Well, it is here; the days have come to where we will start to see events actually lived out before us as prophecy has said. I’ve always wondered about this time – how it would all come together. Would there be something you seemed to sense or even taste in the atmosphere?

Satan has been given a credit card. The invasion of sinfulness and immorality has now its greatest reach here in America as it ever had.

People are not our enemy. It is the sinful state of a person’s soul that possesses that individual and the changing of one’s soul will only bring the real answer needed so desperately at this time. Sin attacks us all, but the unprotected soul is most vulnerable; those that play with sin on any level sin opens our soul to danger.

For us to accept sinful behavior will be required by many in today’s society. Every one of us will have to respond and your response is going to declare where you stand and who has your allegiance. You’re the people of America. The people of the church are getting ready to have to make some of the biggest and maybe the most life changing decisions of your lifetime.

Our fight, for sure, is wickedness in high places, not just the flesh and blood that it controls. As Joshua said when his people were to face their enemies we must do the same as they were to face giants and many enemies. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” And this is probably going to be at a cost. How high, I don’t know, but there will be. God is all we’ve got, but that is OK. He’s all that we need.


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