The Attachments of “We Get”

Have you ever seen a dog or cat that has been outside running in tall grass or even under brush and see how their hair may get matted or have cockleburs or weeds entangled in their hair.

So it is like that in the world we live in as we go here and there being around other people and sometimes different places. We can also become entangled in the sins of life, and if they’re not quickly removed and dealt with, we can become even more entwined with those snares and they will soon become larger and larger until we actually can become overwhelmed.

Dealing with sinful habits is not, at first, always easy to do- it can be our language, jealousy, lying, lust, attitudes, gossiping or harshness. Oh, it can be a variety of things and all these areas can also get tangled together and create even larger problems than we started with.

Unless you deal with yourself, yourself will deal with you eventually, and matters will grow worse and affect many others around us even though we didn’t mean for it to. By the way, all those entanglements are sins that the Bible warns us about, and we need to address these sins quickly or the cost will grow out of control.

Jesus can fix this problem and help smooth areas out, but He has to have control, and you’ve got to give it up. And here, then, rises the greatest snare of all: pride. Well, you get the picture. Want your life loosed from sin’s entanglements? Then repent and turn them over to Jesus, and greater things can be done with a life that is free and able to live as it should.


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