Commitments and Bargains

People like their traditions, their ways, and their opinions.  Even Christians if they are not careful will get to a place in their own ways of religious beliefs that they make their own god out of it.

Any time we let the valuables of this world become so important to us that we feel we can’t live without them then we are not living for Christ. It is our own trust issues that cause the problems.  You see people want eternal life and they want eternal life on their terms.

We can allow ourselves if we are not careful to make deals with many other things than God and get us out of position with God’s true plan for our life.  Every time anyone bargains with this world, they’ll end up getting let down.

God is Holy.  You come to Him only one way, through Jesus.  No other.  God’s into us being obedient.  God’s into truth, into integrity, things that this world seems to have little of.  God has never broken His word with His people.  But people have most always broken their promises to Him.

People have a hard time keeping their word because their flesh is dishonest.  It wants to alter whatever it needs to so it can feel better.  Its sinful, it wants its way constantly.  It demands its rights all the time.  It’s selfish, trying to keep going just as long as you’ll pamper it.

Mankind is flesh and the flesh is weak, but God knows there’s a whole other story.  God is God.  He is not a man that He can lie.  God is not dishonest.  He only knows how to deal with people in truth.  God’s word is real and He makes no bargains of any kind.  God can fix any problems.  It doesn’t matter.  But He is going to do it His way or He won’t do it at all.


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