The Bible has a well-known story to most in the book of 1 Samuel, and it begins to build in chapter 8 and goes on from there of how Israel demanded a King from God.

Now God had always given Israel those that would rule and help the people at various times, but this was different. You see, the people no longer wanted God’s choices and ways to help them. They wanted to be like other countries that had a king. Even though this was not what God wanted for them, they kept demanding a king even though it could have many problems with it.

Finally God allowed them just what they asked for because the people rejected God’s way. In the verse in chapter 8, verse 7, God was saying, “For it is Me they are rejecting. They no longer want Me to rule them.”

So the people chose their own King and rejected God’s leadership and the country struggled and fell into sin deeper and deeper.

Sound familiar? For the last several years, American has been in rebellion toward God. The people want their way and have voted in so many ungodly leaders at all levels from Washington to their cities. And sin has grown worse until ungodly laws have passed and righteousness is being challenged; many of the people want what they want and have rejected God’s ways.

And again as the Bible tells us how other societies have decayed because the people did what was right in their own eyes. People will get just what they keep asking for, but they will find out that they don’t want it. But it will be too late. Only a holy act of God can ever turn the people around.

We must pray for this to happen. For who knows what tomorrow holds? Remember, King Saul was the people’s choice, not God’s; and we’ve chosen many Sauls again today.


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