Our Thoughts and Prayers

Many times when there has been a national tragedy or a terrible accident, we’ve heard a government spokesman or national leader, a state or local official, stand at the microphone and speak to the audience and media about how they feel about this storm, senseless shooting, etc., and say these words: “Our thoughts and prayers are with those victims and family, loved ones” or whoever.

Now isn’t this interesting? I can understand someone saying they are thinking about such things. But let’s look at the statement “our prayers.” Who are these leaders praying to? Surely not the same God of the Universe who has been kicked out of the military, schools, colleges, Boy Scouts, city council meetings, politics, businesses or hundreds of other places where praying to the eternal God of heaven used to be allowed.

This just goes to show you how far away from God these people are. They want the Holy God, who is the maker of heaven and earth, thrown out of every place society wants to rule and reign. And these people want a God of convenience and political correctness to show up like some genie from a bottle whenever they have need of His services.

The Bible says God will not be mocked by such actions. Therefore, society calls on those false, manmade gods who do absolutely no good to pray to, and in reality all they are doing is bringing the judgment of God down on their own head.

You can’t have it both ways, and God will not be participating in any such request from prideful and disobedient hearts.


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