When God Chooses

Benajah Carroll grew up as a young boy in church in Arkansas and was baptized in his teens, yet struggled in His faith. In the late 1850’s he attended Baylor University and became a challenging debater and headed for a promising career as a lawyer when the Civil War broke out.

He joined the confederate army under McCullough’s Rangers. When he had to return home to attend to his dying father he fell in love and married but when Benajah wanted to return to Texas his wife refused to go and broke her marriage vow, and he was granted a divorce. This depressed Benajah so much that he broke his ties with the church, rejected the Bible and re-enlisted in the seventeenth Texas Confederate infantry and became a fierce fighter in every battle until April of 1864 when Benajah was nearly killed when shot in the battle near Mansfield, Louisiana. He was sent back to die and he began to read scriptures.

He became overwhelmed as the words of Jesus spoke to his soul and spirit as he read Matthew 11:28. One night Benajah surrendered his life to Christ and to serve him and began to preach the Gospel. He became a very effective minister of the Gospel and a leader of his denomination and eventually founded the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas which has provided thousands of Christian leaders, pastors, and missionaries and still does so today.

Isn’t it an amazing thing how God is so patient with us and will choose the most unlikely people to do the most remarkable things with? God will do the same for you; the day you are ready to put your hand in his and trust the outcome. For God has wonderful plans to make your life whole and meaningful beyond your wildest imagination.



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