Many times the result that affects our lives and our churches and communities, and eventually throughout the world, is because of our sins or those of others who will end up having direct effects on our lives. It is not necessarily always a bad thing when a person has to look up from their despair for them to get a better focus on God.

No matter where life has taken us, no matter what hand we’ve been dealt, you can always count on God to be there to help if you’ll look to Him.

When you want to do good and return to your heavenly Father’s kingdom and let Him have the reins of your life, He will steer the matter that concerns you and you’ll find favor and help no matter the obstacles before you.

When we have to start again in life, whether it is a new project or fixing an old one, it is wise to size up the situation, not so you have to have all your plans laid out, but so that you’ll know how to pray and put your needs and requests before God so He can work properly on your behalf.

No matter what you do in life, and especially when you try to rebuild from the mistakes of the past, you’ll find God’s help. You’ll also find critics, and you must always keep your eyes on God and what He says about you. Believe His abilities to use your life in ways you may not understand, but He does.

When you will put your mind to follow God regardless of what people say, regardless of what’s happened in the past, regardless of your own resources or talents, God will begin to repair and join together the parts and pieces of your life and restore from the rubble what life sometimes leaves for us to deal with. Because God’s ways of working out projects always end up in a more secure and greater future.

Be sure and be careful how you answer your critics. God expects His people to always hold a higher standard and honor Him, even to those who don’t deserve it according to your opinion. God is the only one we need to pay attention to.

There is no better report or testimony than what God has done in any matter. There are people who would like to discredit the work of God, but when you remain faithful to the Word and let God get the glory, He will use your life to speak of His great redeeming power and His greatness to provide for you from what seemed to be nothing, and repair past failures.

In all you do in this life, do it for the glory of God. Never take credit away from what God has done. When He is exalted, you will stand amazed at the things that will happen next. It takes our obedience to God’s Word to follow through, to praise Him even in the hard times, for by doing so there will be a much greater praise and results when the work is complete and ready to move forward on the next adventure.


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