The Greatest Days

The greatest days for God’s church are before us.  I’m aware of what is going on in our world and that the Christians are facing situation here in America like we have never had to face before.  But, I want to assure you that the same God who has helped His people for countless generations has not lost His power and is still completely able to handle every matter that stands before His people today.

There may be many uncertainties, but the very thing you can count on is the certainty that God rules and reigns in this universe and no one is going to change His plans for His people.  So those who are His people, must keep their focus on Jesus and no other source in the time in which we live.  It doesn’t matter what happens concerning our world…Jesus is our supplier.

It doesn’t matter if the world falls apart and if our government can’t help us…Jesus has promised He would never leave us.  Christians should survive on an IV that reaches to heaven.  That is our life source.  Knowing God is your supplier and God can do great things and we can trust in Him in the months ahead.

Do not put your trust in man’s opinions on the issues facing the world today.  Regardless of the political climate, unrest in other parts of the world, or economic concerns, let your life be void of human reasoning and filled with Godly wisdom.

God does not look at matters nor is affected by such things like mankind is.  Keep this verse found in Isaiah 54:17 as your daily shield, “no weapon formed against us shall prosper…” because you belong to God and not a person.


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