What Place on the Road are You Traveling

In Acts chapter 9 verses 1-9 you have a man named Saul, a religious man believing he is serving God by going after those who are not preaching his religion. Ever meet someone like this who has the only way to heaven by certain rituals on doctrinal rules because they’ve had the real revelation of God’s word? We see this man named Saul off to do the religious, politically correct works. For, you see, there is tolerance for all kinds of diversity and acceptance of it, but for the Christian there is none.

2 Corinthians 4:3 says: “But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing…” We can get caught up in works, but works can’t replace obedience to God’s word, and to live for God’s word means at times we will have to take a stand on Biblical principles and will receive criticisms from it. If you’re not following and obeying Christ, then you, like Saul, are persecuting His people, His name, His works.

In Acts 3:10-22, Saul is confronted by Jesus on the road to Damascus. There was a man named Ananias that helped Saul to see the light, and God has put people here and there to help you, too. And have you let them? Saul turns to Jesus, listens to this man, and was changed. The scriptures say that he began to preach and people were amazed; and Saul increased in spiritual strength, became Paul the Apostle, and ended up writing a lot of the New Testament.

How has God changed you? How are you different than you used to be? Are people amazed at how you now walk and talk? Just like Paul, you are a chosen vessel. Which part of the road are you on, the one headed to Damascus or the one now leaving on a journey for Christ?

Every one of us has a new mission once we’ve met Jesus and a new road to follow. Are you traveling the same road that Jesus is on today?


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