God has a plan and that plan is going to be carried out, one way or another.  God could have used other methods but He (“God”) chose to work in people to get what He wants accomplished if you’ll cooperate.  If you are truly willing to let God have His way and return to His purposes, God still has a plan for any of us.

We may have messed up as much as anyone could mess up one’s life, but God is never finished with us.  The only way God can’t work in our lives is when we run away from Him ourselves.  He never wants to leave us.  If someone is away from God, it is because they chose to leave Him.

How many have done things and gone places where God would not accompany them because they were in places where sin dwelled and they participated, yet God stood ready to help them if they would only repent and ask to start over?

God loves to do attitude checks on us at different stages of our lives so we can re-adjust to become the real person He needs us to be and that we are capable of becoming.

If a person is alive, there are still experiences God wants to have with them.  Some today still refuse the mercy of God.  Their pride causes them to think they can save themselves so their guilt of sin causes some to try to do works of righteousness.  But that won’t save them, it only worsens their heart.

You have a purpose.  Will you stop worrying about tomorrow and do what God asks of you?  Are you willing to be used by God wherever and whatever?  There is a cost, a struggle, a fight sometimes, but God will help you if you are willing to let Him.


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