In the Bible in the book of Matthew, chapter 26, there is the account told of how Jesus went to a garden to pray. Jesus knew His time was soon to come where He would be betrayed and given over to be crucified by ungodly and religious men. In the garden Jesus asked others to stand watch with Him and to pray and seek God’s help and guidance.

We find in verses 39, 40, 41 and 45, where Jesus came to find those with Him had fallen asleep and were not watching or praying with Him. Even in verse 36, Jesus goes and prays away from the others to seek God’s will for them all and all He asked is to watch and pray with Him. But they didn’t stay with it and drifted off to sleep.

Today that is what a good portion of the church has done. So many who say they are friend of Jesus have drifted off and not kept watch as the spiritual condition of the world has changed and now comes those who would attack the faith that Christ Jesus ended up dying for.

So many have rested as sin has slipped in and gotten its foothold into many lives that the church was given to watch over. Many have left their post and Satan has gotten in and infiltrated those that were to be protected. And like verse 45 says, first are you still sleeping? “Behold the hour is at hand.” Then verse 46 says, “See my betrayer is at hand.”

Now Satan is firmly in our land (at hand) and it is only if we wake up and begin to pray with great fervency and repentance and continually, do we have a chance to drive him out and see much needed changes.


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