The Story Of The Flowers

Once, a woman went to a funeral of a dear friend. This lady’s friend was encircled in a sea of flowers, placed there by her children. There never was such a sight of such beauty of the array of colors and sweet smells placed there by each of the woman’s children.
Yet this friend well knew this woman and how for the last several years her children had little time for their mother. They were all so busy. But that day as she lay among the flowers placed there by each child, she began to think of how these really now had no real value to their mother. She could not enjoy in any way.
Later that night the woman talked to her own children asking them that if they would please just bring her the flowers that someday soon would be put alongside her casket now so she could enjoy their fragrance and beauty. But most of all, just talking with them and being in their presence now before it was too late to try and make up for days that were too busy that would cause them to pass her by.
This is actually a true story, one that each of us should remember and do our best to honor those who God has placed in our life purposely.


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