Re-dig The Wells

When I was a young man on the farm we had an old farm house. We fixed it up and there was an old hand-dug well. It was about 30 or 40 feet deep, so my dad decided to put a pump down in it. But before the pump could go in the well, it needed to be cleaned out.
So my cousin went down in the well on a rope. He washed it out. Buckets of junk were hauled up, and when we shined those lights down in there suddenly we could see a stream of water begin to run from one side of the well wall. The water was fresh and clear, and my cousin could actually drink the fresh water that was running in.
In Genesis it says when Abraham entered the land God gave His people, Abraham had to dig wells to have water for his flocks and servants. Then later the enemies of God’s people came and filled the wells up to keep the life giving water from helping God’s people. But then came Isaac who again re-dug the wells, and though Isaac had trouble with others, he didn’t give up until again he found more water that could be used to take care of the people.
God has given us the real water we need, the Spiritual water we must have to refresh our souls. There is spiritual water that comes from a fountain in heaven. It can never be stopped up nor run dry, and for those who will choose Jesus as their Lord of life, they’ll find everlasting life.
I believe God wants us all to know it is time to re-dig, unstop, and let the Spirit of God’s life-giving presence flow. We must be faithful and trust God, as He has chosen such a time as this for His church to come alive.


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