Yes there is such a thing that inflicts a person’s heart and when it does then it spreads throughout their whole life. In Psalms 40, verse 17, King David, probably the most wealthy of all upon the earth at the time, saw his great need as he said, “I am poor and needy, yet the Lord thinks upon me; you are my help and deliverer.” You see it wasn’t wealth that the king needed. It was things much more valuable than possessions. It was the need of peace and assurance, things that money can’t really buy.

Living a moral life helps people to experience these things. But when morals are failing, tension and strife result into wickedness and confusion. The loss of morality in a society comes with a high cost, trust is broken between the people, and the care of their fellow men becomes less important. Ungodly laws and rules are in-acted.

Yes the loss of morality in people’s lives ends up leading to a spiritual poverty mentality. Do you recognize it today? Much of the world has been on this slippery slope for quite a long time and now we are free-falling.

There is really now nothing that mankind can do to stop, except to plead to the only source for deliverance, the Holy God of mankind.

This nation of America with its wealth and power is spiritually bankrupt. It has rejected the God who gave its beginning, who has blessed this nation throughout the years and now finds itself in moral poverty that has eaten away at its core values and purposes.

If God doesn’t intervene and the people repent and turn from their ways, and the church is the biggest of all offenders at times and there eventually is going to be a great collapse of a once great spiritual giant.


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