One must learn from God so as to know what God is like. One may need Him to be something at a place in their life, like provider or protector and yet to another He may need to be counselor or guide. Yet to the one that is insincere or rebellious, they will find God to be abrasive. But then again to the one that has a repentant heart; God will be merciful and understanding. For those who may feel self-condemned, they will find God to be generous and loving. With the one who is fearful, weak, poor or ignorant in spirit, God can be forgiving, understanding and gentle. To a stranger, God is always hospitable. Because of God’s kindness, He is cordial to all that want to know more about Him.

From God’s goodness toward us, we can find encouragement and though He is mighty, we need not be afraid of Him. By our own attitudes and perceptions of God, we determine who we see God as.

He will never force Himself upon us but will welcome us to Him through the way of salvation found in His Son, Jesus Christ. Just as all prodigal children of His, we must come to the Father as the prodigal came. Our own attitude which we have towards God will always determine how God chooses to receive us to Him or not.


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