Now when you read this title, your first thought is airplanes flying from one destination to another. Maybe you are thinking of cell phone towers and other forms of people connecting with each other. Then there are media outlets like radio, television or the internet or even satellite communications. There is, for sure, a lot of commerce that passes through the skies above transmitting all kinds of information and commerce.

But I’d like to cause you to think about another form of communication that also goes on daily and it is the most valuable commerce ever to network the heavens above.

Prayer is the most valuable of all communications ever to be transmitted between mankind and God. This has been going on long before planes, telephones or any other form that mankind has put in the airways to pass over our heads. Prayer has the greatest of all possibilities to send help in time of needs, to change situations for a nation or touch the heart of just one person. It is faster than any other form of communication. It is never overloaded, restricted to its receiver, never has a busy signal or need of voice mail.

When someone wants to really speak to God, He is there and listening. And He always has the right answer if you are willing to receive it. All of His information is found in His book, the Bible. Now there are others up there in the heavenlies that try to cause disruptions, dark forces that don’t want us talking to God. But they have no power to stop you if you are serious about making the connection.


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