The old term for those that straddle the fence is a term referring to people who try to play with both sides of an issue so they don’t have to really take a side and try to make both sides happy. But this always leads to little affect.

You can never trust those fence riders. They are on whoever’s side they need to be when it is convenient.

Sad to say, there is a pretty good crew of them in the churches today. People who say they are a true born again Christian but most of their actions say otherwise. No matter how man sees them, God recognizes them quickly. He knows where their true heart lies and a majority of them really aren’t on God’s side at all.

I believe the time is now turning to where God is beginning to electrify the fence and He is going to get those on the fence on one side or the other. Times are changing especially concerning about how God looks to those who are going to stand up or keep with the world’s side. There is not going to be any more of this type of behavior for God does say in His Word right at the end of time that there will be a great separation between the world’s people and those that belong to Christianity.

On judgment day most people know there will be a separation but I believe it is coming now for the church to really represent Christ and suffer the consequences even the world dislikes the fence riders just like God does.

There are no “maybe” Christians. You are or are not and your life style says a lot. If you get shocked make sure you understand that God is trying to get your attention.


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