We, in this land, are in great need of revival. If there isn’t an awakening to God by the people of America, there will be no harvest. And if there is no harvest, someone is going to have to answer for why there wasn’t one.

As a Christian, God will not judge us on how well others responded when we share His truths with them, but He will judge us on how faithful we are to share them.

Revival will never come through man’s clever works, only by God’s holy work. The task of ministry is ours, but the results are God’s. People vote daily with their lives, showing which world they live in by their support of its benefits.

God wants everyone to know about Jesus, and He asks us to do the advertising about it with the resources He gives them. God is limitless – He can do whatever is needed. God’s influence in one’s life should have significant effects on the way one thinks and acts. So many of God’s promises are not claimed by most of the church members today.

If we don’t have a harvest of spiritual significance we are going to lose many to hell. God can only give the harvest to those who He can trust with the harvest. So we are told there is a great harvest; it’s plentiful, more than we can count. So how can Jesus count on you?

We need revival now in America. Every 14 minutes someone in America commits suicide, 100 people a day. When the church serves notice on the culture of what Heaven says, sparks will fly. But its hell that will be burnt because Jesus said the church will prevail. No one knows the human soul better than the one who made it.

Eighty-three people a minute die without knowing Christ, so in just one hour nearly 5,000 people go into eternity apart from God. This is disappointing when Christians have such a great message to share and such power behind us to do it. But, generally, we are too busy or preoccupied with other things.


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