I’m So Glad

When I look at the world around me today, I have very many deep personal concerns for the future of the young people of this great country I’ve been allowed to live in. I am very grateful to God that He allowed me to be born in America, a land of plenty and freedom. But as I look out around me at what seems to be the erosion of our society, I am so glad my life is in the hands of God.

My God is real. He created this world, and until He says differently, there will be season after season with many changes weaved in and out.

I am so glad that at age 30 God finally got my attention enough that a nowhere life stopped and a whole new one began. I’m so glad that God was gracious to me when I didn’t deserve it and now today He’s blessed many with opportunities that are a result of His providing hand. I am so glad that if my life would end tomorrow I’d find myself in Heaven, never to have to worry or struggle again about the cares of this world. And if tomorrow I’m still here, I am so glad that my friend, Jesus, is right here with me to help me through another day.

If this world would fall apart, I’m so glad that my future rests secure in my Heavenly Father’s hands and I need not worry about the provisions I need, for my Father God will provide whatever I need.

How about you? Are you glad, too, or are you missing something? Find Jesus as your savior, serve His interests and let yours go, and you’ll find out how to be glad as well.


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