It is a fact that every minute of every day, people die all over this land. And as you open the newspapers around the country, there is sometimes short and sometimes long information about the now-deceased’s life and close family members, as well as where services or contacts can be made.

Mostly the article explains the person’s life while here on earth, and, I guess, whoever is writing the words reports on how they sum up the one who is no longer here to add to or take away anything that is written about them.  Sometimes if you are reading along and know the person that is the subject, you can verify if the information is correct.

It is amazing how some people seem to not always resemble those words, and what is sad is when there is not much to say. Most never think about it, but daily they write their obituary by how they are living. Your life speaks for itself, and that is the real way it is. You can say a lot of nice things, and that is okay if it is truth.

Each day as you go about who you are, how you treat others and all those different things you, what is most important to you is your obituary that is being recorded in heaven. You see, God knows the truth and has the right information gathered on everyone’s life, including yours. And what’s in His book means a whole lot more than what is in a newspaper.

Make sure you’re living up to what is going to be accepted by Jesus, who has the keys to heaven and hell.


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