How Do You Honor God with Your Life

This world has a big problem, and that problem, like most problems, is connected to sin. Truth is lacking in our society like no time, I believe, in history. Because of mankind’s lack of moral standards and continual living in sinful behaviors, they are being turned over to deception.

Who’s fault is it? The courts? The time and day we live in? Prosperous bad people? No the church’s every problem can be traced to its doors. It can be connected to the Christian influence that is not being relevant in a place where it has not been maintained. God expects more from Christians because they are supposed to be following His word and they also must keep their own word no matter the circumstances.

Many church people would be very surprised at what their shepherds really believe about God’s word and its real relevance today. If this statement wasn’t so, then there would not be the chaos going on in Christianity and the world would be more positively affected by it. God’s word says what He expects and we either obey it or suffer the consequences for disobeying it.

God cannot, nor will not, trust any person who is not truthful about what goes on in their lives. A big hindrance to prayer is because people who are praying are not people of their word. Those who say they are followers of Christ must remember the Bible says that we as followers must not even give the appearance of doing evil or causing others to stumble because we may choose to live loosely in some areas. It is not an easy road to walk this path of a Christian life each day, but Jesus has shown us we can. And Jesus will help us even when we stumble on this path. God will keep His word to you to help you. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit that will daily or hourly help you as needed. We do not get to pick and choose the parts of the Bible that fits who we think we are that we believe fits our lives. It is not true that all of us at times can’t even keep our word to ourselves. Proverbs chapter 22 verse 1 says: “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.” Jesus’ name is given to His people to use, but not to those that abuse it. Your reputation is secure with God when you let God have all of your life. For those who continue to constantly struggle in this it’s only because Jesus is not Lord of their life and they are trying to operate in their own character. If you’ve messed up, look up and you’ll find He is ready to help you again for He always keeps His word to you.


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