God never abandons His people. Gods into helping His people for God wants His people to not be entangled with the world’s standards and deceptions. We in ourselves cannot do what needs done to live a life above this world, to just be a good person. God wants us to be different and He knows life is hard. Therefore, God knew we needed help.

God had tried in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. But mankind was just too weak in his own flesh. Mankind needs supernatural help and that can only rightly come from God. So in the form of us mankind, God sent His Son. He did so through a human, a woman, to be like a son of man. But He was the Son of the living God that through Him, all humanity could experience salvation by the sacrifice of Jesus giving His life. Jesus said He came that all could be forgiven of sins in His name, that captives could be set free, that the lame could walk, people are healed and redeemed, by His blood that would be sacrificed on a cross this happened. Jesus works according to the will of the Father, regardless of how we always think the outcome should be.

No matter what we’ve done, no matter whom we are. God is not a respecter of persons. He sees no color, no size, and no stature. God looks at all equally. It doesn’t matter your social status, there are no barriers between God and man, except sin. It matters not what your past holds, God is not interested. God is interested now in your future and what is possible if you will turn it all over to Him.


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