People are made up mainly of water and air and a range of other things except for one special part of the brain where the true soul of mankind is at a place that is attached to a human body that has extreme power of conviction, determination and will-power that is not of the form of flesh, water or bone. Somewhere deep within every person is what is referred to as the soul and this place in all of us is connected spiritually which makes us a spiritual being. Animals do not have this kind of deep spiritual connection, only the human race.

When we die, our body, like the animals, will decay and for a while all that is left will be only bone. But at the time of one’s death, the spirit departs. It returns to its true creator, the very God of the universe, the only true God, known as the “Great I AM”. From there the soul of the person they had here on earth will be judged by Christ, the Son of God, and will be held accountable for what they’ve done on earth in accordance with God’s Word.

Now from there one will travel to a place God made for His people and those who did not obey His Word will have to be placed in hell, made for God’s enemy, Satan. But because of human choice, they will be separated from God forever. Everything we do has a spiritual connection.

Mankind spends millions of dollars trying to fix societies problems when it is all connected to sin and the only way to deal with it and fix it is in the spiritual realm by coming to Jesus for forgiveness, repentance and deliverance. Then the matters can be fixed and dealt with rightly.



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