This is an unusual thought, but if we really want to consider what the cost was for a Savior for all mankind to be sent to earth, then what went with it? Jesus was not just a baby boy born in Bethlehem, or among animals in a cave-type stable. There would be a price for this baby Jesus, born by a young virgin girl. Placed in her womb was the Son of God by the Holy Spirit.

There would be a price for the Son of God to be born. It would cost Jesus His life to save ours. This baby would grow up to be a man to walk on the same earth that we walk on. He was the God-man to show humanity that we can live above this world and experience a life of freedom from sin and of hope.

This baby Jesus came to bring us peace for He was the Prince of Peace, but He also came to divide us from the ways of the world. And this is where the price becomes real. Jesus is not a baby in a manger. Jesus is God, made into flesh and the conqueror of the sins of the world.

Far too many leave Jesus in the manger and that is how they would like to remember Him. But don’t we forget the price HE paid for coming out of that manger?

Jesus came to be an example of a righteous way of life to defeat every enemy we will ever face here on this earth.

Galatians 4: “…God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law… Therefore you are no longer a slave but…an heir of God through Christ.

Jesus was God in the flesh and still is with us today.



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