God has all the supplies of what you have need of in the days ahead and it doesn’t matter the day or the hour.  And God reminds all that nothing is too hard for our Lord as it says in Genesis 18:4.  Yes absolutely nothing is impossible for God to do and so it is very wise to follow His ways.  Therefore, God always has the right schedule for your day.  Let Him be your teacher, your counselor, and He will always be your friend.

You will find God’s word is rich if you will feed your heart with it.  There is more than enough for you and to all that have needs.  And in this life your best ally with the Lord Jesus is His Holy Spirit who helps you to understand what you can’t on your own.  You need the Holy Spirit to lead you every day to point you down the path that God has provided and set His angels in charge over.  You see the Holy Spirit of the living God wants to live in you, and He will grant you all the days, hours, and minutes needed to get His will accomplished if you are willing to participate.

So don’t hold tight to anything that has the potential to segregate you from God.  Keep very short accounts, never harbor forgiveness, and allow all our decisions to go to His feet first.  The time is critical now to be about the Father’s business.  Don’t waste His valuable time on your personal projects that are just going to burn up eventually.  All that we do should be done with a heavenly purpose in mind. You can find that God keeps His ever watchful eye upon this world and knows all of its mysteries.  God’s treasures hold vast resources no man can match, and with the full knowledge of how every one of them should be used.  For God will lead you beside still waters and daily restore your soul.  He will lead you along the very paths of His righteousness, He grants you your next breath and will never leave you or forsake you.  Absolutely nothing is ever too hard for God, never is His mighty arm so short that He can’t reach where ever needed, and do all that needs done.

This is an excerpt from my recent new book published as “What God Can Do”.





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