Just who was Joseph?  Was he always an honorable man?  Did God have some special lessons for him to learn before he could truly be used by God?  God needed to adjust Joseph’s attitude and way of thinking.  First of all, Joseph’s father didn’t help matters when he showed Joseph favor in front of Joseph’s brothers.

His brothers were no angels, they resented Joseph because of his favoritism and Joseph held it over them, which didn’t help matters.  They devised a plan to get rid of him.  Joseph was sold into slavery and became a high official’s servant.  Joseph runs the official’s house.  But a problem arises with the man’s wife.  The woman tries to entice him to be her lover.  But he refuses and runs off and is accused of assault.

Joseph chose to honor God.  Yet Joseph is placed in prison. God is setting Joseph up to see how he is going to handle this matter.  Joseph helps two government officials.  One is released from prison and Joseph tells him his sad story.  Yet the scripture says in Genesis chapter 39:23, “Yet the chief butler did not remember Joseph, but forgot him.”  I know it is hard to believe, but here’s a guy that tells you your future and you forgot him?  Not hardly!  God made the butler forget because Joseph hadn’t gotten the picture yet.  And God was not finished in the classroom.

Now two years later and it is time for Joseph to be released by God by His reasons Pharaoh sent and called Joseph and they brought him quickly out of the dungeon. Now, Joseph can be used because he gives God the credit when he says, “It is not me, but God that will show you.”  Now God can get the glory as Joseph begins to see his purpose for God.  Something happened in that two year period.  Something happened that God was able to humble Joseph enough to now use his life according to God’s purpose.  How long does God have to keep us in prison or like places?  God always tries to get us into places where we can learn some of the things we need.  Now Joseph gets promoted by God, not by man, the one who chose him for his special purpose in the first place, it just took Joseph some time.  God is always ready but the question is always the same, are we?


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