The days of everyone in America socially embracing Christian principles in all areas of life is over. There are powerful forces at work to undermine the teachings of the Bible and force the true church to back down in its beliefs. The tide is rising against those who choose to stand for the teachings and lifestyle of Christ. God’s Word is being twisted, and males and females are demanding their own rights or own desires to be accepted by Christians and the rest of society- and they demand that you pay a price if you don’t.

Are you one of those who is willing to pay whatever it costs to stand for the truth of the Gospel of Christ? Or are you ashamed like Peter was when he was questioned and asked if he was one of Jesus’ followers, and he said, “I don’t know the man”? To be a witness for Christianity’s truths makes one a marked man today among a society that is seeming to grow intolerable of it.

Where do you stand for Christ, if it costs you your job, a friendship, separation among family or a position you hold in the community? Things used to be different. But today this nation that was founded on the principles of the Bible and Christ Jesus has people saying, “Away with this, give us Barabbas!”

Where do you stand concerning saying good is evil or that evil is good? Is all of the gospel true, or do you just take portions of it and ignore the rest? Someday there will be an accounting to be made with God. At that time the books will reveal just where you did stand.


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