction. The greatest weapon you have is to commit yourself to God to keep you from being distracted by asking God to put a hedge of protection from being led away from the places He wants you.

Distractions are only going to get worse, and we all need help. Without the Spirit of God, we will get turned around from being what He has planned for us to be. Guard your heart and commit your plans daily to God just as Psalm says. And He will and does have the very power you need to keep you from being distracted from His greater purpose.


We have now entered the time in our history concerning the approaching of the last great awakening of the church. Only those caught up in the beliefs of man won’t be able to see the drastic changes that are surrounding our day.

This has to be the generation of those who consider themselves to be truly born again Christians to begin to affirm God to this generation. We have seen nothing yet to what our world will experience, and yet this is the greatest time for the true church to arise and take their place, “for such a time as this.”

There are some who still won’t believe, and yet there are many beginning to wonder as they see events unfold over our world, things that are extreme. For we are beginning to see extremes.

Sinfulness has been unleashed at every level, and yet there is that last hope we can possess that the great God of the universe will step in like never before to address the issues that are having such an effect upon His people.

No matter the circumstances we face that seem to want to change us, they cannot change God. What the future holds for those who profess Jesus as Lord will have to deal with Him first, and He will deal with them once and for all.


I am amazed at how people that talk of knowing Jesus and talk of their commitment to God will get caught up in so many things that actually work against the very things God says not to do. They’re dishonest in what they say to people while the Bible says we’re not to lie. They do personal work on their job, are on the phone, or are late to work when God says you’re to live not as the world does but to be different. They go to casinos just for entertainment, but God said not to mess with dishonest scales that cheat people.

People are always calculating on what they can get by with in this life when it really doesn’t hurt anyone. But it does and will because anything that is not of God is not going to get His approval, and therefore will cause people to be in big trouble when God separates the good from the bad (or, as He puts it, the wheat from the chaff).

People, because of their own self values, calculate what will get them to heaven because they’re basically a good person. You can’t calculate your way to heaven. There’s no way to second guess God and win. Either you are all out for Him or you are somewhere else- and so are a lot of religious people.


Whenever a soldier many years ago went to battle, before guns and cannons, armor was used to shield from swords or spears. Today, soldiers don’t use such armor. But Christians are told about armor in the Bible in Ephesians 6:10-18. This is called the Armor of God. It’s spiritual armor, and if any Christian is going to advance and do anything for the kingdom of God, they need this armor.

The real Christian life is a life that espouses the gospel and battles the enemy that opposes God. The devil is real, and he fights dirty. He has some power, but God is greater, and He tells us to put on the armor He provides- like prayer, peace and God’s Word- to fight with the truth and stand for the ways of God.

I’m afraid that way too many Christians would rather just hide behind the armor than use it to battle the forces of darkness. Some people get offended that some of us believe there is a spiritual darkness over many people, even in many churches.

Spiritual warfare is as real as life itself, and it comes in many forms. It’s not just the people who dabble with the occult. Witchcraft comes in many forms, and a great one is deception- getting you to believe it doesn’t even exist.

Take up God’s armor today. Stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything. Without the armor of God, you’ll be defeated- and many others you care about will as well. Stand now and amount to something for the Kingdom of God.


That word is said a lot in the area these days, and a lot of people in the area play their hand at it weekly. Actually, we do it a lot more than you think. We take chances with our future, our family, even our own lives at times, believing the odds are in our favor. That is what everyone that likes to take chances believes.

The greatest mistake comes with the bet we place on our soul, the chances we take thinking we can handle our own lives and come out a winner. But we won’t.

Every day, every person is given the option to gamble on their lives, believing that if they just get one more opportunity or place one more bet, they just might make it. We waste our time and waste God’s money. We waste His blessings convincing ourselves we are doing okay.

Spinning that wheel, pulling that slot, rolling those dice, and once in a while it might look like we are winning; but the true results will come after your life is over and the things you thought were fun and important will have caused you to come up short.

If you are reading this, you still have the option to put all you have on Jesus, turning your life over to Him. The odds of not doing so and spending eternity away from Him are 100 percent.


Why should you pray?

  • Prayer draws the Spirit of God more fully into your life.
  • Prayer invites wisdom in and God’s power to help you.
  • Prayer will chase away pressures of stresses in life.
  • Prayer directs you toward God’s agenda.
  • Prayer gives you confidence that can stir your inner abilities to go on and live above life’s circumstances.
  • Prayer will reveal to you the necessary changes needed to take place that will help you grow into the person of character God has truly made you to be.
  • Prayer can fight all your battles and win those seen and unseen, for you are drawn into the presence of God which no spiritual or human force can stand against.
  • Prayer is powerful because, as you pray, you connect with the strength of heaven as you face the world.

The more prayer, the less the one praying has to do, for God intervenes more where He is invited. As you pray you open the door for heavenly powers to come and attach themselves in all that concerns you.

Prayer is the great key for the great God of heaven and earth to do great things.