This may be a head-scratching thought to some who believe that- that it is going to be all those bad people who end up going to hell- when that simply isn’t true. Yes, there will be lots of good people in hell; those whom the world believes are really good, decent human beings. But all their works and good deeds will not have earned them the right to make it into heaven. Heaven’s doors are shut to many good people. Being good is not a requirement to eternal life with Christ.

The only way is Jesus; only by a heart of true repentance of one’s sinful life and stopping those practices and allowing Jesus as Master will guide the way to heaven.

This idea that only bad people go to hell is a manmade fable. I’m sure there will be a lot of good, decent people missing heaven because it is all about the end work and one truly turning their life from sin and letting God have His way through them that lives can be changed and heaven a guarantee to eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

Don’t get sucked into this wrong idea that you can be a good person and live just about any way you want to and say a few words to God along the way and you are good to go.

Death is not that scary when you know you can just push through one side to the other because Jesus is leading you toward the promised land of eternity. If you’ve repented and your life has been made new, all things are new today and all the best is yet to come.


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