The true Christian voice will be heard above all for truth speaks louder than words. The time will come where people will listen to what the Christian has been trying to tell them. God will give them a platform when His time is right if the Christian will take the opportunity. With the Christian, when people see life falling apart, God will have a plan to get people’s attention and draw them to Jesus. The Christian is the vehicle God will use. It is the Christian’s duty to bring encouragement when there is discouragement, to have a fresh word from God when people are willing to listen.

It will be the committed Christian whose faith people see that will stand strong in tough times. The world’s circumstances, at times, try to tear people apart. But it must be the Christian who stands firm and looks to God for their help, not the world’s ways of handling the trials that come.

The Christians are to bring the encouragement the world needs. They represent Jesus, the bread of life and truth. It must be the Christian voice that is heard first and the loudest. If the Christian will be the example of righteousness where there is none, if the church will be Holy when the world isn’t, it must be the church that sets the real standard for the world to follow.

When the world crashes, and it will happen, as lives fall apart, the only hope is Jesus and the only one with that message, Jesus said, would be His true church. The world is looking for those with the answers. Satan has only counterfeit solutions. If the church will hold its course as laid out by God’s word then and only then will people find the way.



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