For many years now Americans have decided to choose the type of leadership that they wanted. Many profess they are Christians, yet most of the time they vote for candidates that they believe will benefit their own personal interest and allow any Christian qualifications to be at the end of the list of how they will vote. The results we have had for quite some time is direct evidence of such of this type of voting activity.

People call themselves conservatives but that does not mean Christian. In fact, in some of the latest polling, there is actually only 5 to 7 percent of America’s population who truly consider themselves Christian conservatives. So conservative doesn’t mean what it really used to.

If Americans decide this next election to again vote for their own personal agendas, like economics and as many personal benefits that they believe they might receive then the problem is not the politicians, it is the people voting for them. The people in authority are a direct response to the heart of the voter.

Liars elect liars, cheats elect cheats, ungodly officials are the product of ungodly voters and right now the indication is that is what they are going to do again.

I believe this time there are actually some born again Christians, (“and more than one”) running to lead this nation. And if our so-called Christian America decides to throw them aside because they just don’t like them regardless of their Christian faith. Then my own personal guess is that God will look upon the matter and allow this nation to be dealt with accordingly and will reap from what they’ve sown in society, a harvest that is going to bring this nation to its knees.


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