God Fixes What Is Broken

It is an amazing thing just what God can do with broken people and broken problems when He is given all the broken pieces to work with.  God doesn’t make deals with people.  He offers us hope, peace, help and eternal life.  But all deals are off the table, but His alone if you want His help.  You were never made to take on the world or even just a little part of it on your own.

So cancel all your plans that you have to be in charge of, and let God have them and He will work out everything for their right purposes.  No matter the mess you think you might have because of what you’ve let yourself get into, God can fix your life no matter what is going on.

God can deal with whomever or whatever needs dealt with if you’ll let go and let Him do what only He can without your interference.  Oh, it may not always look like all will be well at first but if you are patient and obedient, He will come through.

If you try to keep anything back, it won’t work out.  But it does when He’s got everything to work with.  God is not into a partial role.  He must have the full access to it all if it is to be fixed rightly and you must be patient with the process.


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