The Bible has many accounts of people deciding what was most important to them. Those were not family or close friends but just things, like possessions and livelihood.

In Matthew, chapter 9, you’ll find the story of the demon-possessed man who, when delivered, Jesus sent the demons into pigs, where 2000 of them ran off a cliff into the sea. Yet the people knowing this was God’s way of dealing with a sinful situation still asked Jesus to leave them for they didn’t want Jesus to mess up any more of their commerce. It was more important to them.

Then there is the account of the rich young ruler in Luke, chapter 18 of the Bible. Here a man who said he wanted to follow Christ would not when he had to make the choice of all his possessions versus following Jesus. He chose his possessions.

Many do this every day. They say they love God and want to do His will but when hard choices must be made, they generally choose things that are more important to them. They trade following God’s plan for what they feel is more important. We will do this a lot unless we will look at life and all of our decisions with eternity in mind.

Too many miss out on heaven’s best because of how they feel about their homes or boats, land or money. Things are just that – things. And are these things really that important to go and trade off one’s soul just for earthly pleasure or gain?


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