Everyone wants to, or most say that they do. So many have the idea that they will go regardless of what the Bible says. But there are those who believe that just because God is love, they will get the opportunity to go to heaven when they die. Now there are always a few who could care less, but let death knock at their door and their attitude changes.

Now I am talking about the majority of the people in the world who rarely go to church but believe they have some kind of a spiritual link with God Himself. Yet there are quite a few behind the church doors that are in just as bad of a position with God as the others that think they will get a free pass someday to heaven.

The true God of the universe is not cruel, nor hateful, but He is real in His love and therefore must be just in it as well.

God Jehovah, the keeper of the great beyond, has established this heavenly place only for those who are true to Him alone. He cares very little for this world, for He could build another one just like it in a couple of days. He does care for the people of this world. But He cannot, even for a moment, tolerate sin that goes against His Word, the Bible.

Some, today, want to redirect God’s original words. And they can, but it doesn’t change God’s original intent. Some people buy into this, and, sad to say, even clergymen’s words sometimes, that God accepts any lifestyle or understands people’s needs, and therefore people are free to go on and God will forgive.

But that is not the God-of-the-Bible’s way. Oh, He does forgive, but only if you repent. It is a nice thought to think everyone will go to heaven when they die and leave this earth. But in reality, only a small percentage will probably ever get there- and without Jesus, it’s not happening at all, for He is the only way. He knows exactly who belongs to Him, and who just think that they do. It is only by true repentance, a turn to follow Jesus, meaning born again into a new person. If you don’t, you are not going. And if you have and daily are forsaking this world’s ways and following Christ, then you will. You actually make the choice, and God only presents the alternatives.


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