Today our society lives in a fast-changing world that is becoming less secure than it used to be. Do you really feel safer today than you did 20 years ago? Do you not see the greater possibilities of the constant threats of financial problems that could be ahead? Are you not aware of the blatant openness of immoral behavior among the people of this country and around the world? Do you really trust what many of our leaders say anymore, or do you feel we are continually seeing the truth twisted in greater measure than years past?

This society today lives in delusions, and it is all connected to sin. People don’t want the authority of God’s Word and ways in their lives. Most trust in money and what they are able to do. People want to enjoy their pleasures, and if they can be reasonably comfortable, they’re willing to let sin run its course. They refuse to believe, or just shut out the thoughts of the consequences that exist and just put God upon the shelf along with many of their other collections. They bring them down now and then, and when they feel like they need to, they dust them off so everything will look as nice as it can.

But there is a day coming soon when people’s stupidity will be discovered for what it is, and as things change, the true value of their own investments will come to nothing, apart from a real genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

You should really consider this while you still have time.


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